The Sleepover That Changed My Life

Hi, my name is Emma, and my life isn’t the same as others. You see, my mom won’t let me go to certain things without protection. So here is how one very special sleepover actually changed my life.


Chapter 1: My Life

Ever since I was in second grade, I’ve gotten invited to many sleepovers. This is what happened every single time I asked:

“Mom? I got invited to another sleepover. Can I go?”

“You know what our answer is. NO.”

Ugh, my parents are so overly strict. This had been happening every single time I asked. Until now: fourth grade.


Chapter 2: What Happens Every Single Time

“Mom! I got invited to another sleepover! Another tally mark to add to my notebook of how many sleepovers I can’t go to!” I screamed.

“I’m sorry, honey. You know that I have changed my mind, but your father doesn’t understand!”

“Alex, honey. Emma got invited to another sleepover,” my mom said to my dad while walking into their room.

“Oh great, I’m on the last page of the notebook!” I said as I drew the tally mark. I took out my diary and wrote:

Dear diary,

I got another invitation to another sleepover. I don’t understand why I never get to sleep over at my friends’ houses. Although I did have a sleepover with my cousins. But my mom, dad, and brother were there with me. I also have sleepovers at my grandparent’s house, but they don’t count at all. An actual sleepover is when you sleep over at someone else’s home by yourself without your family there with you. I just hate it when they say no! It’s like the only word that they say. No, no, no! I’m just so sick of it.

“Emma, dinner’s ready,” my mom said.

“Coming Mom,” I replied.


Chapter 3: Breakfast Talk

Beep, beep, beep. My alarm from my phone rang at 5:49. As I got out of my pig P.J.s and mask, my younger brother Evan came rushing in.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Emma, happy birthday to you!” he sang.


I can’t believe that I forgot my own birthday! As soon as I got out of bed, I got dressed and called my friends. Sniff, sniff. I smelled bagel.

“Breakfast!” I screamed while heading downstairs to the dining room.

“So Emma, you are now ten years old. What would you like as your birthday present?”my mom asked as I sat down in the lumpy seat with the scent of roses in the air.

I replied, “Do you want to know what I want? I want you to stop saying no and start saying yes!”

I screamed. There was a long silence…


Chapter 4: Shopping

An hour later at Andy’s Shoe Shop with Jojo…

“Happy Birthday!” Jojo said.

“Thanks,” I replied, “Now let’s do what we came here to do.”  “SHOPPING!” we said at the same time.


“That was awesome,” Jojo said.

“I can’t believe that almost every single thing that we bought was the exact same thing,” I said.

“Today was fun. I have to get to play rehearsals. See you on Monday,” Jojo said.

“See you on Monday,” I replied as we walked our separate ways.


Chapter 5: The Information

When I got home, this is what happened. It was dark. The only light that was on was the light above the dining table. When I heard my brother snoring, I realized that my mom and dad had to talk to me, so I walked to the dining table and sat down.

“We have news,” my mom said.

”We talked to your aunt, and she said that you could sleep over at her place on Friday with Anna,” my dad added.

Once he finished his statement, the main lights turned on. I looked at where the light switch was located, and there was my brother standing there. He agreed to this only because he would get our room for one day.

I went upstairs to my room and sat down on my bed with my diary in my hands. I wrote….

Dear diary,

My parents actually let me have a sleepover at my cousin’s. Now that I’m hearing that word ‘cousin,’ I realize that’s family. It’s at least a step closer with my friends. What are my chances. I just hope my first sleepover will be a great sleepover.


Chapter 6: The Sleepover

I sat in the car with my mom, dad, and brother, going to my cousin’s home to play for a little bit. After that, my parents and brother were going to leave me alone to have an actual sleepover. Just then, I realized that I had a lot planned out and needed a lot of energy. So I decided to take a nap until we got there so I could play and stay up all night.


I woke up to the sound of our car coming to an abrupt stop. I was still feeling a little drowsy; I looked up and realized that we were there.

“Finally,” I said as I yawned, “Time to get this party started.”

When we got there, there was already food prepped for us. About one hour later, my parents and brother finally left.

The first thing that we did was make a lot of musicals, games, and other internet stuff. While we were playing downstairs, dinner was being prepped.

Sizzle, sizzle went the pan.

As soon as we came upstairs, diner was ready. We had delicious chicken nuggets with mac and cheese on the side.

“Yummm!” I said, “This food is super good.”

“I agree” replied Anna.


“Do you want to make up a dance with me?” I asked.

“Sure” she replied.

So we worked on our dance till 10:02, bedtime. Before we went to bed, we had a pillow fight.


Chapter 7: In The Night

“Psst, Emma,” Anna said.

“What, Anna?” I replied in a sleepy voice. Yawn.

“Let’s go downstairs and get some candy,” she whispered, “We got a bowl full of candy.”

So we tiptoed down without making a sound. We opened the dark brown cabinet and saw the bowl full of candy. Anna took a Kitkat, and I took a Reese’s peanut butter cup and ate it without leaving a piece of evidence behind. After finishing our candy, we went back to bed.


Chapter 8: In The Morning

“Good morning, Emma,” Anna said.

“Good morning,” I replied.

We walked to the dining table where there was breakfast already prepared for us.

“Good morning, girls,” my aunt said in a pleasing voice.

We had donuts and ice cream for breakfast.


Chapter 9: Pickup

During the middle of the day, my parents came to pick me up.

“Mom!!! I don’t want to go!!!” I said.

“I’ll give you twenty bucks,” my mom said.

Right away, I changed my mind.

I actually couldn’t believe that I had an actual sleepover at my cousins by myself without my parents or brother. When I got home, I wrote

Dear diary,

Last night, I had an actual sleepover at my cousins, without my mom, dad or brother! I just can not believe that the sleepover actually happened. Maybe this is the next step to friends sleepover. What are my chances?


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