The Sweet Family

There was a dog named Boa-Boa that lived with an owner named Alexandra. Alexandra had a baby named Margot. The baby was two years old. Boa-Boa wanted her owner to stay at home. Alexandra was always going to work. Boa-Boa was sad, because she didn’t have anyone to stay home with. She would go in her bed and sleep until Alexandra came back home. She woke up and jumped up and down when Alexandra came back. They played with each other. They played fetch outside and they did some tricks. Boa-Boa’s favorite trick was jumping to get a treat. When Boa-Boa was done with her treat, she went in her room. Alexandra went into Boa-Boa’s room.

The next day when Alexandra went to work, Boa-Boa went to get a sheet of paper and a pencil. She wrote down what she was going to do to stop Alexandra from going to work. Her plan was to tell Alexandra why she didn’t want her to go after she came home. When she came home, Boa-Boa gave Alexandra the paper.

Alexandra asked Boa-Boa, “What does this letter say?”

Boa-Boa said, “Arf arf arf arf arf!”

But Alexandra still didn’t understand. Then Alexandra turned Boa-Boa to speaking the English language, and Boa-Boa said, “This letter says that you cannot go to work anymore, because I love you. I mean, I mean you love me.”

Then Alexandra tried to turn Boa-Boa back into a regular dog because Boa-Boa sounded really silly. But Alexandra couldn’t turn Boa-Boa back into a regular dog, and Boa-Boa started to say crazy things, like: “***-a-doodle-doo, I love you, Alexandra and her dad loving and peeing, they’re walking together and says they’re ugly, but then they trip and pees on their head…” Boa-Boa kept on saying the same thing again and again. Alexandra kept shooting Boa-Boa with the laser, but Boa-Boa kept saying this:

“I love chickens, but chickens pee…”

Alexandra made Boa-Boa back into a dog, but there was a mysterious mouth on the back of her head, and the mouth started to say, “You are a poo. What a poo you are!”

And then Boa-Boa came up with a different strategy and started to walk like a human and acted so sassy. “I’m going outside and playing fetch — oops, I mean, I’m playing ball — oops, I mean I’m playing with my friend — oops! I mean I’m drinking coffee — oops, I mean I’m eating a cupcake, too!”

Alexandra was laughing so hard at what Boa-Boa was doing that her pants fell off outside. Alexandra said, “Oops!” and pulled back up her pants, but her pants broke open. When she went back home she tried to look for her pants, but she had no more pants because all of her pants were broken. Then her shirt and her underwear fell off and she was naked. And she was also bald because her hair fell off. She was naked and she needed to go outside, because she had to go to work, and she dared herself to do it, and she did.

She went outside and there was no one outside, and she went on the sidewalk, and then a million people came running toward her, and brought her back to her home. They cut her fingers off to make chicken fingers. Boa-Boa was crying and making a flood in the town.

Then Alexandra grew back her fingers, and her hair, and her shirt, and her underwear, and her pants really fast.

Then, Alexandra ran all the way home. On the way, she saw her dog Boa-Boa on the street. She picked her dog up. Alexandra took her dog Boa-Boa back home. When they got home, Boa-Boa started to act like she had been before. So Alexandra asked Boa-Boa why she was acting very strange.

Boa-Boa answered in a funny way, like: “fgfgfgfgharuiopoooppptaywgdsjjkcdiXCFHBFFGHhhhJJJAKE!”

Since Alexandra was annoyed by her dog, she gave it away to the best owner named Kuipi Lam. Alexandra walked to Kuipi Lam’s house on Tuesday. She opened Kuipi’s front door and saw Boa-Boa. “I will miss you,” Boa-Boa said in a funny way.

“I don’t care,” screamed Alexandra. Then she walked away.

“It will be okay,” Kuipi said in her house, and she petted Boa-Boa on the back. She let Boa-Boa go in her house and gave him some bones to chew on. Then Boa-Boa started to like Kuipi as her owner because Kuipi did not have to go to work because she had been fired, and she had lots of money so she was rich. She was very nice. Boa-Boa kept on chewing her bones when Kuipi was talking. Boa-Boa didn’t hear what Kuipi was saying. Kuipi was saying that it was time for dinner, but Boa-Boa didn’t go, so she didn’t eat dinner. Kuipi kept on telling her to eat dinner, but she didn’t go cause she was too busy chewing on her bones.

After Kuipi ate dinner, she called Boa-Boa to dinner again, but Boa-Boa still didn’t go. Then, Boa-Boa tried to find Kuipi, but she couldn’t find her. So Boa-Boa just went to bed.

The next day, Kuipi saw Boa-Boa not alive. She was so sad. She kept on crying and crying. Now that’s what I call a sad story. But now Kuipi can buy another dog that she will always take care of.


P.S. I love Boa-Boa!

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  1. We chose this story from the dispenser outside writopia. My 12 year old read it to my 2 year old who loved the “oops” paragraph and wanted to hear it again and again and again.

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