The Night of The Halloween Fair

One day at school, two kids came to Hamilton Middle School without knowing each other at all. At lunch the new kids, John and Will, met each other and then met Shane. They played football together at recess. Shane approached Will and John because he had no friends, and he wanted to become friends with the new kids. The new kids didn’t know him and how he had messed up in life beforehand, and it’s not often you get to restart with a clean slate. Shane had accidentally lit someone’s report on fire in science class, and he let the turtles out in their classroom. He also ran over all the plants in the garden by accident. Shane was a lonely dude with no friends, so he approached John and Will. They bonded over football and became better friends over the weeks. Shane realized that John was athletic but dumb and Will was smart but lazy, and Shane thought he was athletic and smart.

Three weeks after they met, John wanted to know Will and Shane better, and what better way than going to the Halloween fair? They were middle schoolers, and they thought that they were too old for Halloween.

“Are you guys going to the Halloween fair? My older brother works there, so we can get discounts off of tickets,” John said.

The next day, they told their parents that they were going to go to the Halloween fair which was in two days, but the parents didn’t want them to go because they knew that there were a couple of kids that had gone missing at the fairs, so they wanted to check and make sure it was going to be safe. So they checked it out and saw that it said it was going to be safe and there was going to be lots of security. The next day, they all went to the fair. It was mostly just teenagers. The fair was mostly Halloween stuff, like scary skeletons, grim reapers, zombies, ghosts, and haunted houses. They went to watch a clown movie called It. They were only showing very scary movies because it was Halloween evening. And then they went to go play some fair games, ride some rides, and then they met up with John’s older brother. Then they went to go do games, including dart throw, with John’s older brother and saw some of their classmates and talked with them. They went on a ride called The Fireball, which was a ride that went upside down, and the ride got stuck when they were upside down—though it was only for five minutes, and then they got it back working. 

Shane said, “Okay, we’re not doing another ride.”

Will said, “Yes, we are.”

Then they all went to the bathroom to start puking because all of the stuff that they ate at the fair and just went back out. They felt kind of dizzy, but after throwing up they felt fine. And they went to go grab some funnel cake because all the food left their body. 

At around when it was turning dark, they went to go see when the fair was going to close, and it said it was closing in half an hour, so they started hurrying up and doing more stuff. They won a whole bunch of teddy bears and watched a magic show, and this guy was pulling bunny rabbits out of his hat, then John watched people juggle swords and eat flaming food. They were having a blast. Then they went all into a photo booth, and they took lots and lots of photos, and they didn’t hear that the fair was closing. They walked out, and they didn’t see anybody. 

“Where’d they go?” they all said in unison.

Then they heard some evil cackling, and then they got scared. They wanted to go home, but it was too dark, and they didn’t know where they were supposed to go. Then they saw John’s older brother sweeping, and then they ran to go and ask him where everyone went. He told them that the fair closed ten minutes ago.

And then he said, “You guys should be going home now.”

So they headed to the front gates, but the gates were already closed, and when they tried to tug, there was another tug against them. They tried to open it several times, but a guy wasn’t letting them. They could feel a pull keeping them from opening it. They couldn’t see it, but all they saw were two eyes in the dark. Then they ran for John’s older brother. 

Will said, “John’s older brother, we just saw glowing red two eyes in the dark—I think there’s something, that we’re not alone.”

“First of all, I have a name. My name is Mark. Second of all, we’re not alone because there’s other people that work here. Third of all, you probably just saw the gatekeeper, the person who is watching people leave and getting the tickets from people.” And then they saw the magician, Onzony, who was tall, scary, and dressed in purple. And Mark said, “Hey, Onzony, what’cha doin?”

“I’m being your worst nightmare.” 

Then Mark said, “Wait—so you’re Trump singing?”

“No, I’m here to kill you!”

And then instead of pulling a bunny rabbit out of his hat, he pulled out a chainsaw, and they saw people on stilts cackling and surrounding them. And then they saw a clown on a unicycle going around juggling axes.

And then the clown went right in front of them and said, “Happy Halloween!”

And the clown threw the axes up in the air, and all the axes landed right in front of the four kids. 

“Aaaah!” they all screamed in unison and started running, but they ran into a giant scorpion, and the scorpion put its stinger at them.

Then they all ran into a different direction, and they ran into an inflatable sign saying, Go see the circus! Then a trapeze man walked to the other side of the sign and stabbed a sword right through the sign into Will’s stomach.

“Noooo!” John screamed, and he grabbed the sword and sliced off the trapeze man’s head.

Then they ran away.

“Okay, I think we lost them.”

They went to hide in the photo booth. They sat there for an hour before they realized that they were being carried. When they realized they were being carried, they looked outside the photo booth and realized that they were on a chain hanging three feet above sharks, and they could see sharks snapping at them, trying to jump.

Then a clown said, “They’re really hungry! I think we might need to feed them.” 

“Got it!” said the magician who cut the chain, and they fell into the shark tank.

And they were all swimming frantically and trying to get out while Mark was jumping on top of sharks trying not to get bitten, but then his arm got bitten off, and it was so bloody, and there was blood all over the pool. Then Mark jumped out while whimpering, then John also got out, and everyone got out.

“Release the snakes!” one of the clowns said.

A whole bunch of snakes, including Cobras and boa constrictors, came out of the dirt, and a snake got on Mark and tightened around him and then swallowed him whole! Then John and Shane were so mad and sad that they were speechless, then they ran away and got on the ferris wheel and climbed to the top of it. Then the rest of the fair started climbing up the ferris wheel. Then finally John and Shane reached the top, and they realized they had gotten ahead of the fair. The clowns were climbing up, and they were five feet away from grabbing them.

Then Shane spotted a pool and said, “Okay, on three we jump into the pool.”




They all jumped, and then something threw an axe at Shane, and Shane got killed before he hit the pool. John hit the pool, but he didn’t realize that the pool was full of crocodiles, and the crocodiles ate him. All that was left was a pool full of red.

The End.

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