The Scary Mystery: Chapter One

The boys were sitting on the couch in the family room playing video games. It was, ya know, just a calm environment with the exception of everybody screaming.

The video game was not the reason they were screaming. A man had just broken in with a gun. They were definitely terrorists that had just escaped from jail because of the prison conviction tags attached to their wrist.

Matt said, “RUN EVERYBODY!!!” but it was too late. The terrorists had already taken his friends hostage and fled. From that day he vowed to himself to get them back. Matt used his jetpack, which he had made in 2600 to stop the savages, but the terrorists were already lightyears ahead of him… literally.

He found out they’d been taken to Jupiter with his intergalactic navigator. Suddenly, five missiles flew at him at once, and then it was time to use his wits. He pushed the jetpack to its max and dove back to earth, where he landed on a national monument. He saw the terrorists without his friends so as he flew to get them, but he hit an invisible forcefield.

The terrorists screamed, “You fool! You will not be able to cross, as the key is with Ragor the Dragon on Saturn.”

Matt said, “It doesn’t matter. Wherever you have hidden my friends, I will slay the dragon and get them back.”

He flew to Saturn expecting to find a big dragon but found a tiny toddler sized one instead. He laughed and said, “You have the key… ha ha ha!”

However, his thoughts were suddenly interrupted by an earth-shattering roar. An enormous beast towered over Matt, and he gulped, “Why do I even bother?”

After that, he decided he would need a weapon. As Matt already had previous encounters with dragons, he knew how to make the baby dragon retaliate against its father. A baby dragon’s fire breath has a lot more damage than an adult dragon’s fire breath, so he harnessed the baby dragon and made the father get severely burned from his son until it fled.

Matt wasn’t expecting that kind of reaction from a huge dragon but it did happen. Now Matt’s sole objective was to get the key, save his friends, and go home before he was grounded for life.

The key was embedded in a rock that was shaped like dodecahedron. It was very hard to get it out. Mostly because the rock was hard and it had so many sides. After nearly an hour of chiseling, Matt got the key. The only difficult part now was reaching his friends. He passed through a wall when he suddenly heard something so earth shattering that he almost went deaf.

His navigator told him his friends were in the planet Neptune, so he rushed there.

But it was all a trap.

There was no one except monsters and savages that had been waiting there to get him… It hit him like a rock that those terrorists had hacked his navigator into thinking his friends were at Neptune.


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