The Perfect Pet

All my friends have pets. Dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils, bunnies. They never mention their pets but it must be nice having something to play with after school or when you’re bored. I feel like I’m the only one that doesn’t have a pet. I’m Christina Waters. I have long blonde hair and blue eyes. I‘m tall and skinny. I never wear makeup unless it’s a special day. I live in california with my mom, my dad, my shy but adorable little brother Tylor, my little sister Taylor who is so chubby and stubborn, and my older sister Catherine. My mom is a doctor and my dad is a lawyer. Catherine is in 9th grade and is perfect at everything. She’s even captain of the cheerleading team. When somebody sees or hears our last name they think of the amazing doctor, or the cute little boy and girl, or the pretty and popular student. Not really me. My mom always wanted me to be like my sister but, I want to be a scientist when I grow up. I go to Rosemont Middle School and my best friend’s name is Violet White. She has 2 bunnies named Karel and Carl. I always go to her house to play with them. I want a pet. That is the first thing on my “I want” list. That and a more normal family.

I keep asking my mom if we can get a pet but she always gives me the same answer. She says I’m not responsible enough even though Catherine gets whatever she wants and she’s not responsible. Plus, if she’s so responsible then why did she lose all four of her makeup sets? But she’s the perfect daughter that Mom and Dad always wanted and loved. Mom says she had a bunny that she gave to Catherine before I was born. So unfair! Sometimes I feel like I don’t belong in my family. They all have something special and unique about them. What’s my talent?

Yesterday I went to the pet store called Pet-up to hang out with Ginger, my favorite dog there. She is a creamy brown and has a white spot on her left eye. Then I spotted Corey. She is the most popular girl in middle school and I’m so jealous! She spotted me and walked over. I moved away. She followed me. “Leave me alone,” I said.

“I don’t have to listen to you,” she said. I still had Ginger in my arms. She was scared and shaking. So was I. Corey snached Ginger from me. Suddenly I wasn’t scared anymore. I was mad! She couldn’t tell me what to do!

“You’re not the boss of me!” I grabbed Ginger and put her in her cage. Then I stomped out, thanking Mr. green, the manager, as I went.

The next day, my mom woke me up at 6:00 a.m.. “I need to go to a meeting. Can you watch Tylor and Taylor?”

“Why can’t Catherine do it?” I groaned.

“She has a big competition tomorrow, she needs rest,” mom replied.

“Fine,” I said.

And I rolled out of bed. The next thing I knew, Tylor was jumping on the bed that I just made. “Get off!’’ I said.

“There a doggie outside! Can we keep it?!” he screams. “

Keep doggie!” Taylor yells.

“No! Wait, what, yes! I don’t know. Let me see it!” I shout, running down the stairs. I open the door to reveal an adorable puppy on the front porch getting drenched in the rain. She was mostly a light amber brown and had a white spot on her right eye. She looked Just like ginger. I was going to name ner Amber.

Chapter Two

The next day after mom screamed at me for bringing a dog in the house. I dropped Amber off at Pet-up and told Mr. Green her name, where I found her, and her condition, then went home to babysit Tylor and Hannah.

One day when I walked into school, I saw a huge crowd of boys and girls at the bulletin board. There was a sign that read:


Movie making

movie making competition

pairs of two can compete

middle schoolers only

best movie/film wins

1,000 dollars


There was no way I was going to let this opportunity pass up. That money could buy me a pet! All I had to do was win this competition and prove to my mom I was trustworthy. But how? I could just act like Catherine. After all, she seems very trustworthy to mom. But who would be my partner? I could pair with one of the kids in any of my classes. There was Maya Blackwiler but she didn’t really know how to make films and wasn’t great on the computer. There was Garret Johnson but he didn’t know me that well. Then it hits me. I should do the project with Jackup Forester. He is nice, smart, and he’s in all my classes. I’ve bumped into him in the hall a couple of times and he should remember me. Plus, he looks like the kind of guy who Mom would be ok with. And, I like him a little bit. Fine, I like him a lot! He has spiky brown hair and big brown eyes. He’s tall like me and very strong. He’s on the football team. The bell rings. I walk into home room with a flyer. I had to win that competition. I had to get a pet.

Chapter Three

I spotted Jackup in the hall near his locker. I started walking up to him but when I passed Corey in the hall I heard her saying she wanted to be Jackup’s partner too. I sped up and got to him before her. “Here,” I said handing him the flyer. Corey was getting closer so I cut to the chase. “Do you wanna be my Partner?”

“Sure,” he replied.

“So what is our topic gonn-”

“Hi Jackup. Do you wanna be my partner for the movie making thingy?” Corey asked.

“Sorry Corey, but Christina already asked sooo … no,” he replied. Corey harumphed and walked away with her nose in the air, arms crossed. Score I thought. I have a partner and I have a chance of winning!

“Sorry mom, I promised Jackup I would go to his house so we could work on our project together, so I can’t watch Tylor tonight!” I yelled as I ran out the door. As I walked down the path I heard my sister yelling, “No Tylor! Thats my makeup! Play with one of your disgusting toy trucks that you find interesting for some weird reason that only Christina gets!! Mooommm!!!”

When I arrived at his house Jackup was waiting outside for me. “Hey,” he said.

“Hi,” I said back. “Do you have any ideas for what are topic for the film will be?” I said walking into his house.

“Nope, not really” he replied shyly. “You?”

“No,” I said. Then I looked up. His house was huge! To my right was a long winding staircase. There was a door next to it that I guessed led to the kitchen because there were amazing smells coming out of it. In front of me was a long hallway with doors on either side. Next to that was an open door that led to the dining room. To my left there was a room that had a desk and bookshelves filled with books. In the center of the room there was a table with a countless amount of special photographs of Jackup’s family. All framed. I hadn’t even seen the upstairs.  

“This is amazing!” I yelled.

“Thanks,” he said, “We had it built last year. Do ya wanna see the upstairs?”

“Yes!” I replied, running up the fancy stairs. When we got upstairs he showed me his room that had blue wallpaper and posters that lined the wall, his mom’s room, his dad’s room, the maid’s room, the bathroom, and his little sister Suzette’s room. Then he showed me the play room that had every toy or source of entertainment ever invented and the lounge with couches and stools and chairs. It had the biggest TV I’ve ever seen in the center of the grand room. finally he led me into the last part of the house: the balcony/terrace. It had big cushion chairs and a  wonderful view of down below the house.

“So cool,” I whispered in shock.

“Thanks,” he whispered back.

Jackup took me to the study and started looking at all the book titles. “What are you doing?’’ I asked, confused.

“Trying to find an interesting topic,” he said. Then a tall skinny woman wearing a dress walked into the room and shook my hand. A black-haired man in a suit came in after her and did the same.

“You must be Christina, Jackup’s research partner!” the woman said. “I’m Mrs. Forester but you can call me Abby. And this right here is Mr. Forester but you can call him Paul. Jackup told me all about you.” I looked over at Jakeup and he blushed. “Enjoy!” With that Abby strolled out of the room with Paul behind her. “Dinner will be ready in about one hour,” she called behind her.

“So now you’ve met my parents,” Jackup said. “I’ve got it!”

“Found  what?” I asked, confused. “Our topic,” he replied.

We worked for hours and hours that night and finally I went home.

That night was amazing.

Chapter Four

The next day in the morning, Tylor spilled his milk, Mom had a migraine, Dad was super tired, and Catherine had early cheerleading practice and I had to work on my film. The morning was crazy. Plus, Taylor wanted candy for breakfast and when I didn’t let her she started bawling. I ran to my room and slammed the door. I couldn’t take it. I’m only 14 not a babysitter or a nurse.

I pulled out my camera and sat down at my desk. then I started downloading pictures from my camera to my computer. Then Taylor shouts from downstairs, “Chrissy, a boy is here to see you. Don’t keep him waiting!! Hee, hee, ha!!’’ I run downstairs and push Taylor away. Jackup’s at the door. ‘’Did you work on our project yet?” he asked.

He was wearing jeans and a blue button down shirt. He looked nice. I was wearing my pajamas. I looked bad. I knew Jackup was trying hard not to laugh.

“Uhh, I was just doing that,’’ I said. “Do ya wanna come in and help?”

He glanced inside and said, “sure.” I brought him to my room and showed him the pictures I found and the videos I took. At 10:00 he left but so did everyone else. I was stuck babysitting. Again.

Chapter Five

“Family meeting! Family meeting! Everybody in the living room! Important news!!” Mom and Dad called. I ran down the stairs the same time Taylor and Tylor ran out of the kitchen. We collided. “Owwwwwwyyyyy!” we all said. Then we slowly got up. Taylor had a scrape on her arm, Tylor had a bruise on his leg, and I had a bump on the back of my head. Catherine came down the stairs all okay and perfect.

“Ugh,” she said when she saw us. “What else is new?” When we were all okay we sat on the couch and Mom gave us the news.

”We’re moving,” she said slowly.

“Noooooooo!” everyone cried.

“I’m moving away from Jackup,” I said.

“I’m moving away from Luckis!” catherine cried.

“We don’t care!” the twins yelled.

“We’re moving into Violet White’s neighborhood.” Everyone was silent.

“Yeessss!!!” I screamed.

Chapter Six

The moving van pulled up at 10:00 on Monday morning. It was big and blue and had white writing. I was helping Mom get the boxes out of the house. Catherine was inside, still packing. Tylor and Taylor were playing with bubbles on the lawn and Dad was wrapping the couch. This was going to be a long day.

We were in the car driving. It was going to be a 15 minute drive every day to go to school. I was sitting in the middle of Taylor and Tylor to keep them from fighting and Dad was in the back. Catherine got to sit in the passenger seat even though it was her turn to sit where I was sitting.  

When we arrive at the new house, I’m surprised at the size. It’s at least double the size of the old one. Mom tells me my room is the biggest. Then she tells me when the movie making competition is. It’s in one week! How can we finish our film? I zoom over to Jakeup’s house on my bike and tell him the news. We have a snack of graham crackers and cheese then we work on our film. We’re almost done. When I get home the house is all unpacked. It looks amazing.

Mom told me my friend called and she wants to have a sleepover. First I’m thrilled. Then I’m confused. What friend? Mom sees the look on my face and tells me my old friend that called was Lily Renold!! We met in first grade and she was my best/only friend until fourth grade. Then she moved to Chicago. She promised she’d be back one day and today’s the day. I packed my bag and zipped over to her house. I was so excited to see her again. I rung her doorbell and her mom answered. She called Lily down and when I saw my best friend, I knew one thing. She changed. A lot.

Chapter Seven

Lily was wearing a pink nightgown and I was wearing sweatpants. Her black hair was in a braid. My hair was messy and knotted. Lily was wearing tons of bracelets up her arms. And I had teeth marks from Taylor and Tylor biting me up my arm. She looked just like my sister except, what’s the word I want? Oh, yeah: a new version of my best friend! “Hey bestie!” she squealed.

“Hi Lily,” I said feeling kind of down. She looked surprised.

“Seriously, you haven’t changed a bit! Add a little sparkle to your plain old life!”

I looked Lily in the eye and said, “What happened to you! You know I don’t do sparkle! I thought you didn’t!”

Lily’s older sister, Lucy, came down the stairs. She looked just like Lily. But at least she hadn’t changed! “So ummmm… what’s new here? I mean what’s new with you?” Lily asked.

I lowered my voice and said, “I’m pretty sure somebody likes me, and I like him back.”

“Hey, you have a boyfriend!” she screamed so loud that I’m pretty sure everyone in California had heard.

“Shhhhh! I don’t want anyone to know. Well just forget it. We’re just partners for this movie making project,” I said.

“That’s not how it goes, bestie!” she said. “You have to tell him how you feel!” I was mad now.

“What happened to you!” I screamed. “You changed so much! I mean too much!”

“Sorry,” she said. “I’m kinda the popular girl now. That’s just my thing.”

“You’re not popular,” I said. “Have you even met the other new girl Corey?” I was calming down. I was sweating though.

“Yes. I have met her in fact. She really likes me.”

“Oh” I said. things went on like that all night. We still had a lot of catching up to do.

Chapter Eight

Then came the day of the film competition. I’m so nervous. I led my family over to the benches. They sat. I ran to backstage and find Jackup with are disk. We went into the back room and put our film into the player. It started to play.

Under the sea

by christina waters and jackup forester

a film about sea creatures

The film went on and as I watched I couldn’t believe what I had made. I needed to win! Violet and her partner, Mia, came in to the room. They waited until our film was over and then put their film into the player. I watched it and it was amazing! There were so many details and interesting facts! It was about all the different planets! Now I wasn’t so sure we were going to win. Our chance was getting smaller and smaller as their video went on. I still needed to win!!

Chapter Nine

Suddenly a voice came on over the school speaker. The judges wanted the films! I ran to the booth and handed in our film. The man thanked me. I felt like I was gonna barf! I had so many butterflies. I went to find my family. Jackup’s family and my family were talking. When we arrived, everyone said at once, “Did you win?” I explained that we had a few hours while the judges watched and voted the films. Catherine and the parents stayed and talked while Jackup and I took Taylor,  Tylor, and Suzette to find a snack. Taylor and Tylor were shy with strangers and hid behind me. But Suzette, oh no. She was talking the whole time. Mostly about rainbows, ponies, and wanting to find a snack. But she also asked questions. Finally, we found hot dogs and hamburgers and ice cream. The little kids seemed to be okay with that. We brought Taylor, Tylor, and Suzette back to the parents and then Jakeup and I sat and talked.

Then the judges said that it was time to announce the winners! For the second time that day i felt like I was gonna barf. We all gathered around the stage trying to find the best seats around the big rectangle stage. And then the third place winners were announced. “And… nice job to Sophia bentley and Alex green for getting third place!” the man on the stage said. Everyone clapped as the winners walked on to the stage and bowed. A lot. Next he announced second place and when I heard the names, I almost fainted.

Chapter Ten

The names that were announced were Jackup Forester and Christina Waters. That was me! Jackup led me on to the stage. I was fine with that because I was shaking so much I thought I was gonna fall over. I saw my friends and family and all my teachers and classmates. Then everyone stood up while my film was playing! I was getting a standing ovation! I never thought I was the type of person who would ever get this! I took my spot on the platform and bowed. This felt good. When I finally got my senses back, the man announced  the first place winners. “Finally, for our all stars winners we have… Mia Osborne and Violet White!!!”

As Violet walked on to the stage after Mia, I hugged her. “Nice job”, I said.

“Thanks,” she said back. Then I joined in with the clapping.

Even though I didn’t win all the 1,000 dollars, I still won 100 dollars. I’m a tenth of the way there. After the celebration at the theater, my family took Violet and Mia out for ice cream. Somewhere around 5:00 p.m. my family went to do an “errand”. Then I dropped Violet off at her house then went to mine. I was supposed to meet my family there. I was so tired but when I walked in the living room, everyone shouted out, “Surprise!!!”

Chapter Eleven

Violet, mom, dad, Jackup, Abby, Paul, Catherine, Suzette, Taylor, Tylor, and everyone else I knew was standing in our living room. There was a big white box in the center of the room. “Open it!” everyone told me. I walked over to the box and began opening and unfolding the flaps.

Suddenly I heard a small, “Bark!” I kept going then I heard it again, “Bark!” This time it was louder. I finally lifted a white crate from the huge box. When i opened the tiny door, an adorable little golden retriever puppy shot out of the cage. Her big brown eyes looked into my blue ones and at once I knew what I was going to name her. Maple. I stayed up until 2:00 that night just playing with Maple. Then I went to bed and dreamed about that day.

Chapter Twelve

Now that it’s summer, I spend all my free time training Maple. She is so smart! So far, she can roll over, sit, play dead, and I’m teaching her how to stand on her hind legs. I’m so glad I have a dog now! I have a perfect pet!

I have the perfect pet!

~the end~

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