The Little Witch


Chapter 1

One dark night, on Ginger Berry Road, a little girl was born. Her mother and father loved her more then anything, and wanted the most special, beautiful and remarkable name that they could think of. For three weeks after she was born, she still had no name. After thinking and thinking, the mother came up with the name Cora.  That would be her name. She grew and grew and grew and grew, and before her mother and father knew it, she was a four year old girl. Cora was a beautiful girl and was also very sweet. She had long chestnut hair, sparkling deep green eyes and fresh pink lips. She loved animals and in her mind she could understand what they were saying. This was a thing that only she could understand, she had tried to explain it to her parents but even they didn’t understand. She helped whomever was in need. You could see the pride in her parents’ eyes whenever they looked at her. And so on she grew and grew, her inner and outer beauty growing with her.


Chapter 2

On her seventh birthday, it was a day just like when she was born. Dark, stormy, windy and wet. The small shack that she and her parents lived in started to sway from the wind. Then the thunder started to come. Her mother and father knew that the lightning was coming soon after. The lighting struck the wooden house, and before they knew it, the house lit on fire and started to come down. Her mother and father ran upstairs to gather every valuable thing that they had. Cora just stood there sobbing. Her parents did not come down, all Cora heard was the screams and shrieks for their little baby to run.

Cora ran and ran in her birthday dress that her daddy had picked out all by himself the day before. It was yellow like the sun and had a purple belt.  When her father had came home the day before with the dress he had said to Cora, “My little baby needs a beautiful dress that matches her own beauty.” Then Cora had taken her birthday dress out of his hands and danced around the room. Her father just smiled as she twirled.

Her bare feet were dirty and black from the muddy ground. She did not care about her feet, for all she cared about was getting away from the burning house that held her loving parents. She could still hear the screams from her parents ringing in her ears.

She finally had to stop. She sat down on the muddy, cold, wet floor and as she wept and wept the storm grew and grew. She huddled next to a wet rock and fell asleep thinking about her mother and father and what had happened……

Chapter 3

She woke up the next morning in the back of a wagon bumping around the rocky ground. Cora had forgotten about the night before, and thought she was still in her own warm cozy bed and would walk downstairs to a warm breakfast awaiting her.  Then she rubbed her eyes and looked down at her own body to see if she was any bigger than she had been the day before. She saw her birthday dress that her father had given her and remembered everything.

She did not want to cry again but she still had to figure out where she was. She sat up, looked around, then screamed out “HEEEELLLLLLLOOOOO??” and in return she heard a cackling voice say, “It’s okay darling, we will be at my home very soon, there is nothing to worry about, we will get you fixed up.”  Cora could only hear the woman and could not see her so she did not think too much about it. She feel back asleep, but as the wagon came to a stop she woke up too.

The lady who had spoke to her earlier lifted her up out of the wagon and into the tall tower the lady called home. Cora let the lady pick her up, because her legs were so tired from all the running she did the day before. She thought she was dreaming, and she thought to herself, I am dreaming, nothing happened to my parents, I am going to wake up in my own bed on my birthday. I will have my birthday breakfast, wake up tomorrow and be a lot bigger then I was yesterday!!!  Then she pinched herself and hit herself. But she did not wake up. She started to realize that it was really happening. Cora screamed at the thought of her dead parents and her burned house. Then she knew that there was nothing she could do. She started to cry. She cried and cried. She did not even realize when her and the lady got up to the top floor and the lady sat her down in a big fluffy chair.

Chapter 4

The lady stroked Cora’s head, and after a while Cora calmed down and looked at the lady. She had long, pitch-black hair that was falling all over her shoulders, and was wearing a purple cloak and a purple hat to match. She had a long nose, a wart on the side of her face, yellow teeth and one snagle tooth. Cora thought that some people might think of her as ugly, but Cora thought she had her type of special beauty with in her.

She finally asked “Who are you?”

The lady sat down herself and said in the same cackling voice “I am a witch, darling and you will soon enough be one too!”

Cora ran it through her head a few times then asked “Are you a good witch or a bad witch?”

The witch answered with an evil laugh and said, “There is only one type little girl, we will talk more about that when we start your training,  but in the meantime, you will tell me your story.” So Cora told her all about what had happened to her house and her parents and as she did she cried and cried and cried once more.

Chapter 5

The very next morning, Cora was told to get a broom from the closet. She did as she was told. The witch just looked at her, so Cora started to sweep.

The witch laughed her evil laugh and told her, “No! The broom is not for sweeping it is for riding.” The witch sat on her own broom and showed her how to fly on it. After a little while of falling, she finally got it and was up in the air, flying around the high-ceilinged house. Day after day, Cora learned more and more about witches. She learned how to make potions, cast spells, dress like a witch, grow her short little nails and much more. She tried sleeping spells, turning people into a frog spells, ugliness spells and nightmare spells. As she learned, she realized that she was only learning how to do bad things, like turning people into frogs, undoing all their work and making everybody else’s life miserable. She wanted to do so much more than evil, she wanted to help people and to save people, just like her parents would want her to do. Even though she kept learning all the bad magic the witch was teaching her, at night up in her bedroom she practiced all the good magic that she could come up with. She snuck down every night to look through the witch’s stuff, but she could never find a single thing, not a book, a spell, or anything about good magic. So she had to come up with everything. She tried spells from fairytales and storybooks that her mother had read her. Only some of the spells worked. Of course she thought that “abra cadabra” would work, but it did not. She found out how to do a protection spell by mixing some cinnamon and other herbs and spices she found in the witch’s closet. She learned a healing spell, a truth spell, an awakening spell, a love spell, a good dream spell, and more.  

One day the witch said that she was leaving for the Bad Witch Day.

When Cora asked what that is, the witch said “It is when all the bad witches in the universe cast bad spells on every single good person in the world.”

Cora thought to herself, then just said, “Go witch! Have a good Bad Witch Day, I will just stay here, as I am too young to go with you.” They waved good bye, and the witch left. A couple minutes later, Cora ran to get her broom and the Good Spells book that she had decided to write. She flew out the window after the bad witch, and when she saw a bad witch cast a bad spell right, she would reverse it. Again and again, she reversed every bad spell that she could catch. Finally, she found the witch that she was staying with. The witch cast a ugly spell and Cora cast a pretty spell. Over and over. Again and again. Until all the witches got tired and went home. Cora went to bed feeling very satisfied and happy.

Chapter 6

The next morning when Cora came down for breakfast, the witch was not up yet. She thought about the day before, and was so happy with her work. Cora made herself some breakfast, and for the first time in a while, she cried. She missed her parents too much and she could not take it any more. She wanted to ask the witch so many questions about what the town that they were in was called and what was the witch’s real name. A few minutes later, the witch came in, and as soon as she did, Cora flooded her with questions.

She asked, “Ms. Witch? What is your name? What town are we in? How was your day yesterday?”

The witch laughed and said, “Darling, darling, calm down!! I will answer all your questions!” Then she started to answer. “My name is Linda (the bad witch). We are in Mulberry town, and my day was awful yesterday!!! It almost felt like someone was reversing all my spells!! I hated it!!!” Cora answered with a frown.

Cora then said, “I am sorry for asking but have you ever thought about being a good witch?”

The witch replied, “Yes darling, but my enemy is a good witch and if I become a good witch we will be on the same team, and I never want that to happen, and I mean never ever want that to happen.”

Cora said, “But don’t you want to be a hero, don’t you want to be happy and have everyone love you??”

Then the witch said, “Darling this conversation is too long, but let me tell you… I used to be a good witch. Then I did something wrong. I was in love with a mortal man. It is dangerous to be in love with mortals. People who are born witches are supposed to keep it a secret and if someone finds out about the people who are born witches, everything will go wrong. You see, the witches that are born witches are born with powers. They don’t even have to cast any spells or read any books. Well, when I fell in love with the mortal the queen of all good witches made me look like this. An ugly old hag.”

“I don’t think that you are ugly, you are beautiful in your own way.” And for the first time the witch smiled a real smile.

The witch stood up and turned around, but before leaving she said, “I have always tried to be the evilest witch, but really I am not all that bad.”    

Chapter 7

Cora began to realize that maybe the good witches weren’t really that good. She ran to the Linda’s bedroom and asked, “Are the good witches really that good?” Linda answered with, “The good witches are in a way the bad ones. They turn any good witch that does something bad ugly. Then those witches want to be their enemies and they get on the bad side. There are no witches that are born bad.” Cora knew it! But it was still better to have more good witches than bad ones, so Cora was going to find a way to turn Linda into a good witch.   

Chapter 8

Cora just smiled, she had helped the town and maybe even Linda. Maybe Linda wasn’t a bad witch inside. Maybe she just wanted to get revenge on the good witches for turning her into a old hag. In the next couple seconds the witch came down dressed and ready.

She said “I am going out again, I am going to see if I can ruin somebody’s life today. Are you sure that you don’t want to come?” Cora thought about it, then said, “No, but I am going to look around the town.”  

“Okay, but really there isn’t much to see.” And with that, Linda hopped on her broom and flew out the window. Cora was not actually going to explore the town, but she was going to go have a talk with the good witch queen.

When she got to the kingdom, she said to one of the guards, “I am here to see the queen.” The guards let her in after making sure she was really a good witch.

She flew to the queen and said, “Let Linda have another chance, she is a good witch. It doesn’t matter if she is in love with a mortal. Please give her another chance.”

The queen thought about it then said, “I will give her another chance, if you can prove to me that Linda is a good witch at heart.”

Cora smiled, then said, “Thank you so much!!! What do I have to do?”

“You have to get Linda to cast a love spell, a good dream spell and a happiness spell without telling her about you coming here. Now go, I know you told her you were exploring the town.”

“Ok I am on my wa-  wait how did you know that I told her that?”

“I know everything, GOOOOOO!!!”

So Cora left and went back to Linda’s home. When she got there Linda was already home.

“How was your day today?” Asked Cora.

“It was fine, I only cast one spell but it did work.”

“That’s good, when are you going out again?”

“Tomorrow. Now go get some rest!! You need it.”

“Goodnight, Linda.” Then Cora went up to her bedroom and fell asleep thinking about how she would get Linda to cast her three good spells.

Chapter 9

The next day when Cora woke up Linda was already halfway out the window. She ran to get dressed and then rushed out the window after her, making sure to stay hidden. She watched

Linda cast a hatred spell, then she went up right next to Linda and cast a love spell.

Linda looked at Cora then said, “What did you do that for?”

“I am a good witch!!! There is nothing you can do to change it!!”

“Why are you a good witch? Bad witches know so much more!!!”

“Well I bet you can’t cast a love spell!”


“Then cast one!!”

Then Linda cast one, and as she did her yellow buck teeth got fixed back to perfect straight white ones.



“Your teeth are so perfect!!”

“Oh, I wish.”

Cora thought that maybe Linda could not see any of her changes until she cast all three spells. When they got home, Linda was fuming and said that if she did that tomorrow she would have to leave, and that she had to be a bad witch. Then she sent Cora to bed.

Chapter 10

The next day Cora stayed in the kitchen until Linda came back from flying. Then she

asked. “Linda, will you cast a happiness spell so I can try to reverse it?”

Linda said “As long as you don’t do anything good!!” Then Linda did, and Cora did not even try to reverse it. The wart on her nose disappeared and she was even more beautiful.

Later, Cora went back to bed to plot her next plan. She brainstormed, and finally came up with a plan. That night, she stayed awake, and when the witch came in to check on her she pretended that she was having a bad dream.

She kicked and screamed, and when the witch tried to calm her down, she kept saying “I can’t, I can’t!! I had such a bad dream!” After a while the witch could not take it anymore and she was very tired. The Witch cast a good dream spell on her. Cora took one last look at The Witch, and noticed that her long nose had become short. Then Cora went right back to sleep, dreaming about unicorns and candy.

The next morning, when Cora looked at Linda, her old ugly clothes had been replaced with beautiful ones and then her black nails changed to pink!! She was so happy! She thanked Cora millions of times and was so happy that she could be a good witch once more!!

So that is the story of how the little witch changed someone from bad to good and helped many other people in many different ways.


After Cora turned Linda from good to bad……..

Linda decided to really adopt Cora. They went to the town and Linda filled out many papers, and when she was done they walked back to their high tower that now both Cora and Linda called home.  Linda also married the mortal man that she was in love with (the good queen made an exception). Now Cora has a mother and a father that could take care of her, and while her father is at work, Linda and Cora still go out and stop all the bad magic that goes on!     

     The End





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