The Three Witches


Chapter One

Once upon a time, there were three witches. Their names were Violet, Aliss, and Kate. They all had magic wands, and the three witches had special magic spells, and a special magic school. They lived on top of the sky of the Earth, and above them was a friendly planet named Perth.

Violet had orange hair and a blue wand. She liked hearts. Her special power was to create heart designs anywhere. Aliss had blue hair and a gold wand. Kate had silver hair and a red wand.


Perth was green because it had pollution from Earth. (That’s why it has a “P.”) Aliens from Mars started to invade Perth because they liked the pollution. It was yummy for them, like cake. The aliens looked like garbage trash cans. Their heads were like smelly toe goo and earwax. Their hair was made of toilet paper tissue, and their brains were popping out. Their brains were made out of boogers. The water they drank was toilet water. These aliens were called Carbon Dioxide aliens.

Earthlings had no idea about these aliens, until Perth scientists came to Earth. They captured one of the aliens in a cage in the 1950s and found out that if you cooked the aliens, they would taste like cake because the garbage in them was cake! But they smelled like rotten fish. Perth scientists fried them and tried them in all kinds of ways. Then they made up the oven zipper, a quick oven that could cook things very fastly!

The three witches were brought from Uranus to live on top of the sky of the Earth, but they didn’t know about the aliens until the Lord told them. They found that above them was Perth! All of them thought it was ugly!

Violet said, “The aliens are ugly too!”

Kate said, “I think the same!”

Aliss said, “Me three!”

So they used their wands, and they made things appear, like weird people who liked to eat pollution, and sucked up all the pollution like a vacuum. Perth looked just like the rainforest without animals. It smelled like nature and pretzels.

The aliens said, “We want more pollution!”  

The witches sent the aliens back to the middle of nowhere.

God thanked them. The people of Earth would have thanked the witches, but they didn’t know about Perth or the three witches.


The End


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