The Girl Who Went To Ecuador

Chapter 1

“Willa, I have a surprise for you, ” Willa’s mom said, otherwise known as Kelly.

Willa looked shocked because she never got surprises. At least they weren’t good enough.

“What is the surprise, mom?” Willa said in an excited voice running down the stairs.

Willa’s mom just said, “Go pack your bags.” She thought that her mom really wanted it to be a surprise, and Willa really did. Willa went to pack her bags. When she was done, there was a taxi out there waiting for her.

Her mom said, “Willa, you are going to Ecuador to your grandparents.” Willa never knew her grandparents, so she was curious to learn who they were. Willa also did not know how to speak Spanish and her parents were not going with her. She got in the taxi and the taxi driver spoke Spanish, only Spanish.

Willa said,“The airport? The airport … airport?” The man seemed to understand what she was talking about, unfortunately he drove her to the cafe. Willa was like, “No … Airport! Airport!” In her head she was like, why doesn’t he understand what I tell him? Willa just decided to get off the taxi and get another taxi, but Willa forgot to pay.

The taxi driver yelled, “Tienes que pagar!”

Willa just said, “Si … I’m getting off.”

The driver yelled again, “Paga! Tienes que pagar!”

Willa sort of understood what he was doing with his hands. She thought to herself, Si…Am I forgetting something? Oh my god! Yes, I forgot to pay. My mom would be so mad if she knew. I am not a thief! Because of that Willa had to pay thirty dollars, which wasn’t even worth it because the taxi driver did not even take her to the right place. Then Willa went to get a cab, but there were no cabs around because the taxi driver took her to Brooklyn. But she has never been to Brooklyn and didn’t know that the cabs were green. But then there was this friendly guy.

He said, “The taxis are green here madam,” and Willa thought that this guy was French.

That meant, “hello.”  

But the guy was French so he started a conversation in French. “Bonjour, Je m’appelle Jayden, je suis quarante cinq ans.” Willa was there just snoring, she had fallen asleep. Then she startled awake because her head went back. She forgot all about the French guy. She still remembered the part about the green taxis, and she got in one. The guy that was in the cab spoke English, thank god.

She said, “To the airport please!” The man brought her to the airport, but she forgot to say which gate she was going to. It ended up being like about three miles away. She thought to herself, I am not paying a cab. She chose to walk. Finally, she got there, but the bad thing was that she was late for her boarding pass and the airplane left without her. She was furious at herself, “why didn’t I just pay a cab?” she said. But there was this nice girl there, in fact, she was a little girl. She was three years old, had a British accent, and she also had blond hair and blue eyes.

The girl said, “I lost my family.” She lost them in the airport. “And nobody would ever help me, I would ask them and beg them, but I didn’t even know how to speak. But one time, this little boy came, and he taught me how to speak. The little boy wanted to keep me as a pet and he said to his mom and daddy, “Can I have this doggy?”

And for some reason, the parents said “No, you cannot have a pet until you’re eighteen years old.”

“I was left here alone and I talked and I talked and no one seemed to listen.  I thought I was invisible and I stole some food. But, I got caught by a policeman and he thought I was cute, and he gave me a lollipop.”

Willa felt horrible for the little girl and she said, “Would you like to go to Ecuador?” The little girl was surprised that she was jumping up and down and crying out of happiness.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Are you really going to take me to Ecuador?”

Willa pretended to think and then said, “Of course.” She grabbed her hand and brought her to the front desk and asked for two tickets.


Chapter 2

Because the little British girl was cute, they gave them two tickets for free. Normally they would cost a billion dollars. The little girl was super happy to know that she wasn’t invisible after all.

The little girl really wanted to know how to read, and she told Willa, “Willa, do you know how to read?”

Willa said, “Of course!”

The little girl said, “Can you teach me how to read?”

Willa said, “Of course, but I need a little tiny favor.” The little girl was worried for a second.

But then Willa said, “Can you please tell me your name?”

The little British girl said, “My name is Mia, what’s yours?”

“My name is Willa, and by the way, I love your name.”

“Willa, I need to tell you something, it’s very private. I think the people that left the airport robbed me and kidnapped me because there was a stack of money in the bag and my mom’s jewelry and they were dressed in black.” Mia began to cry.

Willa gave Mia a really big hug and said “Don’t worry, you have a friend now, and you’re never going to get rid of me, even if you try to.” That was when Will noticed Mia’s clothes. They were raggy, and had pee and poop on them. She also noticed Mia was really thin. She didn’t even think of giving her food.


Chapter 3

Willa said, “Oh, I am really sorry, do you want me to buy clothes for you? If you want me to buy clothes for you I can totally do it since you have been so nice to me. I want to pay you back for all that you have done, plus you are cute. What do I lose?”

Mia was surprised. She said, “I have never really wondered what is inside my pants. But there is this mushy, squishy stuff in my pants. It is really comfy. Do you have any idea what it is?”

Willa was in shock and told her, “Actually, that is poop. It is what comes out of your butt.”

Mia said, “Never mind, are you going to buy me clothes, or not?”

Willa said, “Oh, let’s go to that one right up there, it’s called Chanel.” They went inside the store and Willa the saw most cutest outfit for Mia’s age. It was called a “onesie” and it had pink flowers on it. Willa said “how about the onesies right there?”

“Oh, you mean the giant underwear?” Mia laughed.

Willa said, “oh no, it’s a onesie! And we also have to get you new underwear.” Willa said “First before you put on the clean clothes, we have to teach you how to go to the bathroom.” Mia and Willa got the bathroom, but Mia was really confused about what they were going to do. “Every Time you feel something coming out, go to this bowl, sit on it, do your thing, and wipe, and then flush, and then wipe your hands.”

Mia said, “I feel a thingy there, can I go use the bowl?”

Willa said, “Of course you can use it. But don’t forget to use the tips.” When Mia got out, Willa went to the bowl to look if she did okay, but when she looked in the stall, poop and pee was all over the stall. Willa thought to herself, maybe I should have explained it to her a little more clearly. Willa said, “Did you remember how to sit on the bowl?”

Mia said, “I followed your instructions, it’s not my fault.” Willa thought to herself, maybe I should buy her diapers, not underwear.


Chapter 4

Willa and Mia went to the store that sold diapers. Willa was surprised that this diaper said, “after the baby does their thing, it changes automatically.”

But when Willa saw the price, she said, “That is so cheap!” It only costs a diamond ring! And she had her mother’s diamond ring. She gave the man the diamond ring.

The man said, “Yay, now I have a diamond ring to give to my girlfriend.”

Willa was shocked, she said “What if your girlfriend says, where did you get the ring from?”

“Oh you know, I will just say, I got it from the store,” said the man like it was no biggy.

“That will be a lie,” Willa said.

The man yelled, “You, get out of my business!”

Mia said, “You don’t talk to my friend like that? You hear me?”

The man yelled “I’m calling the police!”

Willa said, “Okay, I have a plan. Since you’re really cute, like really cute, you can make the cutest face and the police will say, ‘Maybe you should go to jail old man.’”

When the police came, her name was Katie, and she said, “Who’s the robber?” She was holding up a gun.

The man said, “That little tiny little girl that is in front of your face.” The man was looking, and he put his head down like this.

“That little tiny girl? I think you’re drunk. Maybe you should go to jail,” said the nice police officer.

Mia whispered in Willa’s ear, “Willa? I think that’s the police officer that gave me the lollipop.” Katie put her hand in her pocket and took out a lollipop. The old man dropped the diamond ring, Willa picked it up and put it in her pocket.


Chapter 5

Willa and Mia went to the bathroom one more time and Willa took out the diapers. She pulled down Mia’s pants, took off her underwear, and saw poop, pee, smushed in her underwear. It looked like the poop and pee actually belonged in the underwear. But Willa, didn’t argue, she just took it off, put it in the garbage, and took out the diaper. She put it on and she saw an “off” and “on “ button and thought that the “on” button was when she pooped and peed and had to take the diaper off.  She turned the “on” button and it changed the diaper.  She thought she’d only pressed the “on” button when she needed to change the diaper, plus, after she peed and pooped the diaper automatically got perfume and sprayed it, so it won’t smell bad, and it also wipes your butt.

Mia loved her diaper and said, “Willa you are the nicest person on earth.”


Chapter 6

They didn’t have to worry about the pee and poop anymore. After that, they got ready to go to the plane. Since the lady that gave them their tickets thought that Mia was cute, she gave them business class in the middle, they were both facing each other.

They got in the plane and Mia yelled, “This is the best day of my life!” And then the poop fell.  She yelled proudly, “Oh, that felt good.” It smelled delicious because the perfume sprayed. Willa showed Mia the seats that they had. It was one, and two, the best seats in the airplane.

The TV was bigger. Mia and Willa sat on the bed. Mia heard an announcement that said, “Please turn off all electronic devices before takeoff.”

Willa said, “You can’t turn on the TV until the airplane gets in the sky.”

Mia asked, “What’s a TV?”

Willa said, “I’m just going to tell you all the electronics until you ask me all the questions in the whole entire world.”

Willa named the iPhone, the iPad, the TV, and so on and so forth and explained all of them and what they do. By the time she was done, their airplane was already in the sky. Willa showed her how to use the TV. She chose the movie for her. She chose Cinderella.

By the time Mia was done, Mia asked “Why does the princess never pee and poop?”

Willa didn’t answer the question very good, she said, “I don’t think they ever pee and poop.” Mia stopped talking for a moment and wondered, what if I never pee and poop?


Chapter 7

The announcement came on and it said that the airplane was about to land. When Willa looked outside, she saw mountains and one mountain was covered with snow. She looked in the magazine and saw that that mountain was called Cotopaxi.  

In the magazine, the mountain had snow and there was the moon and the sky and it was dark out.

When the airplane landed, Willa got up and went to tell Mia that it was time to get off the plane. When Willa went to see Mia, she found Mia asleep. Willa took a picture of her and said, “Awww”.

And then all the people in the airplane said, “Shhhh!” But then they saw Mia and said “Awwww.” Mia, while all of this was happening, was holding her pee and poo because she wanted to be a princess.

Mia woke up, the first thing that she saw, were the faces of the people that had kidnapped her.


Chapter 8

Mia whispered to Willa, “Pssstt. Willa, those are the people that kidnapped me.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you,” Willa said.

The kidnappers came up to Mia and said, “My darling! I cannot believe I found you. I was searching everywhere for you! The day I left you at the airport, and I couldn’t find you, I fell to ground and my eyes filled with tears. And now that I found you, I’m going to take you and hug you (until you die),” she whispered.

“Woah, woah, woah, first of all, you’re not even her parent. Mia just told me you were the people that kidnapped her!”

“What are you talking about why would our beautiful Mia say that. I mean if it was true which it isn’t she wouldn’t even remember what we look like or even that we robbed her!” the robber hesitated.

 The very dumb robber said like he knew it all, “By the way, my name is Toto and my friend’s name- I mean my wife’s name is Lala. Lala, you said that we did rob Mia.”

“Great, now we have proof. Oh and by the way, I am going to tell the police. I filmed every word you said!” Willa said

Lala yelled at Toto and said, “My plan would’ve been fantastic if you hadn’t been in it!!!”  

“I’m sorry boss, but when we kidnapped Mia you told me to always lie after we did our business, but our boss always likes us not to lie. He told me never to lie again. I am never going to stop telling the truth unless you say to keep on lying,” said Toto in a sad voice.

“Well maybe we shouldn’t be friends anymore,” said Lala in a mad voice.

Toto said in a very sad voice, “Fine, but don’t you dare come and ask me for help. You never know when I can call the cops. Plus, I can lie as much as I want now that you are not my boss anymore!!!”

“Well that was awkward!” Willa said in a weird voice. “Now let’s get out of here while we have a chance.” Willa and Mia skipped to the other side of the aisle of the plane and quickly, but quietly, ran to the taxi station, got into the cab. She forgot that she couldn’t speak Spanish. So, she said the directions in English and it sounded like the direction in Spanish was the museum of Agua Blanca Museum. They got out and Willa wanted to cry, but she didn’t want to in front of Mia. She had no idea of what she could do.“I wish there was a app that you speak in English and that the app will repeat what you said but just speaking in Spanish. Well, we must just go in the sdcsdcoiIU or whatever it is called!!!” Willa said in so much frustration that her face was bright red.


Chapter 9

When they went into the aquarium, Willa took a deep breath and saw Mia was amazed. Her mouth was wide open. Her eyes were as big as a light bulb. All of sudden, she was happy too. Willa heard a squeaky sound and she heard water splashing all around. Willa pulled Mia’s arm and dragged her to the dolphins. She saw the dolphins jumping all around through hula hoops. They were the first ones watching and then it started getting crowded. When they wanted to leave to see another exhibit, they couldn’t get out. They just stayed to see the end of the show.

“Willa, I … I have never seen monkeys, but I heard people talking about them in the airplane. I saw a picture of one and they look really cute. Can we go visit them?”

“As soon as the show finishes, cause it looks like we can’t move.” Willa said laughing. She was in a much better mood. 


Chapter 10

Meanwhile Toto and Lala were trying to come up with a plan to make Willa and Mia come with them to make their secret plan to work. By the way they were in the museum. All of a sudden Lala came up with a very good idea.

“Toto, I know! We will pretend to be staff at the museum. We will go into a closet and we will grab some of the uniforms that the staff has. We will ask Willa and Mia if they need help.”

Toto responds, “That is the greatest idea that I ever heard!!”

“Let’s do it, pal!” They go to the exit of the dolphin show.


Chapter 11

Finally, the show ended and the people started leaving. Mia and Willa saw the staff. They went up to them and said, “Um can you please tell me where the monkey exhibit is?” Willa said very politely and slowly so they would understand.

“Please, no need to speak slowly. We very well understand English. Trust us, we’ve had a lot of tourists who speak English. Come with us and we will show you where the monkeys are,” Lala said like he knew everything.

They were weirded out because no one had ever said it like that, that he knew everything. They followed him, but when Willa began to walk, Mia realized that the “Staff” had the same mole that Lala had. It was right on top of the mouth. Mia said to Willa, “Willa, those are not the Staff, they are Toto and Lala.”

Willa was shocked. She just said, “Let’s follow and see where they are going to take us, so we can find out what their plan is going to be.”

Mia said to Willa, “You really don’t know what they could do. Just go away and ask a real staff!”

Willa just ignored Mia and just kept on walking. Mia kept on walking, but she was trembling. Willa held Mia’s hand just in case. They started realizing that it kept on getting darker and darker and darker until they came to this door that said something in Spanish that Willa did not understand. She kept on walking. She started to tremble too and she was positive that nothing was going to happen too.

Toto said to Willa and Mia, “These are the monkeys. We’re gonna enter this door and I’m gonna take Mia’s hand so she doesn’t get scared.”

Willa held Mia back and said, “I don’t know your name, but whoever you are, I am not gonna let Mia go. She’s gonna take my hand and show me where the monkeys are. Period.”

Lala didn’t care. She grabbed Mia and ran away and Willa ran where they were heading.


Chapter 12

Mia was screaming her head off. Willa felt bad for not listening to Mia. Now what was she going to do. Mia was all that mattered to her right now, but she had no time to be ashamed. She had to find Mia and go to her grandma and grandpa’s house.

She saw them getting into a taxi. Willa quickly got a piece of paper and wrote down the taxi’s number. The number was 3B51. She got into a taxi herself and tried to communicate with the driver and pointed to the taxi 3B51. Fortunately, the driver taxi understood her and followed the taxi.

Lala was in the front row with the taxi and he was looking in the side mirror and saw that the taxi holding Willa was chasing them. He told the taxi driver to go faster. Somehow he knew Spanish. The taxi driver went super fast and passed the red light. A police officer saw them beat the red light and chased Lala and Toto. All of a sudden, the police car was blocking Toto and Lala’s car and Willa couldn’t see them and was terribly worried about Mia.


Chapter 13

When the police had enough he got out the loudspeaker and said in English, “If you don’t pull over right now I will have to do my job and get my gun out” said police officer Tom.

Once Lala heard that she had no choice but to pull over. Lala pulled over and whispered, “Shoot.” She was so mad that her brain was about to explode.

Willa pointed at the car and said, “Stop.” Thankfully the taxi driver understood and stopped where the officer was. Willa got out of the car and headed to where Toto and Lala were.


Chapter 14

Then Willa was super mad and quickly ran and pulled Mia away from Toto. Toto didn’t even notice. He was too busy crying.

The police officer said, “Hi my name is Tom and you just made a very big mistake.”

Lala said very annoyed, “Ugh, like, do you think we care?”

Tom said very calmly, “The way you said it, I guess not. Can you tell me why you beat the red light.”

“Um, excuse me, I can explain. Me and Mia were at the Aquarium and Zoo. Mia wanted to go see the monkeys. We asked the ‘Staff’ where the monkeys were. The ‘Staff’ were Toto and Lala, the ones that beat the red light. They led us somewhere and then very quickly, grabbed Mia. They got into a car and I quickly got a taxi. Then you came in.”

Tom said, “Let me get this straight, you are Mia’s parents?”

Lala said, “Of course.”

Toto said confused, “I thought we were kidnapping Mia.”

Lala said so angry that she couldn’t even say it, “I told you to keep quiet.”

Tom said, “You are under arrest.”


Chapter 15

Tom said happily to Willa, “Thanks for helping. You were a really big help.”

Willa said even happier, “Thank you if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have my Mia here.” Willa hugged Mia and Mia hugged her back. They were really happy to see each other. Willa said very glad, “I found out this very cool app that will save us. It is an app that you can say something in English and it will translate to any language in this case it will be Spanish. My grandma gave me her address. I know exactly where to go.”

Mia said very excited, “Really? We can go home?”

Willa said, “Really.”

Willa got a cab and went to her grandma and grandpa’s house. Thankfully her grandma and grandpa thought that her plane was going to arrive at that time and that same day. Her Grandparents were relaxing on their chairs.

All they did was get up and give them a big hug.

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