The Really Bad Cold

Achoo,” Ari sneezed.

“Are you okay?” Ari’s mom asked.

“No, I think I have a cold,” Ari answered, depressed.

He walked slowly, and he felt weak.

“Have you been out in the cold a lot?” Ari’s mom asked.

Ari said, “Yes, of course. It’s winter, and my friends and I had a snowball fight.”

Ari’s mom said, “Let me give you some medicine, and then you should sleep.”

“No, sleeping is boring. Achoo,” Ari said.

“If you do not rest, your cold will become worse,” Ari’s mom said.

Ari really wanted his cold to go away, but he did not want to go to sleep. Ari invited his friends, Alex, Joe, and Ethan over to help him get rid of his cold. When Ari’s friends came over, they made a drink to get rid of his cold. The drink was made of popsicle juice, apple juice, orange juice, and broccoli. Ari drank it but spit it out, and he stuck his tounge out in disgust. But his cold was still there.

Next, they tried to warm him up since he had a cold. They wanted to cover him with 50 blankets, and they rolled him around each blanket. When Ari stood up, he fell right back down and started rolling toward the wall. But luckily his friends got in front of him and stopped him from hitting the wall. But that didn’t work either.

After, they tried to cover him in a really cold blanket because when you are sick, you might feel hot. So they took a blanket, put it in a case, and in the remaining space, they put snow. Once all the snow melted, they wrapped it around him. This worked a little, but it didn’t completely heal him. So they gave him medicine, Tylenol. Then, after, they were so tired that they slept on Ari’s king-sized bed. They woke up after an hour, and Ari’s cold was better, and Ari felt stronger. He could walk easily, and he didn’t sneeze a lot. Then they had a snowball fight.   


The End


5 thoughts on “The Really Bad Cold”

  1. Nice work Pranay 🙂
    Not only that you narrated it very well but also sentence formation, grammar etc are also well formed.
    Great work at your age.

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