The Magical Journey

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in Ohio. She sometimes felt lonely. She wanted a pet. Her name was Madeline. She wanted a pet because her mom was always working and she never had time to play with Madeline.

One day, when her mom was at work, she went to see if she could find a pet. She had been walking for a long time and she was very hungry. She was walking and she entered a field. She saw something in the distance and walked towards it. When she was closer she saw an old man who was wearing a dark green cloak and he had a long beard which went to his wrists. When they met he asked her what she was doing. She said that she was trying to find a pet.

“Oh, what kind of pet?” he said.

She said, “A pet I can play with.”

He said, “Oh, let me tell you about this store that I know. You can probably find the best pet for you there. It’s a magical store and there will be many different pets there I am sure you will find a perfect pet there.”

“Really?” said Madeline.

“Yes. Oh my, is that the time? Sorry, I have to go.”

Madeline was so happy, then she realized that he had not given her any directions to get there. Madeline thought that if she had a magical pet store she would hide it somewhere no one would find it. She thought the mountains! It has to be behind the mountains. She went in the direction of the mountains and walked and walked for four hours. Then when she finally got to the top of the mountains she saw one huge pet shop below the mountains. The glass building was sparkly and big, there were windows with food for pets that she had never seen before. There was pet furniture and clothing for pets that she had never seen before; everything was made for their shape. Surprisingly, Madeline saw the old man, who looked up and waved at her. She could not wait to go down there and find her pet. She quickly ran down the mountain. It only took about ten minutes and she went to the man who told her to follow him. He took her to the area where the pets were. Madeline was so happy.

“So you want a pet to keep you company and to play with too?” asked the man.

“Yes,” said Madeline.

“Hmm, well I think I have some pets for you to look at,” he said and then turned around. “What about the phoenix? She is the kindest magical pet and she has a lot of energy. She can turn invisible although sometimes she can be very stubborn and she always sleeps for a long time.”

“Wow,” said Madeline.

“You know,” said the man, “I was just like you I had nothing to do and I felt lonely. So I decided to open this pet shop. I have the kindest people working to be with me and I have the best pets here now with anyone of these pets you will always have fun.”

Madeline smiled, it felt good to know someone who was like her.

“Well, Madeline, let me show you the unicorn.”

Madeline and the man walked in the next room. On the right corner Madeline saw an adorable baby unicorn. It was pink and white.

“The unicorn is very sweet she loves to play and she has a magical horn,” said the man.

“She is so pretty,“ said Madeline.

“Yes,” said the man. “She loves to be with people and if you are kind to her she will go with you everywhere. This is the owl, he is very shy and kind but he makes friends very fast. Well now it is time to choose one. They are all very great pets but you have to choose one,” said the man.

“I can not choose, they’re all so nice. How about the…phoenix…ummm…no, what about the unicorn, actually the owl, oww, I don’t know. They’re all the best.”

“Yes, I know how it feels but there is only one right pet for you. That is how it works. Only one magical pet, that’s the magical pet law. I can see the perfect pet but if I tell you it will no longer be the best pet for you. So think who will really help you.Think from the very beginning, Madeline, think. What did you want all that time.”

“A friend to keep me company and play with me?” Madeline thinks about that.

“Have you chose a pet yet?” said the old man.

“Yes I have,” said Madeline.

“Who is is it?”

“It–it–it–is the unicorn.”

“Really, great! You chose the best pet for you and trust me you will have lots of fun with her.”



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