The Pencils’ First Weekend

2B, 3B, and 4B were all related. They came from the same mother. 2B was the youngest out of the three. 4B was the oldest, leaving 3B to be the middle pencil. 4B was a party pencil that liked to do things that weren’t supposed to be done. She was the tallest pencil. 2B was the shortest pencil, since she was the youngest, and 3B wasn’t too tall or too short. She was just right. Their biggest fear was getting their butt tips cut off in a sharpener or by the stupid chef. They didn’t like to be used since they were alive and felt pain whenever they were used or sharpened. So they asked Lucy if she could not use them. Especially 3B. 3B hated to be used.

“Weekend! We don’t have school tomorrow,” said 2B.

“How about we go dance and nibble on donuts?” said 4B.

“No way, that’s against the rules. Plus donuts aren’t at school,” exclaimed 3B.

“Hey, maybe we can break a few rules. No one will ever know,” said 4B.

“What if our butt tips fall off because of our guilt? I don’t want to risk that happening,” said 3B.

“True, but that’s completely impossible,” said 4B.

“3B does have a point. What if the chef sees us, gets really mad, and chops our butt tips off?” said 2B.

“Exactly! That’s what I meant,” exclaimed 3B.

The lights in the school turned on. It was their first weekend at school.

“Everyone be quite! Someone is cleaning in here,” commanded 3B.

“Back to the box, pencils,” yelled 4B.

“Shhhhhhh. Not so loud,” whispered 2B.

“Thank you, 2B,” said 3B.

The light turned off, and the cleaner left.

“Phew,” said 4B, climbing out of the pencil box. “That was creepy.”

“Hey, why don’t we go to the cafeteria, hang out, nibble on some food, and have a disco party maybe?” said 2B to 3B.

“No way. If you want to go get your butt tips chopped off by the chefs, then suit yourself, but I’m not going,” said 3B.

“Don’t be so sensitive,” said 2B to 3B.

“Alright, fine. I’ll go. Just this once,” said 3B.

2B found some leftover sprinkles at the cafeteria.

“Hey, this is actually better than I thought. I found some doughnut crumbs and this milkshake puddle.” said 3B.

“Now she’s getting a sense of humor and being happy,” said 4B.

“Hey, I was always happy. I just wasn’t a party pencil,” argued 3B.

“Oh, don’t be such a kidder,” said 4B.

“No, seriously,” said 3B. “I actually was happy.”

“When was the last time you were happy?” asked 4B.

“When I helped Lucy get an A+ on her homework, even if I was a little mad at the fact that she used me,” said 3B.

“That is amazing!” said 4B.

“See, I told you,” said 3B.

“Sorry,” said 4B.

“Sorry to interupt your fight, guys, but I found a huge abandoned box of doughnuts. So come over if you want to have some or else there will be none for you!” said 2B.

“Okay, we’re coming,” said 4B.

When 4B and 3B got to the doughnut box, they ran into a problem. The chef was packing away the doughnuts. He hated these pencils so much for always making a mess and eating his food. But he didn’t really know where they came from and thought they belonged to a troublemaker. 4B found some french fries, and they started to dig in.

”Mmmm… french fries. Not as good as doughnuts but still really good,” said 3B.

”You bet,” exclaimed 4B.

”Couldn’t agree more,” agreed 2B.

All of a sudden, a huge broom swept up all the french fries.

”Awww man,” moaned 2B.

“Oh well, I guess we should just go back to our pencil box since there’s nothing good left,” said 3B.

4B had an idea.

She said, “How about we go party?”

“You know, I saw that chef with a huge knife, and I’m seriously afraid we’re gonna get our butt tips cut off. So I might just go back to the pencil box with 3B.” said 2B.

“Hey, come on guys. He’s not gonna notice us. So come on! You guys should lighten up,” said 4B.

All of a sudden, the chef came running at them with the big knife and said, “YOU GUYS BETTER GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN BEFORE I CHOP YOUR BUTTS OFF!”

“Or not! Let’s just go back to the pencil box!” 4B screamed.

“I like your choice,” said 3B. “Now, should we start running or what?” said 3B.

“Run for your life. He’s coming. He’s coming to chop off our butt tips!” yelled 4B.

They ran by writing but only with their head, so the chef didn’t see them. Of course, it was painful, but they didn’t want to leave a track for the chef to know they were Lucy’s pencils.

When they were all safely back in the classroom, the pencils scrambled back into their pencil boxes, all out of breath. They caught their breath, and 4B noticed that it was lunch time, so she went out by herself to find some food.

“4B, Come back here! Don’t you think you’ve had enough of the chef with the knife?” yelled 3B.

“I’ll be fine,” said 4B.

“You’re going to turn into an eraser! You could split into two different pencils. And, plus, you’re only fifteen, and you’re not going to have a baby like Mom did,” screamed 3B.

“But it’s pencil world right here. Not like Lucy’s house, since she’s going to get a dog!” Everybody gasped. “I told her not to, but it was too late. She already adopted one, and that’s why she didn’t want to bring us home last night. Because she has a dog.” They gasped again. “But she’ll bring us home one day, and she’ll have to get rid of her dog,” said 4B.

“That won’t be anytime soon,” said 3B.

“Yeah, that won’t be anytime soon,” repeated 2B.

“Oh my gosh. Can you stop repeating me, little sis?” 3B said to 2B.

“Well, whatever. We’d better go find some food, and I’m starving. It’s almost dinner time.” said 4B.

“And it’s getting a little bit late,” said 2B.

“But first, can we have a dance party?” said 4B.

“No,” said 3B.

“I’ll be right back with some french fries,” said 4B.

Five minutes later, 4B came running back with a lot of scratches.

“Okay, maybe I have had enough of that chef.” said 4B.

2B started walking up and found some crumbs on Lucy’s desk from her snacks. So she took some to the other pencils, and they had a delicious lunch.

“Yum! Apple bits. I would’ve preferred banana bits,” said 3B. “But whatever.”

“Do not moan about your food, silly,” said 4B.

“I’m not. I didn’t even moan. I just said whatever,” said 3B.

“Well, let’s not get into a fight. Let’s go to bed and relax,” said 2B.

“Bed? Why bed? It’s like four in the afternoon,” said 3B.

“It was just an idea,” said 2B.

“You know what? I’m just not gonna get involved in this,” said 4B.

“Good idea!” said 3B.

“Me too,” said 2B.

“Okay, let’s just go into bed and relax. If you guys won’t, I will,” said 2B. “Bye, bye!”


The End! Or so they thought. Little did they know, there was something else to come…


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