The Mess

Chapter One

Hi, I’m Rayan, and my family is going to Puerto Rico.

“Hurry up, and get your bag. We have to go,” said my mom.

“Okay,” I said.

I love Puerto Rico. I go at least once a year, and I have so much fun! 

When we got to the security checkpoint at the airport, we were so sloppy we couldn’t even walk. We had to get up so early after we stayed up all night packing our bags, and we were tired! 

When we got on the plane, it was so hot. The flight attendant told me that my bag was too heavy and that it would have to go under the plane. I felt fine with that because I didn’t want to deal with my bag on the plane anyway.

When the plane was up in the air, the beverage cart came around. I had a Sprite, but it made me want to go to the bathroom. So I got up to go to the bathroom.

Chapter Two

When I got inside, the whole bathroom was shaking! At first I thought someone was playing a trick, but when I got out, I realized the whole plane was shaking.

“The turbulence has broken down the beverage cart,” the flight attendant said.

“Hey, folks, we just hit a patch of bumpy air,” the pilot said.

That did not seem right to me.

Chapter Three

The turbulence lasted for about two minutes more, but before you knew it, we landed. We were so tired.

When we were in Puerto Rico, we went to our summer home. Our summer home is big. It was dark, so I just went to bed.

Chapter Four: Pool Party

The next day, we went to my cousin Gabrel’s pool party. When we saw my cousins, we went to get a hot dog.

“Umm,” I said. “This is good.”

Chapter Five

I didn’t go in the pool. Last time, I fell in the pool with my normal clothes, and that was not fun. After five days, we had to leave for our flight. We left Puerto Rico, and we got on the plane to go back home. It was a great trip, and I had lots of fun!


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