The Question Mark Asks One Question

First a question mark went to work and got one hundred dollars a day. Then he asked everybody one question, and everybody kept getting it wrong. The question was, “What candy cannot go anywhere on time?” The only one who got it right were the presidents. Everybody else on earth got it wrong.

Then, he asked a kid a question. The kid’s name was Jacob.

“What candy cannot go anywhere on time?” the question mark asked.

The question mark also said, “If you get the answer right, you will get a lot of dollars!”

Jacob said, “Can I have all the dollars?”

But, question mark said, “No! You have to figure out the answer first.”

So, Jacob didn’t answer it.

Then question mark asked all the other kids, but they got it wrong.

One kid said, “A candy cane because he can’t walk.” But, that was not the right answer, because he could get on a wheelchair and go on a school bus and go to the school so that was not the right answer.

Another kid said, “M&Ms but he can slide.” The third person said, “Air heads, but he can fly.” Then the question mark asked a parent and the parent said, “Taffy. But, the taffy can get wheels and then he could drive like a car.”

“That was not the right answer. You do not get a lot of dollars. It’s time to say bye-bye.”

Then question mark asked another parent and said, “Ice breakers. He’s a wheel, so he could just use one wheel to get there.”

The third parent said, “Gum. But he can make an airplane.” So, the question mark said “That was not the right answer.”

So he asked the presidents and all of them said, “Chocolate! Because at the end it says l-a-t-e. Late!”

Then the question mark gave an equal amount of money to each of the presidents. He felt good because the presidents should know everything because they had a good education.


The End


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