The Minecraft Cheater

In the world of Minecraft, it was a beautiful day. It was nice. It was a warm blue sunny day. Then it started raining. Thunder boomed and lightning crackled. Then it became a dark and stormy night.

I’m just joking.

It was a sunny day, Steve came outside the door. It was April Fools day. Someone set a trap in front of Steve’s door. Steve took a step outside and plop. He stepped on the pressure plates and fell into lava.

Once Steve hit the lava he was saying, “Ow, ow, owww!”

Then he died.

“Nooo!!! I died!

So what, I’ll just respawn.”

And Steve respawned.

Now I’m gonna go check at school to see if I can find who did this. That way, I can troll him/her for the rest of his/her life. It’s gonna be so much fun mwahahahaha!

When I got to school, I asked all my friends, “Did you play Minecraft yesterday?” They all said, “Yes.”

That didn’t narrow things down. Who could it be? Maybe it was my brother or sister. This is gonna be a big mystery.

Maybe it was the school bully, but if you ever talk to him, people say he throws you in the garbage dumpster head first. He throws kids so hard hard that it hurts them. A lot of them end up crying. I heard that the bully caused some kids to break their arms, and damage their brains after crashing into the cold metal of the dumpster. Some kids forgot things because of the damage. The only good thing about being attacked by the bully was a guaranteed “get out of school” card. That sounded fun, but who wants to stay home all day?

I tried to find out the bully’s email, so I could text him and not end up like the other kids. When I realized I couldn’t find the email I knew I had to come up with a different plan.

The next day I decided I was going to spy on him at school. All I had to do was not get in trouble with the school, and not get caught by the bully. The sun was shining and the birds were singing when I woke up. I grabbed my hearing gear that allowed me to hear things that were far away without me having to be near it. If i got caught with this I’ll get detention for five days. The gear was red and black, and hid perfectly. It was the perfect gear for the situation.

I went to school and began my mission. The bully put his phone down long enough for me to quickly grab it.

No password! Yes!

I read his phone and saw how he was bragging to his friends about the prank he pulled on Steve. It really was the bully all along!

Time for phase two of the mission. It was time to sneak out of the school yard, get to the bully’s house, troll him, and all will be fine.

When I got to his house, I jumped over the back fence, climbed the wall and went in through his open window. Once I was inside, I heard the bully’s mom coming up the stairs. I quickly hid. I didn’t want to risk getting caught by the mom so I held onto the window ledge and dangled outside.

I was worried. If I fell, the bully’s mom would hear him. She would look out the window, see me and I’ll be busted. I heard her open the bully’s room door and she complained about the mess that was on the floor. She began collecting the bully’s laundry.

I heard the door click and pulled myself up enough to see that she left. I went back into the room, went to the bully’s laptop, opened it and turned on Minecraft. I went into all of his worlds and put TNT in them and watched them blow up one by one. I put his Minecraft character in a random world so he would be lost and the bully wouldn’t be able to find him.

No, that wasn’t good enough.

I changed the character’s skin to a super girly one.

Still not good enough.

I deleted the blown up worlds.

Still not satisfied.

I finally just deleted his whole Minecraft game together.

After I was satisfied, I climbed out of the bully’s room. Once my feet were on the ground I ran as fast as i could until I was back at school. I felt really good that I got back at the bully since he was really mean to everyone in school.


The End

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