The Girl Who Could Run Like The Wind

The day started out as any day would be. The crisp air and the breezy wind greeted Carrie and woke her up to tell her it was a perfect day for a morning run. She quickly got dressed and headed straight for the kitchen table. Her mother was setting the table. She almost bumped into her when she was running down the stairs.

Her mother said, “Slow down, Carrie.”

And then Carrie said, “Sorry. I’m going for a morning run.”

What Carrie wanted most was running in the Olympics. She ate breakfast quickly and then she put her shoes on and then rushed out the door. The wind was waiting for her.

It said, “It’s a nice day for running.”

She ran across the field and held her arms like a bird and had her eyes closed. By sundown she was still running and then she ran back home and, they had supper.

And then her mother asked, “How was your morning run?”

Carrie replied, “It was great Mom! I saw the trees and the birds and the flowers. I saw squirrels and bears and it was really nice.”

That night, Carrie went out of bed, got dressed, and went outside to go run. Then her mother saw her and she just smiled. She loved seeing her daughter play with nature and she loved seeing her running.

Then the next day, Carrie started high school. Carrie was a little nervous. Her mother asked her if she wanted to take the car.

Carrie responded, “I want to run to school.”

Carrie did a few errands before school. She was in class HB. And at lunch, she and her best friend Rebecca ate on the grass and ran together. At recess Carrie ran with Rebecca and she made new friends named Megan and Stephany.

A moving truck came to her house when she got home from school. Her mother told her that they were moving to Tennessee. She didn’t like this. She was angry at her mother for not telling her sooner.

She asked her mother, “Why are we moving?”

Her mother responded, “We don’t have enough money to live here anymore. We have to move to Tennessee.”

She went to Rebecca’s house and she told her that she was moving.

“I really don’t want you to move. What am I gonna do without you?” Rebecca said.

“We have to move because we can’t afford the house anymore, so we have to live in a teensy hut in Tennessee.”

After she told her, Rebecca went for a run with her because it was going to be the last day they were together. Then they picked some berries in a field and then they ran across the field a few times. They had a picnic. They made berry cakes and they remembered every moment they were together.

Rebecca said, “Just remember, we are together always.”

Carrie saw on TV that she was being nominated in the Olympics. The Olympics was taking place in Wisconsin! Carrie was so happy! The winner would get $800,000! If she won against 400 other people she could save her mother and father’s house!

Carrie remembered her mother’s words, “Believe in yourself or not, do what is right always, if it does not occur to you, retry.”

Carrie ran with 400 other people. She did not like Tennessee because the people in school did not like Carrie. Tennessee was smaller than Wisconsin, the house was smaller, and they did not have a big field. They all missed being in Wisconsin. Carrie missed Rebecca, Megan, and Stephany, and the BIG field, and picking berries before school. She liked having picnics with her friends and she loved sitting under the big tree and just relaxing, or reading a book with her friends, doing her  homework, or just eating lunch.

So since she won the Olympics she got to go back to Wisconsin, her hometown! Carrie wanted to go to Wisconsin right away when she got the prize money! Carrie asked her mother and her father and they bought the plane tickets and they flew to Wisconsin. When they got there they bought their old house and they were happier now. Carrie went to Rebecca’s house and they had a sleepover.                    

Whenever the rain starts, in the end, there is a rainbow.

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  1. Leah, your story is wonderful and has such a great message! Congratulations on your first publication 🙂

    Mrs. H

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