Annie and the Cat

Once there were two mice. The wife was Japanese and her name was Fumi and the  husband was Nepali and his name was Hasan. They were always arguing about whose culture they should live by. And since they lived in a Buddhist temple, every morning they saw people in the temple who were always dressing in robes.  They wondered what they were doing in the temple. The mice always heard people talking in their native language.

So, one day they went to a library and when they were looking around they saw an abandoned pup (a baby mouse) in a basket! So Fumi freaked out, and said to Hasan “We need to save that little pup, please Hasan please!’

So when Hasan said okay, Fumi jumped up and down, then picked up the pup.

She ran home and started buying a crib, blankets, and toys for the pup at Mice ‘R’ Us. While Hasan was still looking for the books in the library to translate the languages that the people were talking. Fumi loved how the pup looked. She was beige and white.

When Hasan came home with the books (How to Speak Chinese) he said, “Why don’t we keep the baby for a little while and then we give her up for donation?”

“How dare you say that! This is my pup now. You have no say to give it up for donation, especially since she’s a live pup. Not a toy! Why don’t you want to keep the pup?” said Fumi.

“Because it’s too much responsibility. If we do keep it, when it grows up, it’s going to be Nepali, not Japanese.”

“Stop calling her, an it. And she is  going to be Japanese, not Nepali when she grows up,” said Fumi.

“Are you even going to name it?” asked Hasan.

“Yes. She is  going to have a Japanese name, not a Nepali name,” said Fumi.

“How dare you name this pup a Japanese name” and then Hasan just got so mad that he stormed out of their little hole and right into the big temple.

When Fumi saw that Hasan stormed out, she quickly put the pup down in the new crib, that she bought yesterday. Then she ran to Hasan, and grabbed his tiny arm. But as soon as she grabbed his arm, a big person saw them and screamed.

“Ah, a mouse!!!”

So when Fumi heard that she ran back to their hole, still gripping onto Hasan’s arm. When Fumi and Hasan got in their little hole Fumi said, “We have to get out of here so the humans don’t call someone to kill us, and find a new place to live.”

So Hasan started packing his bag, Fumi’s, and the baby’s bag. Hasan and Fumi put on their bags, and Fumi also put the baby’s bag on. He put the baby in the baby carrier on Fumi’s chest. Then they quietly walked out of the temple. then they walked quietly in the shadows so people can’t  see them.  They were trying to find a place in one of their friend’s houses for a little while until they could find a park to make a burrow in to take care of the baby, and live in.

They started to walk to their friend’s house, which was in a grocery stand in Japantown.

“Why do we always have to be in Japantown and not go to my friend’s house who is Nepali?” said Hasan.

“Let’s stop arguing. We have to find some place safe to keep the baby,” said Fumi.

“How about now we just name the baby?” said Hasan.

“Okay. How about we name the baby Chika.”

So Hasan said okay.Then started to get settled in to their friend’s house.Then Fumi said “This is my friend Annie.”

But then Hasan said in a loud voice “Annie only has Japanese things.” Then Fumi said “Stop screaming Chika’s sleeping.”

“Okay,” said Hasan, “why don’t we start unpacking”

“Okay,” said Fumi in a low voice. So they started unpacking. Then Fumi said “You know i think we are going to live in the library.” Right then, a cat heard them squeaking. He stuck his hand inside of the hole and tried to get Annie.

He caught Annie in his paw. Annie screamed for Fumi and Hasan to help her while the cat laughed evilly.

“Help me! The cat’s got me! Fumi! Help me!” Annie screamed.

Fumi picked up baby Chika and put her back in the baby carrier. The baby was crying. Hasan started packing their bag again with their clothes, books, food, papers, blankets, pillows and all of the stuff that they had in their house in the temple.

Instead of Hasan only putting on his backpack, he put on Fumi’s and Chika’s too.

Then, they started running after Annie. Annie was still screaming for Fumi and Hasan to help her. Her screams became faint because the cat had her in his mouth and the cat was going further and further away.

The cat screamed, “You will never get her back. I am going to feed her to my kittens.” Then Fumi screamed “NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!”

At the cat’s house, which was a dome made out of a whole bunch of leaves in Central Park, he put Annie in a cardboard box and put a rock on top so that she wouldn’t come out.

“We will have her for breakfast tomorrow,” said the cat to his kittens.

“Why can’t we have her now? I’m hungry. I didn’t like the dinner we had. Robin legs make me nauseous,” said the youngest kitten named James.

“Well, you can have some of the leftover crow from yesterday.”

“Okay, fine,” said James in a sad voice.

“Okay, good because I was planning on making scrambled eggs with mice tomorrow,” said the father.

When Annie heard that, she knew she had to do something. Once she heard that all the cats were sleeping, she chewed a hole that was as big as a dime, squished through it, and ran away. Then in the morning the father cat went to take Annie to make her into scrambled eggs, when he saw she was not there.  Then he saw the little hole she made, and screamed, “Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!”

“Where is that mouse??” said the dad cat.

Then James said, “Dad, we are going to have mice scrambled eggs today yyyaaayyy!!!!!!!!!!” Then the father cat said in a small voice.

“Well the mouse some how ran away”

James said, “Wwwwhhhhhhaaaaattttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Then the father cat said “James don’t talk to me like that! You’re in time out.”

Then James said, “Okay” in a sad voice.

Now back to Fumi and Hasan.

Now, they were in a library. They looked for Annie for a day, but couldn’t find her. They looked in people’s houses to see if the cat was there. They looked in playgrounds and office buildings.

“I hope it wasn’t my fault that Annie got caught by a cat,” said Fumi. “I hope she is not dead,” said Fumi, holding Chika and rocking her back and forth. Fumi was chirping really loudly.

“I don’t think she is dead. Maybe she escaped somehow and is alive,” said Hasan. “Think of the good stuff that’s happening. No cats can come in the library so no cats will kill us.”

“Okay, but I’m still worried if she is dead or alive. Okay, that makes me feel a little better”said Fumi.

“See, there’s always good in bad times,” said Hasan.

Fumi said “Wow, Hasan you have not said a word about our culture.”

“Oh yah” said Hasan. Just as Hasan said that, Annie’s voice called out, “Fumi, Hasan, can you hear me?!”

“Oh my gosh Hasan, that’s Annie!! Annie! Annie! Annie! Annie! We are here!”

“Fumi, Hasan is that you?” yelled Annie.

“YES! It is me Annie, we are in the library!” So, Annie started running to the library. “Is Chika safe?”

“YES!”said Fumi.

“Hewo” said Chika, as Annie ran into their hole. As Fumi jumped on Annie and hugged her, Hasan said “YAY”.

Then Annie said, “Wow, you guys you have not said anything about your culture”

“Oh yah,” said Fumi and Hasan together. Then they all sat on the sofa and started talking about their adventures.





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