The Soccer Game

One time, it was PSG against Monaco. A person named Jeff had never seen a soccer game in his life before. He didn’t want to miss the soccer game; he didn’t go to any soccer game because he couldn’t afford it. He was very poor; he only had 200 dollars, and that was the exact price of the game, but then he couldn’t afford his taxes. Since he is a farmer, he could sell potatoes, tomatoes, salad, blueberries, and raspberries. That will make have enough money to survive, but first he had to work!!!

He started working; he had never worked as hard as that before. At the end of the day, his fields were out of food. He just had to put them in barrels and then lock the barrels in a room. What he feared the most was that he didn’t know if people will buy things from his market. But he had more chances to sell things because the next day was Sunday. The next day he had a plan: when people go to the market and buy a lot of things, he will wake up at five in the morning, so he could sell the most things he can. He put his alarm for five in the morning. He got to bed at 6:00 p.m. to wake up earlier. At 5:00 a.m., he woke up and went to the village. He went with bags full of food. When he was at the village, about nobody was there. Three hours later, the whole village was there. He had about no more food. He gave everything he had, and he had no more food in his bags. He got 1,000 dollars. He was happy to sell the food he had.

When he went back, he could not go in his house. Mice were everywhere. He started thinking about what to do. He came up with an idea. He’ll go to a market and get three packs of products to kill the mice. When he came back, he put all the products in the house. It killed about all the mice. Three were left. He went in his house, and he smashed the mice with a hammer. He had nothing to do, so he headed to his friend’s house. His friend is the richest man in the world. They became friends when they were little kids. The farmer asked the richest man in the world to go to the soccer game. He made him go to the soccer game.

Today was the soccer game. He went to the soccer game, and he gave the 200 dollars. There even were free T-shirts of PSG. He was for PSG, so he took the T-shirts. The tickets said he was on the second floor. He went to the second floor and gave the tickets to the lady. When he arrived to his seat, someone took it. The farmer said it was his seat, but he said it was his. So he went back to the lady and said someone took his seat. The lady went to the boy and kicked him out of the stadium. Now it was perfect. He was impatient. Twenty minutes left. Just before the game, people from the audience went in the stadium and messed up the field and put glass on the field. They did that because they hate soccer.

They had to make the whole stadium go back to their houses and come back tomorrow to watch the game. The farmer was angrier than ever. He had always wanted to watch a soccer game. He was ready for tomorrow. For the whole day, he was dreaming of being a soccer player and that he scored goals and that he sold his T-shirt and that everyone bought it and also that he won a World Cup. It was 10:00 p.m.. He went to sleep dreaming of the next day.

At 7:00 p.m., he went to the soccer stadium. The places were free because of what happened yesterday. Even popcorn, pizza, soda, and all kind of things. He took about every single food, it was a feast. He was ready to see the wonderful, great PSG against Monaco. The game started with PSG!!! Cavani passed to Neymar, who dribbled three persons, and passed to Rabiot. Rabiot tried to pass to Verratti, but Monaco caught it back. Monaco ran the ball up the field, but Silvia caught it and passed to Kurzawa. Kurzawa ran up the field, and just before Monaco stole the ball from him, he passed to Lucas and passed to Neymar who ran up the ball. He passed to Mbappe who passed to Cavani and passed it to Neymar, and he scored a beautiful goal. He shot so hard the goalie ran away from the ball to not get hit. The crowds were yelling with happiness. It was starting great for PSG with a start of 1-0. Monaco got the ball, and they ran up the ball, passed to Falcao, ran with the ball, and dribbled Meunier and Kurzawa. When Silvia was about to get the ball from him, Falcao passed to his teammate and dribbled around the defenders and passed back to Falcao. Falcao shot in the corner and hard, and it went in the goal just before the goalie caught it. The farmer didn’t like this because what Monaco did was really strong. He didn’t know if PSG could keep up for that attack PSG again, and it was 1-1.

Cavani dribbled Falcao and passed to Mbappe. Lemar was on the way to Mbappe but passed to Lucas, who shot but missed the wonderful goal. Lemar started and passed to someone, and he went up the field and passed to Falcao who passed to Lemar and tried to shoot, but he missed. Trapp passed to Silvia and did a wonderful pass up high in the air, but Monaco caught it and passed directly to his teammate. Monaco got to pass the half line and tried to shoot, but Meunier caught it back. He dribbled Sidibe. He did a pass in the air, but Monaco caught it and did a wonderful pass in the air. Just when Kurzawa was going to do a header, he put his hands in the air and touched the ball with his hands. What a sad thing he did, because it was a penalty for Monaco. Monaco was laughing so much that they might miss the penalty. They chose their best player, and he was the wonderful Falcao. Falcao got ready to shoot, and Trapp did not want to do the penalty, so he got out of the field. Areola went on the field, and he prayed to god to catch the penalty. Okay, it was time to shoot, and Falcao shoots a ball that nobody has ever caught. Areola dived and caught it. What a wonderful catch for PSG and what a wonderful shot and what a miss. PSG gathered around Areola and thanked him. They were so happy that PSG won, and Areola was crying of happiness because he saved his first penalty. They knew they needed to get off the field because it was halftime, so they went to their lockers.

The farmer was so happy with the catch that he wanted to get to the PSG’s locker to say how that catch was wonderful, the whole crowd is happy, and they could hear the noise from twenty miles away. But the farmer was more excited than everybody because this was his first soccer game, so he was going crazy. Monaco was saying to Falcao, “How did you miss the shot?” Falcao was not playing well now, so the coach took him out of the field for someone else. Monaco just lost their best player, so everybody thought the coach was crazy. PSG had a plan. Since Falcao was not in the game, they were going to do the passing skill. The reason why they didn’t do the passing skill was because Falcao was the best at intercepting the passes. Okay, the ball was for Monaco. The Monaco goalie passed to Lemar who tried to pass to Sidibe, but Mbappe intercepted the pass and dribbled Lemar. But Sidibe was running on Mbappe, so he just passed to Cavani who did a rainbow on Lemar and then passed to Mbappe who passed to Lemar by accident. But Neymar stole the ball as soon as he got it, and then Neymar passed to Cavani who did a pass to Neymar in the air. Neymar did a bicycle kick in the air, and he scored!!! What a beautiful goal. Monaco was so bad right now. So their coach decided to put Falcao back in the game. Falcao, full with rage, ran the ball and faked everybody, and then when he got to the half line he just stopped, and everybody ran on him. So he did the easiest thing in the history of soccer. He just passed and since everybody was running on him, he passed to Sidibe, and the whole field was to him. Sidibe ran the ball up the field. When he was faced to the goal he stopped, and the goal ran on him. So he just dribbled him out, and then he shot in the goal, and it was a goal!!! The Monaco fans yelled so loud that the PSG coach couldn’t talk to his players. The coach told to PSG that Monaco’s coach did not want Monaco to lose, so the players were doing the best they could. So he told to PSG to annoy them by doing the best they could and make them run around so that they were too tired to run. They got on the field, and they did what their coach said, but there was not enough time because it was halftime. The players got off the field and into their lockers. Their coach told them to make them run until the end of the game. The people got out of their seats, and then they went to take other food. They came back, and there was still thirty-five minutes to wait. The farmer just waited in his seat until the minutes passed.

The game was 2-1 for Monaco, but PSG had a strategy. They were going to put all the players in front of the goal and have some stay in defense and pass to them. The farmer did not feel good. He did not like the idea because there were more players in attack than in defense, so Monaco could easily pass the PSG defense. The farmer was wrong. PSG’s defense dribbled Monaco and got to pass to the attack, and Rabiot reserved the ball. The goalie jumped on him, but Rabiot passed to Neymar, and he scored. Monaco had the ball, and they passed the ball around just when Meunier intercepted it and then passed to Rabiot. Rabiot ran up the field, but he was in front of Sidibe who was in defense for the whole time if someone got the ball. Jeff felt like Rabiot was going to score, but Sidibe got the ball and then passed to Falcao who tried to score, but Kurzawa intercepted it. Thomas Meunier got it, and then Cavani got the pass. Then Mbappe got it who dribbled everybody, and he scored. 2-2! And there were only ten more minutes for the game. And it was only 2-2!!! Monaco and PSG wanted to score, but they knew it is impossible. Monaco had the ball, but PSG easily took it away from them, and they were close to the goal. It was Neymar’s ball, and he shot his most powerful shot, and he scored. There were only two more minutes left. Monaco tried to score, but PSG’S defense was too good. The game was done, and the farmer yelled, and tears of joy streamed down his face. As the farmer was going to talk to his friend, he saw that he was not there. Two days after the game, the farmer went to his best friend’s house.

His best friend said, “Stop talking to me about the soccer game.”

They ate lunch together while the farmer asked his best friend if he liked soccer or not.

The richest man in the world answered, “I never liked soccer.”

The farmer was too sad to hear more of what his best friend said, so he left his best friend’s house, and he went to his house. Three days later, he learned that his best friend was injured, and he had to go to the hospital. The farmer went with him to the hospital. The hospital keepers unfortunately said that he will die in three days, except if they ask Swiss to bring the medicine because they are the only people with the medecine. They called the Swiss. The Swiss were on their way when they got their engine on fire, and they crashed in the woods. Three days passed, and his best friend died. It wasn’t so bad because the farmer took all the money of the richest man in the world.



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