The Same

Our forgotten friendship

Haunts me as I

Go by you



When I talk to you

You turn away

I try to make an effort

But it’s not the same


You would laugh and talk with me

And tell me funny jokes

Like you and I were the only people

In the world


You still act the same

To other people

But I feel like dirt

When you treat me like you do


I think about you everyday

The way we used to be

And you would say

Hey, let’s get together

Sometime soon

And I would beam with happiness



I ask if you want to come over now

You say, sorry, busy

And I try not to show a reaction

But inside I’m crying

And I can’t feel
Can’t think


We used to sit together


Talk about our future

And plan


We would go to

Greece and Rome

Paris and London


Somewhere new


But then we didn’t have it anymore

Well, you didn’t have it anymore


And you became closer with

This person

And shut me out

I was afraid and lonely


I tell myself each day,

Maybe you’ll be my best friend


I hope for it


And I cried about things I shouldn’t have

And said things I didn’t mean

I wish we could be friends again


So maybe you’re thinking about me right now

You probably don’t know I’m feeling this way

But if you do I’m sorry

Because you shouldn’t have to suffer


Maybe if we became closer

It wouldn’t be that great

But maybe, just maybe

It would be

The same

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