The Four Powers: Chapter 2

Chapter 2


Message from the author: This chapter will be told from Matthieu’s point of view.

I was walking in the street to my house when I got an idea. I ran home and told my brothers.

”I’m going on a quest to find the killer of our parents! Who is in?” I asked.

No one responded. They were all stuck on the Greek gods book in the library and  choosing a book. My brothers and me were obsessed by Greek gods’ stories. I would be Poseidon lord of the sea (water). Nicolas would be Zeus, lord of the air. Evan would be Hephaestus, lord of the forges, because in the forges there is fire. Gaetan would be this lord of the wild. I forgot his name.

Well, let’s come back to reality. They were so psycho about it that I had to yell so they would hear me. They asked when we were going. I told them we were leaving now. I had an idea to find the murderer. We just had to instal power detectors all over the place. The murderer had to have powers to beat our parents.

“Matthieu, there is a locked door up in the attic, do you know what is inside?” Nicolas asked me.

“No, but let’s see what is inside.”

I slammed the door open and looked inside. It was all black. I wondered why our parents had hid that from us.

“I wish I could know who killed our parents,” I said

Suddenly a voice started to speak. “To find the wanted killer, you shall go in the land without water find the guy with twelve fingers and your family shall rise.”

“I think this is a prophecy for us,” I told Nicolas. We went and told the prophecy to Evan and Gaetan who were of course, reading books.

“This is awesome!” Gaetan said.

“So when are we going?” Evan asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe tomorrow.”

“Let’s do a party to celebrate this discovery and our quest,” said Nicolas.

So we all had a big party. At the end we all kind of started battling with our powers. I would start slamming Gaetan into the wall and Nicolas would make me fly up and Evan would make us hot and sweaty.

“At least we are well prepared,” Evan said while I was trying to get the room colder by freezing him.

After all this battling, we went to sleep.The next day we made our backpacks and took Nicolas’ private jet to the desert. Over there we started walking, walking, always walking. When it came to night, we made a tent and I made water so we could drink. The next day we found a village. We thought was kind of weird to find a village in the middle of nowhere, but we still went inside and started visiting. It was a beautiful village. The people were nice. We bought some clothes and made a water fountain work because it was broken. I put water in there. The people started being nice to us and invited us to eat. Then we came back to our tent and slept the second night. We had lots of food because the population gave us and we bought some. We were very happy. But we needed to continue our quest.

So we started walking north and found of troup of merchants who were passing. We looked at their fingers to see if they had twelve fingers. None of them had so we ignored them and passed. We saw lots of people like that, but none of them had twelve fingers.

But one day, a mysterious man was walking in the middle of our passage. When we looked at his fingers, we saw that he had twelve.

“Not good,” we all said.

“Hi man, do you have any magical powers? Because we’re here to get revenge for our parents,” I said.

“You’re not going anywhere when I’m here,” said the man. The guy burst us out of his way and we went flying.

Nicolas did not hit the floor. I did a sort of airbag with water and Gaeton dissolved into the earth and came back. Evan did the same as me but with fire.

“Whaaaaaaaaaat!” Evan screamed. This guy controls all the elements!

“That explains how he killed our parents,” Evan said.

“Wait a minute, I read in some notes from our parents that if you killed a very powerful guy, everyone he killed will come back to life,” Nicolas said.

“So let’s hurry up to kill him,” I said.

“Attaaaack!” we all screamed but he easily exploded us back.

“We need strategy because this guy is super strong,” said Evan.

So, we decided to have me in the front and while I was distracting him, the three others would attack him. So we tried that idea. It was kind of a good idea, so we tried it. I distracted the bad guy and Evan and Nicolas attacked him, then Gaetan attacked from the side. We could only hit him two or three times, but then he would just throw us away. So we tried a lot of strategies like that, but he was too strong for us to beat him. We tried doing the Superball at least ten times, but he was still alive.

“This guy is crazy strong. How are we going to beat him?” said Nicolas.

“Maybe we could try doing crazy things to see if we can invent a new kind of attack,”  I proposed.

So we tried doing crazy things, like exploding stuff or holding hands and exploding something, but it still didn’t work. But suddenly, I had an idea. We jumped on the guy and all touched him and put all our powers in his body, and then he just literally died. We were so happy. And Nicolas was right about the thing that our parents said — that if someone very strong would be killed, all the people who he had killed would come back to life.

And so, after the explosion, we saw our happy parents standing there with 1,000,000 other people. We were so happy and started hugging them a hundred billion and ten times, until they would suffocate. But after that, we stopped, because they actually would suffocate and we didn’t want that to happen. After that, we brought them back home and we were very happy.


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