The Unlikely

Chapter One: I’m Lizzie


Hello, my name is Lizzie, I’m 11 1/2. I perform at the Rose Theater in England. Today, I perform “Alex and Alex II.” I play Ida.


I’m going to tell you a story about a strange thing that happened to me.


“Lizzie, do you know where my prop is?” Ron asked. I reached for pink flowers with brown stems and handed it to Ron.


I finished my costume and went back to my teeny-tiny apartment. I looked at my savings jar. There were three sides — Spend, Save, Share. I used to be an orphan, but when only three orphans were left (including me) the caretaker bought us each a tiny house, and bought us each a dog. And that’s why I live alone.


I felt a lick. It was my dog, Lucy-Rosie.


“Hi girl! I’ll feed you right now,” I said. “Here’s your food.” I gave my dog a bit of dog food and washed her. She was very dirty.


Now back to my savings jar. I have one nickel, two quarters and three dimes. I realized I left my rainbow earmuffs from Gemma at Ron’s garage, where we were practicing.


Chapter Two: Bows and Buses, and a Strange Visitor


I tried to find a nickel to see if I could buy a bit of ribbon to tie a bow for my costume. After I found the nickel and made the ribbon, I got on a bus. I found a seat in the back — the only one left. I found a candy wrapper and tied it into a bow. (Did I mention I’m good at making bows?)


When I got off the bus for the second time, I put my earmuffs on and I walked inside. I noticed that my window was open and my dog was gone. I thought my dog was hiding, because the closet door was open and I could smell her wet fur.


Then a pretty red-head came in and said, “I think I found your dog!” She showed me a golden retriever with a pink bow and a pink leather jacket. It wasn’t my dog.


There was a very pretty teal pouch lying by the dog. I saw the girl run away. I think she might have been rich, I thought.


“Wait!” I said, but it was too late. She was gone.


I saw a very pretty pink card with sparkles on it. I opened it. It said:


Dear Poor Girl,

You can keep the puppy and what’s inside the pouch.


Emily W


There was a gift card for H&L. I’ve never been to H&L, but my half-sister works there.


Just then, my best friend walked in with Lucy-Rosie.


Chapter Three: I Tell My Friend…


“The weirdest thing happened!” I announced. “A girl named E-”


“Well? Tell me what happened!”


“I shouldn’t tell you. You’re gonna be afraid. You’re a scaredy-cat.”


“No I’m not!” Elizabeth said, shaking her head.


“Can you give me a ride to H&L?” I asked.


“But…oh, okay.”


I got into a wagon with two horses.


Chapter Four: H&L


“Wow, can I buy anything here?” I looked at my gift card. How could this be? I knew she was rich, but I didn’t know she could get me a…I gasped.


It was a $100,000 gift card!


The first thing I found was a white tank top, very plain, but I turned it around and there was a package of fabric markers. “I like it,” I whispered, and I plopped it into my cart. Next, I went up two flights to a sign that said “Dog Clothes.”


“Oh, my!” I gasped. I saw the most beautiful jacket that comes for you and your dog. And then I saw a pretty red tee-shirt for my dog also. “I’ll buy this stuff!” I whispered loudly as I plopped it into my cart.

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