The Monster Chronicles



Once, there was a blue monster from Antarctica. That’s why he was blue. He had one black eye, two white horns, and dark blue patches on his blue body. He came to Brooklyn. He went to school there. Some of the people in the school threw chocolate over his head. All he wanted was love. But he couldn’t get it, because he looked like a big, angry monster whenever they put chocolate on his head.

One day, he found another monster who was having the same problem. She then she licked all the chocolate off him. He was very happy, and he found his love. Her name was Monsterella. She was dark pink, with light pink patches on her body. She had two white horns and one eye. She was a little shorter than George.

They went on a date. They went to a restaurant called Peter Luger. They sold the best steak ever. They ate spinach, bacon, steak. For dessert, they ate schlag, which is a kind of special whipped cream. After the date, George and Monsterella visited Antarctica. He had his mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa in Antarctica. So did Monsterella. They went ice fishing. It was very cold. They didn’t wear sweaters because the stores didn’t have their size. They were too big. That’s the story of Monsterella and George.



There was Peter and Paulie. They eventually became friends, but they didn’t know each other at first. When school first started, the same boys who were throwing chocolate over George’s head were throwing cheese over Peter’s head. All Peter wanted was not love, but a friend. That’s where Paulie came in. Paulie and Peter were snakes. They were pythons. They had the same black and orange skin. Paulie climbed up, and stopped the boys from pouring cheese over Peter’s head. Paulie started to constrict the boys to scare them, but she didn’t kill them. Then, Paulie carried Peter from the boys, who were throwing cheese over his head, and ran away.

Then, Peter and Paulie met Monsterella and George in Antarctica. They asked for help to stop those boys from pouring stuff over people’s heads. Monsterella and George said okay, and they went back to Brooklyn. Then, Monsterella walked purposely underneath the chocolate to look like a scary monster. Then, she walked over to Peter, Paulie, and George. After a while, Peter slid by with Monsterella, and they scared the boys away. The boys never came back.



Once there was a monster, who was born with his body in separate places. His head was pink, with wings on the top of his head, and weird octopus legs coming out of it. His head could walk where he wanted in Monsterville. He really wanted to be closer to his body parts, to be connected, and to go to New York. He knew that his torso was in a bakery, because his torso was a chocolate ball with chocolate chips. He only had one leg, which was made out of water, and that leg lived in the Hudson River. He really needed to find his torso.

Meanwhile he was eating breakfast at a bakery, but not the one that his torso is in. He was eating waffles, pancakes with chocolate chips, and a banana smoothie.

“Sorry, I didn’t get to tell you my name. It’s Bob.” Bob said.

As he left the bakery, he wanted to leave Monsterville to find his torso. He said goodbye to all his monster friends and his best friend, Bill.

“Bye!” he shouted, waving his octopus leg.

He started to fly with the wings on his head. His torso was in a bakery in France. He flew for one hour. Finally, he got there. He went into all the bakeries, like Moulin de la Vierge and Boulangerie Patissiere in Paris. Finally, he found his torso.

He whispered to his torso, “Let’s get out of here!”

It said, “Okay.” His torso didn’t have a mouth, so they communicated using sign language.

And then, they connected. Then, Bob tried to fly all the way to the Hudson River in New York, but he couldn’t because his torso was too heavy. So they had to walk to an airplane. But on the way, there were a few things stopping them.

First, there were some people trying to throw glue on them because there were a lot of humans, and they were trying to stick them to the ground. The humans were scared of Bob and his torso. His torso saved them. Only the chocolate chips got stuck, so his torso took the chocolate chips off and ran away, but he still had a few left.

Second, once they got to the plane, the plane had no fuel.

Bob told his torso, “Melt all your chocolate chips, and that will be the fuel.”

The torso said, “Okay.”

“I’ll hold the plane up just in case, because I have wings.” Bob said.


Then, the plane flew to New York. The plane was white and it looked like a fish, which reminded Bob of his water leg in the Hudson River. Once they got to New York, they swam and swam to the middle of the Hudson River. There, they found his leg! They all connected and swam back. They all had so much fun that they went to a cafe. It was called Inatesso. Bob and his other body parts went to drink coffee there.

And that’s the story of Bob and his body parts.


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