The Magic Flower

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Laura. Laura’s favorite thing was chocolate. But her second favorite thing was flowers. Pretty, nice-smelling flowers. She just loved to pick flowers, and to play with flowers. And when they died, she even made a funeral for flowers. Now, enough about what Laura’s favorite things are. Let’s get to the story.

It was a bright Sunday morning, and Laura woke up a lot more early than usual (at 6:00).  She could not watch TV until 8:00. So she thought of what to do. And thought of what to do. And thought of what to do. And finally Laura had he it narrowed down to two things. She could sneak some chocolate, or pick flowers, She realized that she only had one choice, to pick flowers. She could not sneak chocolate, because her mom hides it.

So Laura went downstairs, to the porch, and to the backyard. She decided to try to find a new type of flower. A kind that nobody had ever found before. She looked here. Just a sunflower. She looked over there. Just a rose. She looked almost everywhere. But Laura could not find a new type of flower. She decided to give up after only fifteen minutes passed. Yes folks, I know it’s very short, but do not blame me. Laura is lazy.

Just when she got up, she saw something. It was big. It was beautiful. It was… a new kind of flower. “Wait a second,” she said. “Why would a new flower grow in my backyard and not someone else’s? Well, I’ll just check to be sure.” She googled it ten times, but there was no match. Yippie! It was a new discovery. Laura pinched herself, trying to wake up, but she could not. It was real.

She could not wait to tell all of her friends. But being so happy about flowers made Laura wonder about chocolate. She sighed. I wish I had some chocolate, she thought as she squeezed the flower tightly in her hands. Then suddenly the it started to shake. Its petals moved as if it was doing some kind of dance. Then suddenly… poof. A cloud of dust covered Laura’s sight. When the dust disappeared, she looked inside the flower. There it was. A creamy, hard, light brown bar of chocolate. She pinched herself about 1,115 times. (Laura had pinched herself so many times that it started to really hurt.)

She ate the chocolate. It was delicious. “Wow, this is a perfect combo,” Laura said, “flowers and chocolate.” She ran to her friend Mimi’s house. “Mimi. Mimi. Mimi.” Laura shouted the moment she got to Mimi’s bedroom.

“What do you want?” Mimi said, she was exhausted. “It’s three in the morning.”

“No it is not,” Laura screamed excitedly. “Set your clock to the right time. It’s 7:00. Come to my house now. There is something I reeeaaallyyy want to show you.”

“If I come to your house and you show me what you want to show me will you let me go back to sleep?” said Mimi as she took off her sleeping mask.

“Fine,” Laura said flatly. “But you won’t want to,” she whispered.

“What did you say?” asked Mimi.

“Nothing. Chop chop, come on, let’s go.” Laura yelled as she dragged Mimi out of her house.

“I’m sure what you dragged me out for is not worth losing all the wonderful sleep I was getting,” said Mimi.

“Hold this flower.”




“Now,” Laura directed, “think of something you really, really want.”

“I want you to leave me alone.” Mimi said.

“Har-dee-har-har,” said Laura.

“Think of an object, like let’s say, a computer.”

“Okay,” Mimi replied.

“Now, close your eyes, think of a computer, and squeeze the flower.” Mimi did as Laura had told her and was amazed at the results. She. Was. Speechless. Mimi even pinched herself sooo many times that she had about a million cuts.  It took Laura three hours before she could cover all of them with band-aids. It also took Laura three hours before she could get Mimi to talk. “You can go home now, Mimi. I showed you it.”

Laura ran to her mom, and was about to tell her about the magic flower when she stopped. If she told her mom about the magic flower, she would use it against Laura. If she broke a window her mom wouldn’t let her use the magic flower and so she wouldn’t get what she wanted. So she decided to keep it secret. She said, “Coming, Mom. One second.”

So then she took the magic flower and she dug a hole next to her favorite tree. Then she ran to her mom yelling, “Coming Mom, wait just one second”

And her mom answered, “Okay Molly, I mean Laura. Heh heh”.

When she got there she yelled, “Hey mom, guess what, I found a magic f

She stopped. She had almost spilled the beans and told her mother about the magic flower.

“ A magic what?” asked her mom.

“A magic…fish pizza, That also includes pepperoni, mushrooms, pineapple, and relish,” answered Laura nervously.

“That’s just in your imagination,” said her mom.


“Ummm… okay.”

“Phew, that was a close one,” Laura said to herself.    

Laura’s mom called Laura over for brunch, because she missed breakfast.

“Mmm… this is delicious. I wish we could have this every day,” said Laura.

Then she remembered she could have it every day.

“Ummm, mom? I have to go to the bathroom. May I be excused?” asked Laura, who was proud of herself for not talking nervously.

“Okay,” replied Laura’s mom.

Laura ran to the hole she had made next to her favorite tree, and dug up the magic flower. Then, Laura took out the magic flower and squeezed tightly and wished that she could have brunch every day. The flower shook, and a cloud of dust appeared, but nothing was in the flower. Laura was worried for a moment, but then she realized that she would have brunch every day. Right that moment, Laura remembered that she reeeaaally wanted a pet poodle. So she wished for a poodle, and a cute little puppy appeared inside the magic flower. The puppy started jumping, leaping, playing, and peeing.

“Eeew,” screamed Laura in a disgusted voice. Then, the puppy started licking Laura’s face. “Stop licking me,” she yelled. The puppy started lying on the ground and crying with its sad puppy eyes. She took the puppy and hugged it in her arms. The puppy looked very cold, so she wished for a puppy jacket. The puppy jacket was black leather, and it was very stylish. It had gold buttons and a silver zipper and puppy pockets. The puppy looked very warm and started jumping on Laura’s head.

Laura was about to show her mommy the adorable little puppy that she had named Poppy the poodle, but she couldn’t. If she did her mom would get suspicious, and ask her how she got the poodle. Since Laura is reeeaaally bad at lying, she would have eventually told her mom.

Laura’s tummy grumbled. She buried the magic flower and went back to brunch. Now, there was even more food than before. There was a stack of pancakes that was three feet high, a pile of hot french toast, and a bowl of plump and juicy sausages.

“Mmm, I’m in heaven,” she said sleepily.

Laura ate and ate and ate and ate and ate and ate and ate, until she could eat no more.

“Ohhh… I’m full. I want to go to sleep,” Laura groaned.

Laura’s mom carried Laura to bed. Laura slept for many long hours, and before she knew it, it was morning.

“Time to wake up,” Laura’s mom shouted the next day.

“I don’t wanna go to school,” Laura moaned.

“Okay,” agreed her mom.

“Really?” asked Laura, who was starting to get excited.

“No,” her mom shouted at her. “The only way that could happen is if you found something magical…” said her mom.

At that moment, Laura remembered that she could do it because she did have something magical.

Laura ran to her backyard and dug up the magic flower. She thought of not having school and squeezed the magic flower.

Right after, she wished that she appeared in her cozy, warm, bed. Laura went back to sleep.

“Zzz….” She was snoring.

Laura had slept for three days straight without even noticing. Finally, she woke up. Laura went downstairs and dug up the magic flower. She wished for food for her puppy. She also wished for brunch for herself. Then, she woke up all her friends and told them to come to her backyard.

She said, “Think of something you really want and squeeze this flower, and you will get it.” So they spent the rest of the day wishing for stuff they really, really, really, wanted. When they had finished, she asked her mom if they could have a sleepover and she said no. So she took the magic flower and wished that they could all could have a sleepover and have their very own king-sized beds.

In the morning, Laura wished for breakfast. Then, she told them to go home. Laura wished for a bouncy castle. Then, Laura wished for a pet unicorn. Then, she wished that she had a mansion. Immediately, her tiny house turned into a gigantic mansion. Her friend heard the racket and asked if they could join. Laura said, “Yes.”

They jumped and played and when Laura wished for a pool, they swam in the pool. Laura threw a six months early birthday party. Laura wished for a trumpet dude named Billybobjoepenny to play a song for her everywhere she went. She wished for a butler. A red carpet everywhere she went. And to be famous.

When Laura was about to wish for a 200-inch plasma TV, her mom came in and told her to stop getting all this stuff. “Return all this stuff from where you got it,” said her mom. Then, Laura got so angry that she wished her mom would go away and never come back. Laura finished wishing for a 200-inch plasma TV.

Her friends asked if they could come and play with her, but this time she said no. Laura spent the rest of the day signing autographs and she was sooo famous. Laura wished for a spinny chair. She wished that she could go back in time and be the one to invent the lightbulb. She wished that she had a computer. She wished that she had an iPad, a phone, 365 shoes for every day of the year, all the clothes in the world, brand new socks, a billion dollars, a trillion dollars, and for Jupiter to be named after her, instead of a Roman god. She wished for a musical, a book, a movie, and a CD about her life. She also wished that she could have a video game about herself, and that she could have a puzzle and download every game she wanted for free, and that she got to meet her favorite singer, Taylor Swift. She wished that she owned every single book and movie in the world. She wished to go to the future to watch every movie that would ever be made.

Laura wished for everything you can think of. She wished for a personal trashcan, and that she could meet the Tooth Fairy. She wished that candy was healthy and that she could eat whatever she wanted.

Her friends kept asking to play with her, and she said no every single time. No matter how much they begged and pleaded and gave her gifts. She always said no. Laura wished that she could know everything that she hadn’t wished for. She wished for earplugs, so she wouldn’t have to hear her friends asking her to play all the time. She wished that she had a lifetime’s supply of dumplings and she wished that Billybobjoepenny could play better songs. That was the only wish that made other people happy.

Laura wished for the world’s largest pizza, she wished for a gigantic sandwich.

She wished that she had a cake. She wished that she could eat whenever she wanted, and not get fat.

But soon Laura realized that she was kind of lonely. She wanted to share her stuff with her friends. She went to her friend’s houses, but they did not want to play with her. The next day, the tax letter came. Laura got so many stuff that it was even more money than she had. She wished she had her mom back. Laura’s unicorn started to poop everywhere, and she couldn’t stop it. Laura’s poodle started to get really hot, but, when Laura when took the coat away, it was too cold.

When she tried to wish for her unicorn to be gone, she found out that she had to wish for all of her wishes to be gone. There was some things she wanted to keep, but she decided that having a normal life was better than having everything she wanted. She took the magic flower and screamed, “I wish that all of the wishes were undone!” as loud as she could. Then, everything disappeared and everything was back to normal. Laura took the magic flower and threw it as far as she could. It landed in somebody else’s backyard, and planted itself there.

Laura was happy her life was back to normal. A mile away, in the place she had thrown the magic flower, somebody else had discovered it. Billybobjoepenny was summoned again and the flower was now passed on to someone else….


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