The Scary Night

The Scary Night

Day 1. January 23, 2010

I just moved into a new house. The house has three floors, including the one under the house (a.k.a. the basement). But… um… the outside of the house looks creepy. It looks abandoned; it sort of looks haunted, but my mom said that it wasn’t, and I believed her. When I went inside, everything was beautiful. The walls are white, and the floor is made out of shiny wood, and the stairs are made out of crystal. I went on every floor, even the attic. The attic looks okay, except I heard a creepy noise, and the same thing happened in the basement. The basement is interesting because whenever we turn on the light, I always feel wind, even when it is sunny outside. It’s dark now. I have to go to sleep. I’ll write how it was for the first night here.

Day 2. January 24, 2010

OMG, I just noticed that today’s my birthday. I wonder what my parents got me. So, yesterday I slept good, except I heard somebody whisper to me, “Be careful.” I got scared, so I quickly went to sleep. But when I woke up, I saw my dad on the floor. I quickly went upstairs to tell my mom. But my mom was unconscious. I called the ambulance. My parents were taken to the hospital. I was left alone. Then the same thing happened to me when I was about to go to sleep.

I heard someone whisper to me, “Haha… you don’t know what just hit you, little girl.”

I felt dizzy, and I fell on floor. The floor was hard and cold. I felt like I was dying. I felt like I was about to die, but I didn’t die. One hour later, my mom came back from the hospital. She found me on the floor. She carried me to my bed. That was the worst birthday ever.

Day 3, January 25, 2010

Yesterday was weird. I really don’t know why I fell on the floor; I just literally collapsed. I think that ghost got to me. My dad hasn’t come back from the hospital. I hope he’s not badly injured. Anyway, my mom is going to visit him again. So I’m going to stay home alone again.

One hour later

Okay, I’m home alone now, and weird things are happening already, and I’m already creeped out. All the lights went out. And something grabbed my foot and dragged me down the stairs. I ran as fast as I could when it let go. I ran into my room. I felt lightheaded; I felt like I was going to die. I locked the door.

Then, again, I heard someone whisper, “You’re gonna die, little girl.”

I screamed and screamed, but it didn’t go away. My mom is coming back tomorrow, which means I have to stay home alone for the night. My auntie lives nearby, so I’ve decided I’m going to sleep over there for the night…

Okay, I finished packing. I walked out the door… but as soon as I walked out the door,  something grabbed me, and I started getting burned up.


I started to cry because the ghosts were hurting me. I tripped over a piece of wood. I fell and hurt my head. That’s when I heard my aunt coming. Everything was blurry. The ghosts let go. My auntie took me to my bed. I fell asleep.

Day 4, January 26, 2010

My hands were sore. My head hurt. My mom, auntie, and dad were right beside me. I felt safe, but I really wasn’t. I stood up and looked at them. They told me to rest, but I didn’t want to. I looked at my hands. They looked burned and bruised. I looked at the blood, and everything that I went through came back to me, and I fainted. I woke up again. This time, I didn’t see my family members — I saw a priest. He asked me what happened.

I said, “ I was home alone, and these weird things were happening to me, and I don’t why.”

The priest went outside to talk to my parents, and he told me to try to rest. As soon as he closed the door, I heard someone whisper. After that, I felt something go in me. And my mom told me that I was getting possessed. My eyes were turning black, and my body was getting lifted. The priest and my family came in the room once they heard me hit a wall. The priest commanded the demon to put me down… it did, but when the demon dropped me, blood was coming out of my mouth. The priest said I had to leave the house or things would get even worse. Then, my parents told me to pack up, and I did, but they said it in a frightened way.


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