The Mermaid Who Stole a Diamond

The moment Pearl saw the diamond, she wanted it, but the diamond was being guarded very securely. There were two guards, four bars, and an alarm. If Pearl tried to get the diamond, she would be caught for sure. Pearl had to think of a plan. She knew that if she didn’t have a plan, a police submarine would come after her. She thought and thought all afternoon.

Pearl swam into her small, cramped home. Her home was shaped as a circle. There were six doors leading off the main room. Three doors lead to bedrooms: Hers, her mom’s, and her brother’s. One door lead to the bathroom. The last door lead to their kitchen. Pearl swam down the hall that lead to her room. Pearl flopped down on her tiny, but comfortable bed.

Pearl’s room was decorated with a lot of posters. The posters had pictures of  very valuable items. There was even a small piece of gold in the corner of the room! She had gotten the gold when she won the lottery. Pearl had never wanted anything so much. She was a collector of valuables. Pearl was obsessed with diamonds and gold. She became obsessed when she first saw a block of gold. She was six. Now at twelve years she still loved valuables. Pearl got out a roll of parchment and a bottle of ink.

Pearl was going to make a plan. She dipped her quill into the ink and wrote a list. The list was of what Pearl was going to bring on her expedition. The list included a rock, a pair of large pliers, and an invisibility potion. The rock was to make a distraction. Pearl would throw the rock away from her to cause a distraction. Pearl would use the pliers to pry open the bars. She would drink the invisibility potion so that the guards won’t see her. As for the alarm, well, the rock would set the alarm off anyway.

Pearl went to the kitchen and got a pack of sea snacks. Since Pearl was going to get the diamond at midnight she knew that she had to rest. Pearl sat down on her bed and opened her snack. She found herself dreaming about the diamond. She dreamt about the way it glistened…

Before Pearl knew it, the time was 11:59. Pearl swam to the museum with the sack slung over her shoulder. Pearl thought of the way the diamond would feel if it was in her hands. Pearl was breathing heavily as she threw the rock through the bars. The rock landed right by the guards. Perfect. The guards looked around stupidly as the alarm went off. They walked to the entrance of the museum and shone their flashlights into the night. One of the guards pointed their flashlight at the other one. The two guards started tackling each other out of the museum. This gave Pearl the perfect chance to pry open the bars. Suddenly, the alarm stopped ringing. She couldn’t help but smile.

Pearl took out the pliers and pried open the bars. She had her hands on the diamond. Just as Pearl was about to take the diamond and go home, she stopped in her tracks. One of the museum guards had spotted her. Pearl dropped her bag and swam for her house as fast as she could. Pearl was breathing heavily as she entered her house. Pearl sank down onto her bed and started to cry.

The next morning Pearl was surprised to see her Dad standing over her. She barely ever saw her dad.

“Pearl, somebody tried to steal the diamond at the museum last night.” Pearl’s heart skipped a beat. Did he know? “The museum decided that the diamond wasn’t safe. So, they gave it to me. I’ve decided to give it to you.” Pearl smiled at her Dad as he handed her the diamond. Pearl had gotten the diamond and she didn’t even have to do a thing.   


2 thoughts on “The Mermaid Who Stole a Diamond”

  1. This story was A-Ma-ZING!!! Loved the little twist at the end, I was kind of sad that Pearl hadn’t got her diamond but then…
    Wow, I could feel the mischief and the wit.

  2. Thank you for the great story! It brightened my day!

    Your most valuable possessions are your quill, ink, and parchment.

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