The One and the Best Girl: Books IV and V


Boom boom!!!!

“What is that sound? It is loud!’’

Boom boom  

“It’s the volcano. Run!!!! Run RUN,” said Papa.

Papa and Daisy kept on running!!!!

(Pause: Hi! My name is Daisy. If you watched my other stories, I moved to NYC but I wanted to hang with my grandpa (Papa), so my mom and dad said that for the summer I can stay with my papa! Papa lives near Pompeii. Back to the story.)

BOOM BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They swam and swam and swam! The lava got closer and closer… It was right behind them. Papa ran out of breath. He stopped for a second, but the lava was right behind him. He didn’t know what to do, so I picked him up and ran! I ran out of breath.

Haaaa haaaa haaaaa haaaaa I did not know what to do… The lava got  closer… my breath got more and more heavy…

I ran as fast as I could but i could not run any more.

“Hot dogs.’’

“who said that?’’ I said. I looked in front of me. There was a island. I ran to the water side and I swam. Me and my papa swam as fast as we could.

We got to the island. We never in 1,00,00,0,00000,0000,0000,000,9999,99999,555,5555,5555,555,44 years knew about this island. We walked around and looked for the hot dog guy. There he was right in front of us. “Free Hot Dogs!” he said.

He looked like an alien. He had five eyes and a small mouth. His eyes were gold and he had a unibrow. He was very short. He was as short as a dog. I went over and asked, “Why do you have a unibrow?”

He said, “Hello to you too. I will tell you a story. Before I tell the story, would you like a free hot dog?”

I said, “No thank you. Tell the story! Tell the story!”

“Here I begin, I was three, my brother was trying to teach me how to do a unibrow. I didn’t know how to. I wanted to prove to people at school that they were wrong and that I could do a unibrow. Everybody laughed and made of me because I was so short, so I went to school the next day and I showed everybody. That night I tried to do it again. I lifted up one eyebrow and I did it. The next day I went to school and I showed my friend who always made fun of me because I was short. Then I showed him my unibrow. I could not re-do it. And that is the end of my story.’’

Papa couldn’t really speak. His eyes were wide open. I think I could see kind of his brain. In my own brain, I saw him doing that exactly.

Then we said “thank you.’’ Then we left. We got a boat and started to sail. We saw this girl. She looked quite like my mom. I called my mom, nobody picked up. So we sailed over to the island that looked familiar to me and we walked through it. “We are home!’’’ We feel so happy to be home.





Dear diary,

Today at school we got a script for a play. I am so excited. The play is ’’Into the Woods,’’ and I did it in ten minutes. I know it’s crazy, but I am so good at it. I have one sentence memorized. I have one month till the show! I am so excited! I am bad at writing in a diary, but at least I know I am bad. I got you last summer with my grandfather, so I finally decided it was time to starting writing! I love it! My grandfather is here ’cause of Pompeii, but in the end, I loved him here! Each day he picked me up from school and we went to the ice cream store!

The Hair got my prince and at the end we will get married! We talked about it at lunch! I am way more excited than him! But tonight before bed I am going to practice one  or two more times. My dad said to go to sleep when mom or dad turns out the lights I have to go to sleep. But just this once I’m going to practice!



Dear diary,

Today at school we got to practice five times, and it was so cool! Tomorrow night I am going to see Hamilton! I am going to wear a glittery dress that has a rose on it. I have a writing class and I do not want to go. But I have to. 🙁



Dear diary,

Today I went to Hamilton, and it was…








And very very sleepy at one part!



Dear diary,

Today at school my teacher said we are moving the date of the play to May 27th. I said “NOOO!’’ It was so bad! :0 I stuck out my tongue in my mind. :p So tonight I practiced so many times!



Dear diary,

I did the play. It was so fun! I got a trophy! It was so fun!


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