The Girl Who Rode The Stuck Elevator

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived with her mother and her father. They lived in New York City. The father worked in the Empire State Building.

So, one day, her mother sent the little girl to the Empire State Building to give her father his lunch. From the little girl’s house to the Empire State Building was ten minutes by walking so, for the little girl, that was very little.

Once she got there, she told her name to the security guard who was standing right in front of her. Her name was Grace, and they let her in to go see her dad. She went into the elevator by herself. The elevator stopped in the middle of two floors and was stuck. She called for emergency services, but no one answered.

Finally, she tried again, and the lobby answered and said, “What’s the matter?”

Grace said, “The elevator is stuck between the third floor and the fourth floor.”

The lobby said, “I’ll get you out of there in five minutes.”

After five minutes, nothing happened. Grace called the lobby, and they said they were riding the other elevator to the fourth floor. She started to think that she would never get out of the elevator, but then she started to think of her dad. She said to herself, daddy will save me. I know he will.

While Grace was on the elevator, she heard a boom and crash. She felt herself falling down. The button on the top said level three. The elevator stopped. The doors opened, and she saw her father.

She ran out of the elevator and hugged her father. He said that he was the one who made all the noise.

Today, he was wearing blue jeans and a yellow shirt. His eyes were blue, and he went to work everyday, even on the weekends. He was six feet tall. And his name was Greg.  

While Grace was walking down the stairs, she bumped into a man. This man said that her mother was sick. But he looked suspicious. His watch was spinning the opposite way non-stop.

After Grace left, she headed to the library, but she found nothing about this sickness.

After Grace left the library, she headed back to her house.

When she got there, Grace entered the house, and there was no one there. She ran all the way back to the Empire State Building. Grace found her father and said that Mom was not at the house.

They raced out of the building and went home in the car. When they got home, they unlocked the door and went in the house. Nobody was there.

The father said to Grace, “I have to tell you something. The person you met on the stairway ate your mother. He could turn into a wolf whenever he wants to.”

So, they went to the Empire State Building, and they found the wolfman.

Grace said, “Where is my mother?!?”

Suddenly, the wolfman burped, and the mother came out of his throat. The wolf man ran down the stairs and left the building and never came back again. He ran away, because he thought that Mom would tell the police.

The mother hugged Grace and the father. Since it was the end of the day, they went home in the car.

When they got home, they had dinner. Grace told her mother about the elevator. And her mother told her about the travel in the wolfman’s stomach. It was very slimy and squishy.

The mother said, “I thought I would never get out, but then I did.”

And dad told them about his day at work. After dinner, they went to bed.


The End


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