The Trip to the Ice Cream Store

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Ashley. She loved ice cream and popsicles. The ice cream store was two hours away from her home. One day, she was crossing the woods to the ice cream store when she saw a gang of ninjas. She got scared, so she took out her jack in the box and distracted the ninjas. The ninjas liked the toy so much that they forgot  what they were going to do.

After that, she saw some roses. Ashley soon discovered that the roses could attack people. She took out her shield and dodged past them. An hour later, she found some bricks with sharp points that were trying to take over the world. Suddenly, the bricks were attacking her.

Ashley was close to dying when a mysterious person caught her and carried her away. When she opened her eyes, she saw that a good ninja master had saved her. He said, “I’m sorry about the ninjas roaming around the forest. They have not been listening to me because they are looking for some ice cream.”

After that, they arrived in a place called Willow’s Ice Cream Store. Since she had enough money, Ashley bought herself a scoop of mango ice cream and a scoop of coffee ice cream to give to the master for saving her.

For the next couple of years, they met again and again. Six years later, they married, and they had two sons named John and Chase who became ninjas. They were taught by their father.



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