The Future Earth’s Concrete Takeover

I am Tiki, a robot pirate, in the year 3000. “I have brought you guys from Union Square: Mathius, Eden Hazard, Jo Green, Bobby Smith, and Trexer, to join me on the quest to the Lost Island to find the treasure that can help us save Earth! I want to introduce Bobby, a great friend of mine, to my whole group. He and I are awesome friends. We always go to the movies, whenever a new movie comes out. All these years we have polluted Earth, and it is almost too late to save it.”

Nature is slowly disappearing and more of Earth is being constructed by people. We need to act fast!!! Seventy-five percent of Earth is made of water and man-made sites. As nature is disappearing, places are moving around like Mount Everest, the Rocky Mountains, and the Colorado River. We are passing all of those places so we need to be careful not to get lost.

“You are the chosen ones since you each have a talent that will help during this mission to the Lost Island, with which you will help us overcome obstacles on the curious and dangerous path.”

“Now I need you guys to hold on to the back of the flying motorcycle and ride along to the beginning of the path to the Lost Island.”

When we arrive I feel a breeze of wind sweep by and catch sight of a golden dot that stands on the top of the horribly dangerous Mount Everest, after the loss of nature on Earth. I have a feeling it is the treasure and that is what worries me, it looks so difficult to get up there. I tell my group, “We need to move fast, there is a timer set on a week then the world will become dirty, old, and gray.” It sits dirty, camouflaging in the gray rock.

I decide to use the flying motorcycle since it is big enough for all of us to fit, fast and we are in a rush, and every half an hour it provides a healthy snack if we are hungry.

When we leave, Trexer keeps fire breathing because he thinks it will warm us up. Bobby Smith keeps scaring wolves trying to attack us. Mathius keeps taking sharp rocks that could be useful along the way if in danger. Joe Green looks scary toward the big green scary crocodiles and they go back in the water. Eden Hazard can steer the wheel well and is very trustworthy. These are the reasons why I choose these adventurers for this mission and the help they provided me.

“Oh no, there is a river! How will we get past!” said Eden Hazard.

I tell them, “I have a boat stuck to the bottom of the flying motorcycle for these types of emergencies.”

But be careful, it had a rough current that could swish us away if we moved just one muscle!!! Luckily the paddles were robotic so we didn’t have to paddle and we could stay still. I notice that my teammates are looking a little freaked out, but my instinct tells me they are the correct people to assist me on this quest to the Lost Island. We arrived at the Rocky Mountains where we all start worrying about if we would make it or DIE!!!

We start climbing up the mountain, named Carl, the easy mountain. For this one we don’t need the rope we use for steep downhills and uphills. Everyone thankfully makes it up safely. The second mountain is steeper and we need a rope from the storage to pull us up, so Eden Hazard and I (I asked if I could call him Ed and he said no) set it up. In the meanwhile the others were eating: apples, bananas, grapes, strawberries, and other fruits (it took five minutes.)

I am excited and scared while I climb up the Mountain Lily. At that moment I realize I had feelings and that robots don’t have feelings, unless I am half human, half robot. I am amazed, I never thought of this chance that I might be human or half human. I am STUMPED, I never had this image in my mind.

While I daydream I slow everyone down, but thankfully I don’t let go of the rope and still have a firm grip on the rope, so I don’t fall down. At the top we take a water break and eat some more fruit, especially me and Ed-en Hazard, who set up the rope while they ate last time. My instinct tells me to go right, it is a shortcut, but the others want to continue forward. I don’t want to break up but I am the leader and they need to follow me, not me following them. AND THAT IS HOW I DECIDED!!!

“We are breaking up,” I tell them in a firm voice LIKE if I were Hillary Clinton. “I am courageous, adventurous, and I don’t need you guys!!! I can find the treasure alone!!!” I set out, worried about my ex-teammates. I make a fire and with my robot half put out a tent for the night. I instantly regret leaving my teammates because now I am alone. I am weaker and I don’t even have my flying motorcycle device to help provide healthy snacks and get me around quicker, which reminds me about the timer put on a week. I am on day two, Tuesday, only but I suspect others are up for the hunt to so I want to hurry. “Next stop Crocodile Lake,” I say. The golden dot soon looked more rectangular than circular and I got more certain it was the the chest that held the weapon to make Earth young and beautiful again. The more time passed the more I missed my teammates.

I can’t bear another moment without them. I am setting out to find them once and for all, whether or not it means losing the last chance to save Earth. I care for my teammates unlike others I knew of. I walk for miles, hungry and thirsty, and then I finally see them, my teammates. It is worth it, I told myself. I can hear my friends, not teammates, friends, calling me, seeming relieved that I am back to lead them, looking like they regretted the decision too. We greet each other and I change clothes, since I was dirty from the venture. I hope they learned their lesson after what happened and know that I learned a lesson too.  

We start our quest across the Colorado River, with me so happy to have my flying motorcycle back. I see a shark in the water. I warned Mathius but too late, he already lost an arm. I ask Ed to wrap the cloth around the arm and stop the bleeding. We cross the river and find a mountain, but not just any mountain, Mount EVEREST, the most dangerous and tall mountain on Earth, but with the golden chest right on top! We chose to do something daring, a combination of climbing, flying, and hiking!!! The quickest and safest way up.

We fly up with the motorcycle, finding dead bodies with blood spread around them and arrows in their chest. Then we jump out, leaving the motorcycle/plane in the air. Climbing up we get arrows shot at us out of nowhere, thankfully they miss everyone. Then on the easier course we are able to hike up and get going. When we reach the top we find the device and a little plant that had a note saying:

Dear Adventurers,

Inside the chest is the device you came for spray the acid on the plant to make the whole world beautiful. Then a path will appear toward your motorcycle/plane.



P.S. Only one drop can make the world beautiful again.

I bend to take the key but Bobby takes the key already and opened the chest. Surprisingly enough, Bobby was trying to break the device. We try to stop him but I realize the acid would come out of the glass container when he broke it and spread out to the plant. While we wait though, I thought of how you have friends that you can’t trust, and you have others that make up for that friend. And how either way you will always remember them even if you do everything to avoid remembering them. Then the path to the plane appears after Bobby had smashed the device. I can’t believe Bobby turned on me we use to do so much together before, and we were best friends! Our favorite thing to do is go fishing during spring, and if one of us were sick the other would not go fishing. We (not including Bobby ) walk toward the plane and drive home, leaving Bobby to walk 600 miles by foot, not even accomplishing his goal.

*  And that was how my friends and I saved future Earth *

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  1. Wow ! Maya you did an excellent job with your writing . Nice story . congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment. Your parents must be so proud .

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