The Trampoline

Hi, my name is Sam. I am a girl, and I have been wanting a trampoline all my life. So far, I have saved up to about $200, and the trampoline is $300!! A couple lemonade stands would work (giggles.)

“Mom!!” I yell, “Can I have a lemonade stand?”

“Sure!!” my mom says, “Just be careful!”

“Okay, I will!”

I run outside with the table, chair, cash register, and of course, the lemonade! I pour the lemonade, and soon enough, I have a customer!

A woman pulls up in a black limousine. Why would a fancy lady pull up to my lemonade stand? I think.

“Hi,” I say.

“Hello,” she says in a fancy British accent. “How much for three glasses?”

“$4,” I say.

“Here you go. $4. Thank you so much!”

She hands me two $2 bills. I’d never seen $2 bills before.

“Have a good day… oh wait, here’s your lemonade.”

I am so surprised that I almost forget to give her her lemonade!

The women giggles.

“Oh thank you, darling, Have a good day,” she says.

“You too,” I say.

I am so excited to have my first customer of the day!

At the end of they day, I have almost enough money for my trampoline.

“$50 more!” I say as I count my money.

“Mom! Mom!” I yell, “I only need $50 more!!”

“Let’s go to Toys R Us today. Want to?” my mom says.

“But I still need $50 more!?” I say.

“I will pay the extra $50,” my mom says.

“You will?? Oh my God, oh my God!” I yell, my heart pounding.“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Can we go now?”

“Yes, we can just take the chair, cash register, and lemonade inside.”

We get in the car and head to Toys R Us.

“We’re here!” Mom says.

“Yay! Come on let’s go!!!” I say.

We walk inside and ask someone for help to find a trampoline.

“It’s in aisle six,” the woman says.

“Thank you!” we say and we walk to aisle six.

Well, I run.

“Mom, Mom, this is the one!!!”

Mom comes and looks and she says, “Okay, let’s go pay for it!”

We walk to go pay for the trampoline. We pay for the it, and ask if someone can help us put it in our car.

“Okay,” the woman at the cash register says, “I am calling someone down to come help you with it.”

My heart beats so fast.

“Ready,” says the woman who is helping us, “I’m going to order a truck to take this to your house.”

“Okay!” my mom says.

Finally, the truck comes. They load the trampoline into the back of the truck and the truck follows us home. At last we reach home, and they unload the trampoline into my back yard.

“Bye!” I say.

“Thank you for helping us.” my mom says.

“Can I jump?” I ask my mom.

“Is it your trampoline?”

“Yes,” I say.

“Then, you may jump on it,” my mom says.

“Yay! Thank you!” I say.

“But under one condition.”

“Yes, okay, what?!” I ask.

“If I can try it. Haha, I am just kidding. Go jump on it!” my mom says.

So I run over into my trampoline, climb in, and jump! I feel excited.

A week later, I am jumping on my trampoline, and then, I look up and realize that the clouds have started to roll in over the sun.

“It will be fine,” I say. “It’s probably really fun to jump in the rain!”

So I keep on jumping.

“Whoa,” I say. “It’s pouring!”

I’m saying, “Wahooooooo!!!!” when ah! I slip and fall from the rain and land on my arm.

My parents rush outside (after all the screaming and yelling) and then rush me to the hospital. I have a broken arm and get a cast.

My parents tell me, “Honey, we are so so sorry, but I think we have to get rid of the trampoline. It’s too dangerous.”

“No!!” I say.

As we start to leave the hospital, my mom asks, “Is there anything that you want instead that’s not too dangerous?”

“No, nothing but a trampoline, but I promise I will never go on it when it’s raining,” I say. I know it hurts, but I’m happy I get to keep my trampoline.


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