The Thief

Part I

One morning, I wake up. I go to get dressed. When I open my closet door, a guy wearing black jumps out of my closet with a gun! I am so surprised. I don’t know why he is in in my room, but I have no time to think of that.

I go and run to my desk and get my gun out of my drawer. He tells me to put my hands on my head, but I don’t listen. He does not shoot me, but I fire one shot, and I miss. He shoots a bunch of bullets. He misses me, but he hits my desk. One of his bullets breaks my light bulb. It shatters all over my desk. Then, one bullet hits my foot, and I yell out in pain.

My parents come into my room. They take my gun and shoot the person in the head, then in the stomach. He has blood pouring out of him from all directions. Then, my parents call 911. The police and an ambulance come. The police puts crime scene tape all over my house.

Then, the ambulance takes me to the hospital. They tell my parents they will be taken in for questioning, and when I’m finished recovering, I will too. Today is a crazy day.

After a month of recovery, they fix up my room, and I am taken in for questioning. But I am innocent.

Part II

Today is the first day of August. Today, I go to be questioned at the police station. When I get there, they tell me to sit down in the waiting room. After about 20 minutes of waiting, they bring me into an office and tell me to sit down. Then, an officer sits down at the desk and tells me his name, but I don’t remember it.

He asks me questions like, “What did the man look like? How old did he seem? Did he take anything of yours? Do you have any other evidence of who he is?”

I tell him what I know. Then, he shows me some pictures of some suspects, and he tells me to pick which I think looks the most like the criminal.

Part III

Today is the day the police call me to the police station because they found the guy that broke into my house. When I get there, I go to the front desk, and the receptionist takes me into the same office that I was in when I was questioned.

In one chair is the guy who broke into my house. He is handcuffed. Then, sitting at the desk is an officer. When I sit down, the officer tells the thief exactly what he did and why he should not have done it. The thief is told to say why he did it.

The thief says it was because he was forced to do it.

Then, the officer goes out of the room, and he tells two officers in the break room to come into the office and arrest the thief. They come in, and one of them puts the thief in handcuffs, and the other one shoves him out of the office and puts him in a police car. The officer tells us that the thief is going to the local jail before he goes to court. The cop tells us we can go home.

Part IV

Today is the day that the thief is going to court to see if he is guilty for breaking into my house. When I get there, the guy is there, wearing an orange prison jumpsuit. I am right on time for the courtroom. The judge calls the case to order. The judge invites the city’s lawyer to present the case to the judge.

The city’s lawyer says, ”This thief robbed the house of the plaintiff. He almost killed the plaintiff.”

Then, the judge tells the defendant’s lawyer to present his side of the case.

The defense says, “That the thief was being blackmailed.”

The judge tells the jury to go into the deliberation room for about an hour and a half. I go to lunch right around the corner from the courthouse. After I am at the lunch place for five minutes, a security guard from the courthouse comes and tells me that the jury came out. I go out of the lunch place and back to the courthouse.

The jury is waiting for me. They have already talked to the judge. Then, the jury announces that they think that the thief is guilty.

Part V

The next day at school, everyone has seen what went on. Either they have read it in the newspaper or saw it on TV. When I get there, all my friends come up to me.

The first one says to me, “Dude, I heard you almost got shot. Are you ok?”

“Sure, yeah. I’m fine,” I say.

“What does it feel like to be in court?” my other friend says.

I say that it is pretty scary.

When I have my first class, the teacher has not heard that I was involved in the case.

So she yells, “Why have you been away for a whole month?”

I show her the CNN article on my phone that says, “Ten-year-old boy attacked.”

My teacher says, “Oh my God! I’m so sorry. I did not know.”

After that, she says that she will give me all A+s for the rest of the month!


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  1. Wow,Nathaniel, that is a exciting and scared story and is so well written. I hope this never really happens to you!

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