The Stray Cat!

One day there was a cat named… well… it was a stray cat. So it decided… to go on a adventure! One day a little girl named Lucy found it. She was so happy! So she went home. But then she noticed that she had no money. So she asked her mom for forty dollars. But her mom said, “No.” So she decided to make a lemonade stand. After a few hours of the lemonade stand, she had five hundred dollars. So she went off to buy some cat supplies.

At the store, she spent forty dollars on all the cat supplies she could buy. And she bought some books and supplies for herself. When she got home, she put all her money in her piggy bank that was under her bed, where no one could find it. After that, she set up all the cat things. Her cat was so happy.

A few days later, she wanted a friend because she was so lonely when Lucy went to school. So on Saturday, she went to the store to buy a cat and more cat supplies. But then she noticed she had no money, so she had to go back home, go under her bed, and get the rest of the money that she spent for the last cat. So she went back to the store, bought a cat, and bought all the supplies for the cat.

When she got home, she put her cat down on her rug and she set up all the cat supplies next to her other cat. When her mom came into her room, she was so surprised and she was so proud of Lucy. But then, a few days later, the two pets were lonely together, so the two cats wanted to get two more cats. So she went back to the lemonade stand, she unpacked it, and she got ten thousand dollars! After that, she got her money, she went back to the store, bought two more cats, and bought two beds, two litter boxes, and two packs of food, two bowls…

After that, she went home with the two cats and they were surprised. So she put down the two cats, and she settled their supplies.

A few weeks later, the four cats wanted to get fifteen more cats! So she set off to the lemonade stand so she could get ten thousand more dollars to get fifteen cats. So she set off back to the store, bought fifteen more cats, fifteen more cat supplies, paid for it, and set off home. She put all the fifteen cats down, she put all the cat supplies down. After that she went to bed.

Thirty-five more years later, she had fifteen thousand million cats. And that is how she became The Cat Woman.


(for now…)

2 thoughts on “The Stray Cat!”

  1. Hey Mia!

    Greetings from London! I just wanted to let you know that I picked up a copy of your story while I was on vacation back in September 2018 and I’ve kept it with me ever since!

    Your story brings a lot of comfort to my family during these difficult times. I hope you are staying safe.

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