The Girl Who Finally Got A Dog


Once there was a girl. It was her birthday. She had just woken up from her sleep. She couldn’t wait for her birthday party to start. She had invited all of her friends. She was so excited! She was having a spa birthday. Her birthday party was going to start at 10AM and end at 12PM. She got all the goody bags ready, and she couldn’t wait. She really wished she knew what kind of cake she was going to have, but her parents wanted to surprise her, and they always succeeded in surprising her with the most delicious cake she had ever had — at least, until the next year, when they got her an even better one. She couldn’t even imagine how good this year’s cake was going to have to be to top last year’s cake. Then, after she got the goody bags ready, she got ready. She had special pancakes for breakfast. The pancakes were special because they were birthday pancakes that were filled with nutella and had a smiley face of fruits with really yummy syrup on top. There was also one little candle on top, so she could make two wishes for her birthday: one with the real cake and one with her pancakes! She made a wish and blew it out. She really hoped that her wish would come true.

Then, she washed her face to make it super shiny. After that, she changed into her special party dress and put on a little bit of lipstick. Since she was just seven years old, she was only allowed to put on lipstick when it was her birthday or a special occasion. Then, she put on her special shoes, which were beautiful blue shoes with sparkles and blue glitter pom-poms on them. Next, she wanted to do her hair. She woke her parents up and asked them if she could use the curler by herself.

Her mom said, “No, sweetie! You’re not old enough, you’re only seven.”

So her mom got out of bed and did it for her. She didn’t really care if she curled her hair by herself or not. She just really cared about having her hair styled and in a pretty hairstyle. So after her mom curled her hair, she put it half up and half down. It looked fabulous and stunning. Now that she was finished getting ready, she went on her iPad and started to watch TV while she waited for her parents to get ready too. Her older sister woke up and also got ready. When her sister was done, she went on her phone and started texting her friends because her sister was 18 and old enough to have a phone. Her sister could also use the curler by herself, but she wanted her hair to be straight, so she used the flat iron instead.

Now that her whole family was ready, they drove to the spa in the dad’s car. They got everything ready. They put up decorations, put the goody bags in place, and put everyone’s names on them so the guests would know which one was theirs. Finally, all of her guests arrived, and the party could start. They danced, did their nails, got facials, played dress-up, and made their own lip balms. When they were done with all the activities, someone yelled out, “Pizza time!” so they all went and ate lunch.

When they were done with the pizza, someone yelled out, “Cake time!” Everyone got really excited, especially the birthday girl because she would finally get to see how good the cake would be and what type it was.

Her mom and dad brought out the cake and put it down on the table right in front of her. The flames from the candle were facing her, so she said, “Whoa!”

Her parents asked, “What, sweetie?”

She told them that the fire was right in front of her face and seemed dangerous, so they moved the cake a bit further away. Now that she was less worried, she took a good look at the cake. It was the most gorgeous thing she had ever seen. It was a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, fondant flowers all around it, and a giant fondant statue of the birthday girl on it. The statue was also holding a small mini chocolate shaped like a cake, just for her. On top of the cake, it also said, in strawberry frosting, Happy birthday. There was a chocolate candle that was shaped like a seven too. She was so happy. Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to her, and she blew out the candle. She also made her second wish. She wished for the same thing that she had in the morning, just to make sure that the wish would come true. Suddenly, a giant box appeared at her house without her knowing because she was still at the spa.

When she was done with her party, she gave out all the goody bags and said goodbye to her friends. Then, when she got home, she saw the giant box. Her parents were confused because they had never gotten that for her. But there was a note attached and it said, From your wish. She told her parents what she had wished for. She opened the box and saw two adorable little puppies. One was a white Maltese, and one was a black Terrier. They were jumping up, and she let them out of the box. They started to lick her face. She was confused because there were two puppies. She realized that she had wished for the same thing twice and that her wish had come true twice too. She was so happy about the puppies, and her family loved them too. They had fun with the puppies as she opened her other presents. It was the best birthday she had ever had.



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