The Jungle Is in Danger, and We Should Help Save It

The jungle in the Central Region of Africa has many problems. One problem is that wood is being taken from the trees, and trees are vital to the world. We can stop these wood shortages and other horrible problems. It is important that we save the jungle because of the reasons on this essay and a few more. One reason that we should save the jungle is that there are many cool and interesting animals in Africa, and they are in danger. Another reason is that many natural resources come from the jungle. The final reason that we should stop destroying the jungle is that the jungle is a really interesting place to study and gives zoologists lots of things to study and grow smarter.

We should save the animals in the jungle because there are many interesting animals in the jungle, and they are losing their homes. Monkeys and elephants, for example — we probably all love those animals or at least do not want them to die — so if you help preserve the jungle, the monkeys and elephants will not die as fast. The next reason that we should save the jungle is that most of the cool items (leaves, berries, and animals) come from the jungle. Some of the cool animals that come from the jungle are every species of ape, which evolved into us humans, elephants, and many reptiles, and now we are taking their homes. This is only one reason that we should save the jungle. I personally like these animals because they are cute and friendly.

We should also save the jungle because the jungle holds a lot of knowledge for zoologists and other people who are just interested in the jungle. The jungle is one of the most interesting places in the world. The jungle is interesting because the animals are exotic and only can be found in the jungle, (or the specific breed lives in the jungle). Additionally, the trees are interesting because of the way they layer, and no other environment works that way. Additionally, if there is a problem in the jungle, then if the zoologists know enough about the jungle (by studying the safe and endangered jungle) then they can stop the problem. If we help preserve the jungle, then these scientists can have their fair share of knowledge, just like you need to have.

We should save the natural resources in the jungle because the jungle provides many different and potentially important natural resources. The first example of a natural resource is the carbon dioxide that the trees freshen into oxygen. Also, the natural fruits, vegetables, and other foods that people can make medicines with. These medicines can cure a viper bite, which could really save a life. The jungle provides many resources, and we can use them (just not the wood!). The fruits and vegetables or natural resources are not good to just take in order to exterminate the jungle.

The jungle is in real danger, and we have the power to save it. The first reason is that there are many animals in the jungle, and they are dying. Also, the jungle can give a lot of knowledge to zoologists. Finally, the jungle provides many different natural and vital resources to planet earth. If you live near or have the ability to, save the jungle (do not cut down trees or kill animals, but you should join an organization that donates to save the jungle). I do believe that saving the jungle can help the world, because we know that jungles are vital to our lives and our economy. My school is very much involved in this topic, so they can help with my plan. I for one believe that the jungle is extremely important, so that is why we should save the jungle. Saving the jungle is vital to the human race and the world.


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