The Park Adventure



One day I was walking in the park. I fell in a thin, deep hole! I fell inside water, but I could still breathe, and the whole world was there! I saw over the hills, and a big mountain was over there! The hill was amazingly big, just with a tiny, tiny house on top. Under my feet, I saw a treasure chest! There was a shark swimming over it, but it was under me, and the treasure chest was even deeper.

The shark swam away. I swam down and opened the treasure chest and I found a portal and a letter. The portal was purple, and the middle was gold. It was moving clockwise! The letter said: “Jump in this portal!” and it was signed from my great great grandmother! I was really surprised! She had written, “Jump inside this portal. You will have to go through different portals to get home.”

I felt a little surprised, because I didn’t know my grandma would leave portals for me!

So, I jumped in, feeling really brave. At the end of the portal I ended up in a bathtub! I looked up, and I saw a sign with gold letters that said “Alien World.” There was also an alien bathing in the bathtub! He was green had only one eye, and six feet! He was going crazy when he saw me! He had his hand out and was shaking it, it looked like he was saying “STOP!” I had a little shock! Then, I went through the next portal inside the tub.

I saw a blue sign that said I was in Space World! I could tell, because I jumped on all of the asteroids. Then I went to the next portal, which was next to the other portal, because the sun and it was in my face.

I saw a sign with lots of gummy bears around it that said I was in Candy World. The floor was made out of gumballs! Then, I saw a snowball fight with kids, but with white cotton candy as the snowballs! There was also a big, fat, fat, donut factory, and I had a big, fat, fat donut! And I went in a palace! The palace was made out of whipped cream, with a cherry on top. I saw a picture that said “King Candy’s First Crown.” He had a big scarf on that was made out of licorice. His pants were made out of melted chocolate that were called “Spray on Jeans.” I knew they were spray on jeans, because when they took the photo, he was spraying it on! His first crown looked like a big gummy bear, and it was! It was a huge gummy bear stuck to his head, so nobody could steal it!

“So how did they get it off?” I thought.

He was looking at the picture too, and he was right next to me! And, I asked, “Wow, what you doing here?!” And, he was wearing his crown out of licorice and gumballs. And he brought a big gumball machine inside, and I asked, “Are you getting ready for something?”

And he told me “Yes. I am having a war with the Chocolate Army. I am going to get a bunch of licorice coins to put in this gumball machine and all of the gumballs will fire at them!”

King Candy asked me which side I was on. I told him I was a visitor. So, he said, “Go in this room for the war!”

I was in a ginormous room. On one of the walls, there was writing that said, “King Candy’s first room to make out of licorice.” I stayed in there for an hour. I made stuff out of wood from the walls. I made a family and one was an alien, and I played with them. King Candy and his servants won the battle. I knew because he told me after. He told me that it was easy to win, because most of the chocolates melted because it was a very hot day! Then he let me go.

Then, I went in the next portal that was outside King Candy’s castle. And I realized I was home!

I didn’t feel brave anymore. Maybe it was just for the mission. But, something wasn’t right. My whole family was tied up on a tree! I saw a black portal coming out from a tower, and loads of black robots came out! They tried to destroy the world. They were breaking everything with their lasers! They had to stop, but they wouldn’t! I thought I could stop them. My dad was a scientist and so I went into my house and into the lab. I took his newest invention that made people really really big! So, I went in it. I pressed the on button, then I went outside. I turned into a really big person, and it made me metal! So, I took all of the black robots down, with my hands. They only had lasers, so the lasers hit the metal and bounced back, and sometimes it would go to them, and they would get killed! I saved the world. It was easy, because I was made out of metal!

I realized that I never saw my great great grandmother ever again. It happened right when she was walking in the park. Maybe she fell in, and she got trapped in the alien world? She was very different from other people. She only had one eye and she was a little green when she went in bathtubs. Then, I just realized that my grandmother was an alien! Maybe she left portals for me to go into, so I could know that she was an alien! Me and my grandmother are not really close. Then, the next morning, I felt brave, and there was an another portal out my window.



It was Christmas! I was very excited. We were going to have lots of fun. But then, my mom told me that my great great Grandmother is coming over to spend Christmas with us! Then I gasped, and I yelled, “Oh no!”

My mom asked me, “What’s the problem?”

I told her, “Nothing…”

My mom told me to keep these really really nice scissors in my pocket, for my great great grandmother. It was a Christmas Present. But then, the doorbell rang, and I opened the door. And then, I saw my great great grandmother and she said, “Come with me!” and she grabbed me and she took me into the portal, and she told me, “Something is wrong with Space World.” I said ,“Were you the alien?” and she said, “Yes. I went crazy, because I wanted you to stay and live with me there.”

“Where were you born?” I asked.

My great great grandmother told me, “I was born when my mother was between the Alien World and the Normal World, and her mom was also an alien. She had eight legs, and ten arms, and 500 brains, and she was the queen of the aliens. She was very special, and I didn’t tell you before, because I didn’t want you to tell anybody.”

Then she said, “And I think me and you can fix Space World, because you already went there. So, I thought both of us could do it together.”

“What happened?” I asked.

My great great grandmother said, “The path to Alien World with the asteroids is broken! It’s all mixed up, and all the asteroids are splatting all over the place, and people can’t get across it. So we need to drive my spaceship up and up and we need to hit asteroids and make them go in place!” So the spaceship went under water in a deep hole, and then it went up and up and up! We went up into the sky and I said, “Aaaa!” We went into space, but it wasn’t the same Space World that was part of the portal: we were much higher up. So we went higher and higher. Then we hit one asteroid! It went really close to the portal. It almost went in and we got a little worried, but it stayed. So then we tried hitting another one, but we ran out of gas! Then, luckily, an asteroid hit us, and made us go in the direction we wanted! The rocketship was on fire! But it didn’t burn the metal very much, so it looked like the fire was coming from the engine. So we kept trying to hit asteroids in the right place, but instead we actually built a big tower out of them, because they kept landing in the same place. So, then we actually could go in the tower, and we found another portal, but it was a black one-just like the one that came out of the tower with the robots- and we took a little adventure in it.

Then we saw all of the black robots in a castle. When we saw them, we hid behind a shelf. When they saw us hiding, they charged at us. But right when they were going to put a knife in us, they froze They were just charging and they ran out of battery!

My great great grandmother said, “Phew! That was close!”

We kept walking and walking until we could find the person who controlled the robots and try to capture that person. Then, we saw that my great great grandmother’s friend was there too. My great great grandmother told me about her, and she was an alien too, but with red skin, and with six eyes, and seven feet.

“She also goes on adventures, and sometimes she runs into me,” said Grandma. “And then, she normally helps me on some adventures to save the world!”

So, then she tried helping us, but we still couldn’t find the person who controls them!

But what if nobody controls them? My great great grandmother said, “Wear these glasses!” I said, “What do these do?”

She told me, “They’re X-Ray glasses. Tap them twice anywhere and they’ll turn on.”

I said, “Why do we even need to wear them?”

She said, “I think there’s something in the wall that controls them!”

So we looked and looked, and by accident I looked at the floor, but I saw something. It was a box! It said “ROBOT CONTROLLERS.” I told my great great grandmother and her friend, and we dug it out with a shovel. We found the shovel lying on the floor there, and then we dug the box up. And we looked in it, and there was a computer. We smashed it with the shovel, so the robots could not move anymore. The robots exploded too! It was pretty easy to smash, but then there were loads under it, because there were loads of robots! But the other ones were really hard to break. Then, we kept going, because we needed to find out who controlled the computers. And then we kept on going, and then we got captured in a huge net from the wall, and we heard a noise saying, “Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

So then, we saw the person who controlled everything, and he told us his name. His name was called “THE CONTROLLER.” My great great grandmother said she knew him! She told me he always wanted to take over the world. He is half human, half alien. He has one leg, two eyes, ten brains, and one side of his stomach is green and the other side is brown. And he is really smart, because he is like two people!

I said to him, “Is that really your name?”

He was stomping on the ground, and moving his arms really strongly. He shouted, “No! My parents didn’t give me a name. But I don’t care. And now, I am going to take over the world!”

Then, I angrily screamed, “You can’t do that! You have to stop!”

And he said, “No!” in an, fierce, loud way.

Then, I felt a little worried. But I checked my pockets, because normally I’d have weird things in them that help me with stuff. Then I forgot about the scissors! I could cut the rope with them. So, then, I just cut the ropes, and everybody got out, and my great great grandma had a little screwdriver. I asked my great great grandmother where she got the screwdriver from. She forgot to give it back to the builder who came to her house, and he was also an alien. He had 16 legs! He had five brains, and three eyes! With the screwdriver, my great great grandmother made a hole in the ground. Then, I pushed the man into the big hole, and he couldn’t get out! Just for protection, we put the net over him, and my great great grandmother screwed it on the ground so he would never get out. He felt a little worried and angry. He was banging on the floor! He kept trying to get out, but he couldn’t!

Then we went back,and we saw all of the asteroids were in their place again,and we thought that The Controller was doing everything. So, we went down and down with the rocketship. My great great grandmother stayed over for Christmas, and her friend went to her house in Alien World.



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