The Sloth Who Gave Up Being Mean to the Pythons

Once upon a time there lived a sloth named Bob. Bob liked his name. He liked it because it was the only name he had. But… when Mom left with Ms. Python to get breakfast, the kid pythons stayed, and they had very sharp teeth. They ripped his toys. And when Mom got home, she would blame it on him.

He said, “I’m getting revenge.” And he did. Dun dun dun!

The next day, he set up a camera, and he turned on the camera when the pythons slithered in. Then he started the camera, and then they came in. The mother python left, and Mrs. Sloth left, and they started ripping and ripping and chewing the toys, and Bob got it all on footage. The next night he showed his mom, and his mom never invited those pesky snakes again.

At night, they slithered in the house and started chewing up his toys. He got it on footage and showed in to his mom. She locked the door extra tight and even used the slither block, which is a cage that drops on baby pythons, but not on Mrs. Snake. Then, the pythons hid in the bushes when she set up the trap. So, they knew to put a fake snake in the trap so it would drop and then move it to the side, so then they could get in the house again, but the door was locked. So they tried to slither under the door, but she even put out the little slither pincher, so it would pinch them if they went under!

The next morning, Mrs. Python came over and said, “Can we go out to breakfassssssst?”

“Sure!” said Mrs. Sloth.

“And can I leave the ssssssnakeesssss here?”

“Just this last time.”

Bob was really, really mad that the snakes stayed over again, but it was surprising. They didn’t chew up any more toys. They didn’t take any branches. They didn’t take anything!

After breakfast, Mrs. Python and Mrs. Sloth came home.

Mrs. Sloth said, “I know why they’re chewing up the toys. Because they don’t have a home, so they need fur blankets and shelter, and they make them out of the sticks and cotton.”

Bob said, “Oh. You can share a home with us! We have two extra rooms.”

They said, “Thank you! We’ll be back in a few minutes. We need to grab all our stuff.”


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