The Rice Krispie Treat

Once upon a time, there was a Rice Krispies Treat named Max in a container. But the Rice Krispies Treat didn’t want to be eaten. So, he took off the lid of the container (he had hands and legs) and got out. He looked young but he actually had been made a week ago. So he continued his adventure. He jumped off the counter and ran to the door. He tried to jump up to reach the doorknob but it was too high. But then he saw the doggie door. So he crawled out the doggie door and set off.

It was windy. He almost got blown away into a garbage can. But he caught himself. So he set off. He was looking for someone to love because he loved nobody but everybody loved him (because he was a Rice Krispies Treat). So, he looked in every house for a Rice Krispies Treat, but it wasn’t there. But he still kept searching. He searched for days, weeks, months and finally, he found a house.

So he walked inside the window and into the house. He looked in all the rooms and finally he found the kitchen. The kitchen had a humongous table, a really long brown counter and a lot of food. It smelled like food. There was roast beef, fried chicken, french fries, soft chocolate chip cookies, chocolate macaroons, M&M’s and regular Rice Krispies Treats. He was a little bit hungry, okay, a lot! So he ate all the food except the Rice Krispies Treats.

So he climbed on the counter and took a Rice Krispies Treat. But it wasn’t a girl so he put it back. Then he searched every single Rice Krispies Treat except one of them. Then he knew that that must be it. So he took the Rice Krispies Treat… but it was a boy! So he decided to search the other kitchen and there was more food.

There was turkey, lamb chops, meatballs, chicken noodle soup, apple pie, blueberry pie, pear pie, chocolate pie, whipped cream pie, macaroon pie, cookies, macaroons (all kinds,) ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, roast beef, and chicken. It smelled delicious. And there was also french fries, corn dogs and there was more Rice Krispies Treats of all kinds. So, he searched this Rice Krispies Treat, it wasn’t it. That Rice Krispies Treat, it wasn’t a girl. He searched every single platter of Rice Krispies Treats. And finally, he had searched all of them except one of them. He KNEW that this had to be her.

And he took the Rice Krispies Treat in it’s arms and looked at it’s face. And… it was a girl! And it turned out that the girl also wanted true love. He asked her, “What is your name?”

She answered back, “Rosie.”

He asked her, “Can we be friends?”

“Of course!” she answered.

He took her on a date everywhere in the kitchen and they ate everything in the kitchen. He built a house for her out of tiny sticks of wood he found. They spent almost every second together. Except one day, in the middle of the night, when they were both fast asleep, someone took the girl Rice Krispies Treat and ran with her. Then finally in the morning when Max woke up, he was about to say good morning, when he looked at her bed she wasn’t there! He started crying Rice Krispies. But he was brave so he went off to look for her.

He took some pieces of paper and drew a picture of her on every sign. And it said in big letters “Have you seen this Rice Krispies Treat? $10,000 reward if you find it. (He found the money lying on the ground.) So, he put the signs everywhere he could think of where most people walk by. Maldia was a very poor and small country with only 3,500 people. So 10,000 dollars was a lot of money.

But he got bored. So he wanted to look for her too. So he started searching with his bag (his bag had food, water, sleeping bags and a night light, and an emergency stick in it.) He found some footprints, some really big footprints. So he followed them. But suddenly, they stopped at a crooked road. Then he saw a van. Next to the van was a building. And then there was an open window in the building. Then he heard a familiar voice saying, “Ahh! Help me!” It was Rosie!

So he ran to the doors of the building. He was ready for action. Surprisingly, there was a doggie door on one of the doors. So he went through the doggie door and got in the building. He remembered that when he heard her screaming, it was on the top, top floor. So he ran up the stairs because he tried to use the elevator but it was broken. So he ran and ran and ran and ran. And when he was running so much, it got him thinking, How many more flights of stairs? It was really hard for him because it was all twisty and it was crooked and there were no railings. It was really narrow. But he kept running.

Finally, he saw a sign and it said: “If you are going to the top floor and have to go to the bathroom, there are restrooms on the right.” But then he saw something else that was written on the bottom in marker. “Do not come up, work is being done.”

First, he wanted to go to the restroom. So he went to the restroom. After five minutes, he was finished and so he went back. So he went up one more flight of stairs and saw another sign. It said, “Ten more flights of stairs till the top.”

He thought, “Ten more flights of stairs? I’ve been running up the stairs for hours! And there’s still ten more flights of stairs?” He was shocked. But he kept running.

Finally, he had one more flight of stairs left. He ran up that last flight of stairs, and… Bam! The stair that he was just on fell down! But he was still holding on to the top floor. But then he felt something. It was a stick trying to push him down! He thought, I can’t get pushed down! I’ve been climbing these stairs for hours. So he quickly moved to the other side of the ground and pulled himself up. It was hard because it had cracks in it and it was kind of crooked. So he started running when he heard the screaming. There was still screaming. Even more surprisingly, there was another doggie door. But since this was such a scary place, he decided to look through the doggie door before he went through. So he looked on the other side and he decided he wasn’t going through because it was actually a window. It looked like a doggie door on the inside but it was a window on the outside.

He looked around and he saw a lot more doggie doors. So he checked every single one of them. One of them was the same one as the first one he checked. Another one was a twenty foot deep pool. Another one was a pool of lava. And the rest were spikes. There was only one left. He thought, This one has to be the right door. But he still checked. And it was the right door! He saw Rosie tied to a plate and it looked like a guy was about to chop her in half with a really sharp knife. The guy was in a black suit. He had glasses. And on one side of the room Max saw precious treasures that he thought that the guy had stolen. Then he said, “Never fear, because Max is here!”

He leaped up to the plate and as he was about to untie her, the guy grabbed him. “I’ll eat you first if you try to rescue her!”

He didn’t want to be eaten. But he had to rescue her. He wanted to risk his own life for her. So, as he was gonna untie her, the guy said, “You made up your mind. I’ll eat you first.”

But first Max untied her before he could take him. And right as he untied her… Rosie took the knife out of the guy’s hand and said, “If you try to eat Max, I’ll cut you first!”

The guy was scared, so he ran away and started screaming, “Mommy, Mommy, Rice Krispies Treats are trying to kill me!”

Right as they were about to get out, a mean old woman took both of them in her hands and said, “Don’t you try to scare my son!” Her voice sounded cruel. She threw them out of the window. But Max took Rosie’s hand and his bag, dumped everything out of his bag, and used his bag as a parachute. It was really scary, but at least he had a parachute. They screamed, “Ahh, help me!” But they tried not to because they had a parachute.

Finally, when they reached the ground, Max took his stuff, and as they were walking, suddenly, they fell down again into the sewer! (Yuck, yuck!) But luckily, they didn’t land in the water. They heard rat noises. There were spiderwebs, and it was really, really dusty. So they looked and looked, and kept on looking for a ladder to ground level. It was dark so he took out his night light. Now they could see better. And they kept on searching. After they searched for five hours, they got hungry. Their stomachs felt empty. So they ate some food, but they didn’t want to eat too much so they just had one big piece of a turkey leg and drank some water and kept on searching. They searched for days and nights and weeks and months, and surprisingly, they found some other Rice Krispies Treats. The other Rice Krispies Treats were old and tired. They were kind of hard and cold and hungry.

Rosie and Max decided that they needed to share some food with them. So Rosie said, “Hi, my name is Rosie.”

Max said, “Hi, my name is Max.”

Then, they asked them, “What’s your name?”

One of them said, “My name is Matthew.” Matthew had a hat with red and white stripes and shoes that were black and orange.

The other one said, “My name is Emily.” Emily had glasses and purple earrings and pink shoes.

Rosie and Max asked, “Are you hungry? Because we have a lot of food.”

Matthew and Emily shook their heads wildly.

Rosie and Max said, “Okay, what would you like to have? We have turkey, chicken, french fries, beef, corn, green beans, carrots, watermelon, cantaloupe, blueberries, honeydew, cheese, and yogurt.” Rosie and Max were offering this because they wanted to be friends, and if they were friends, maybe they would show them a way out. They continued. “To drink, we have milk, chocolate milk, orange juice, apple juice, pomegranate juice, carrot juice, lemonade, hot chocolate with marshmallows, pink lemonade, water, coffee, and tea. And for dessert we have all kinds of pie, cake, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, macaroons, meringues, and pastries.”

As Rosie and Max were saying this, Matthew and Emily were licking their lips because they were really, really, really hungry. Matthew and Emily said at the same time, “Everything!”

Rosie and Max said surprisingly, “How about just three things of each food group?”

Matthew and Emily said, “As long as it’s big!”

After they all had some food, Max remembered he brought more than one sleeping bag. So he gave everybody a sleeping bag and they all went to sleep. The sleeping bags were really, really, really comfortable. They all slept until three o’clock in the afternoon. Rosie and Max were thinking of eating only two times a day to save food, but Matthew and Emily refused. But they wanted to be friends, so they said, “Okay.”

So they had breakfast. For breakfast, they all shared a big pie. Matthew and Emily were actually down there on purpose. They WERE actually old, hungry, and tired. But the real reason they were down there was to help other people. The reason why they were so hungry and tired was because they spent so long down there and didn’t find anybody to help that they just ended up staying there without any food. But they wanted to test them first before they showed them the way out of the sewer.

So when Rosie and Max were searching for a way out, Matthew and Emily were looking in Rosie and Max’s bag. They were searching for any weapons Rosie and Max could use to kill Matthew and Emily. Suddenly, they heard them coming back. So they zipped the bag shut and ran back to their normal places. They decided that they would show them the way out, but first they would wait one more week because they might still be a bad guy, but just not carry around weapons.

So when they came back, they had lunch. Rosie and Max wanted to test Matthew and Emily too to see if they were bad guys. So they decide that they would wait one more week too.

One night, Emily had ants in her pants. “Ahh!” she started screaming. It woke everybody up.

Everybody asked, “Why are you screaming so loud in the middle of the night?”

“I have ants in my pants!”

“That happens to everybody,” said Matthew.

“Yeah,” agreed everybody else.

“No,” said Emily, “I have actual ants in my pants.”

“Oh,” said Matthew. “Now I get it.”

“That’s a reason to scream about,” said Max.

“Can you just get these ants out of my pants?” said Emily to Matthew.

“Okay,” said Matthew. He threw bread far away, and then the ants chased after it.

“Now,” said Max, “I think we should find out who put in ants in Emily’s pants.”

“It’s probably whoever isn’t listening to this to make themselves look innocent,” said Matthew.

They looked around, and Rosie wasn’t paying attention. So they all suspected Rosie, even Max.

Max asked Rosie, “Why did you put ants in Emily’s pants?”

“What?” said Rosie. “I didn’t put ants in anybody’s pants.” She sat there.

“Really?” said Max. “Then how come in movies all the time, the person who isn’t paying attention is always the person who did the crime?”

“I don’t know,” said Rosie.

“Well it still wasn’t good that you put ants in Emily’s pants.”

“I didn’t!” said Rosie.

Max rolled his eyes.

The next night, Rosie got ants in her pants. In the middle of the night, she started screaming. “Ahh, I have ants in my pants!”

“You have lants in your mants?” said Max, because he was so tired that he couldn’t hear that so well.

“No,” said Rosie. “I have ANTS in my PANTS.”

Now they all think Emily did it. They all asked Emily at the same time, “Why did you put ants in Rosie’s pants?”

Emily said, “No, I didn’t!”

“Well, everybody knows you did because Rosie put ants in your pants, and you want revenge,” said Max.

“I didn’t put ants in her pants!” said Emily and Rosie at the same time, pointing to each other.

“Face it,” said Matthew. “You both did something bad.”

“Well,” Rosie said to Max, “Can you just get these ants out of my pants?”

“Okay,” said Max. So he got the ants out of her pants. He threw bread far away and the ants chased it. So they went back to sleep.

Rosie and Emily were right. They didn’t put ants in each other’s pants. The guy did. How he did it was when they were all looking, he put crumbs in their pants because you can’t just put ants in someone’s pants because they wouldn’t stay there. How he knew they were there because he saw them fall into the sewer. How he got there was his mom. His mom took a long, long, long rope, tied it to a really strong pole, tied the other end to her son, and lowered him down. He was still trying to eat them. He didn’t want to eat any other Rice Krispies Treats because they weren’t made the way he liked it, and his mom couldn’t make it that way. Those kinds of Rice Krispies Treats were made in the microwave, not in the oven. The reason why he put ants in their pants was because if they stopped being friends, they would probably separate, which would make them easier to catch because nobody would rescue them.

The next day, when Max, Rosie, Matthew, and Emily woke up, they found a letter. And it said, “If you don’t go to the top of the building with a green van parked next to it, you will die.” They shivered with fear. “From, The Guy,” it said on the bottom. The handwriting was messy. But underneath, where it said, “From, The Guy,” it said, “Be there in two weeks or die.” They were really, really scared.

But then Max remembered. He’d been to the building with the green van parked next to it, and on the top floor, that was where the guy was trying to eat Rosie. So basically, the only choice they had was to die by getting tied to a plate and get eaten, or die by getting found and getting cut in half and getting eaten. Or, they could stay in the sewer. That was an option Max made up, but that was the same option as the second one because the guy knew he was in the sewer. Max didn’t know that.

Five days later, right before they were both thinking that each other was bad guys, he realized something. He couldn’t do the third option. And Rosie and Emily didn’t put ants in each other’s pants. The Guy put ants in their pants! And why he couldn’t do the third option was because he knew they were in the sewer! He was so scared. He wanted to just tell it to Rosie, but he had to tell it to Emily and Matthew because he didn’t want them to die. So he told it to everybody else.

Now, Matthew and Emily decided that they would show Rosie and Max the way out. So, when Rosie and Max were about to give up hope, Matthew and Emily told them that they were down there on purpose. But they were hungry and tired, and they would be really happy to show them the way out. Rosie and Max were thrilled. They were jumping with joy.

But Matthew and Emily said that it might take a half an hour. But Rosie and Max were okay with that. So they kept jumping with joy.

They brought their food and everything they brought, and followed Matthew and Emily. They walked a half an hour until they saw a ladder. And then Matthew and Emily said, “Watch out. This ladder is really old.” It had cracks in it, with dust and made cracking sounds as you stepped on it. But they wanted to get out, so they climbed up.

It took them five minutes! But when they got up, they were so happy that they ran to their house. But before they ran, they asked Emily and Matthew if they wanted to live with them. They said yes. They were really surprised that they invited them to live in their house.

But the guy checked the sewer. And they weren’t there. He wasn’t happy. He stomped his feet. So the only place they could be was their stick house. But he always did his work in night time, because in day time they were awake. So, he waited until they were asleep.

Finally, it was nighttime, and they all went to sleep, in their sleeping bags. So the guy snuck into their house and took Rosie, Emily, he was about to take Matthew and Max… But they were sleeping and they kicked him by accident. The guy thought they were awake and were pretending to be asleep, so he left them alone.

They woke up and they were about to say good morning to Rosie and Emily, but they weren’t there! So Max said to Matthew, “I know where he is!”

“Okay,” said Matthew. “As long as I can rescue Emily, I’ll come with you.”

But the building with the green van was a long walk from there. So they walked for an hour, and then they stopped. They had to buy some Rice Krispies. So they walked for another hour, and then they stopped. They had to buy some butter. So they walked for another hour. They had to buy some marshmallows. So they walked for another hour. They had to buy a cookbook. So they walked for another hour. They had to buy a microwave. So they walked for another hour. They had to buy a cooking tray. So they walked for another hour. They had to buy cooking spray. So they walked for another hour. They had to buy a pan. So they walked for another hour. They had to buy a cooking spoon. So they walked for another hour. They had to buy a bowl. So they walked for another hour. They had to buy a bag. So they walked for another hour. They had to buy a tray to serve desserts.

Finally, they got there. Matthew didn’t know why Max was buying all this stuff, but Max was buying the stuff cause he had a plan. Max checked again if the elevator was working, but it wasn’t, so they had to use the stairs. They walked up one flight of stairs. It felt like a million flights. They walked for another flight of stairs. And another one. And another one. And another one. And another one. And another one. And another one. And finally, they got to the restroom sign. Matthew didn’t notice that the stairs was curved to the right a little bit, so he walked straight. Bam! He fell. But before he fell, Max caught his arm and pulled him up. He was really heavy, but he did it anyway.

When Max pulled Matthew up, he said to him, “Watch your step next time.” So they both used the bathroom, and walked another flight up. And another flight. And ten more flights. And then, they saw the other sign that said, “If you’re going to the top, ten more flights of stairs.” And he saw the same marker writing that said, “Do not go up. Work is being done.”

So they went up ten more flights of stairs, and they got there. But Max forgot about the crooked step! But he was still holding on to Matthew’s hand. But Matthew was very smart, and he noticed that that was a crooked step. So Matthew was holding onto Max’s hand, and before Matthew could tell Max that it was a crooked step, he stepped on it! But Matthew held on. They pulled themselves up, and Max remembered the right door. But they stayed out the door and started making Rice Krispies Treats with ingredients he collected. Finally, when they were finished, they went through the door and they were just in time. Max said, “If you don’t eat my friends, I’ll give you a nice, big platter of microwaved Rice Krispies Treats with a cookbook so you can make even more.”

The guy liked this idea very much, so he agreed. He gave Max his friends back. Max gave him the cookbook and Rice Krispies Treats. Max and his friends went back home, and they lived happily ever after.

The end.

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