“Animal Land” Disaster

Spotty the giraffe had a very long neck to get to her food. She was the only type of animal that can have a very long neck. Spotty lived in Animal Land with her family. Everyone that lived there were animals that could talk. In Animal Land, the animals lived in the same land but there were different habitats, even if you were neighbors. None of the animals in Animal Land were enemies. They were all friends. Spotty lived with her younger sister, Hooves, along with her mother and father. Spotty and her family didn’t live in a house like humans do. They stayed outside on green grass plains. In their habitat, there were acacia trees. There are acacia trees because that was what Spotty and her family ate. Acacia trees were different than other trees because the tree grows flattish on the top where acacia leaves grow. Acacia leaves are very thin and round on the ends, they also have a lot of lumps.

One day, Spotty went with Hooves to see if their neighbor, Blacky the panda, was free to play with them. Blacky the panda lives in a habitat with lots of bamboo. Bamboo are a type of plant that look like a green stick with lines in between. Sometimes bamboo grow leaves on them. The leaves look like long and thin almond shapes. There are lots of bamboos because they climb and eat them. He only lived with his mother and father, he does not have any siblings. Blacky was free, so they went to play. They liked to play with a very bouncy ball. While they were playing Spotty, Hooves, and Blacky heard other animal families talking about how Animal Land was ending the next year. It sounded like it was ending because humans thought the land was useless, because no humans lived there. Humans wanted the land because they wanted to have houses and wanted more people to live in different places. All the animals were worried about when and where they would have to go. They were extremely worried about where they would get their food, because Animal Land was the only land that had the different types of food the animals eat. Spotty was really worried, because no one had told her about this. Spotty wasn’t really sure if her parents knew either, so they went back home quickly, and told their parents. Spotty’s and Hooves’s parents heard something like that before, but they didn’t know if what they heard was true. Their parents have always trusted Spotty and Hooves. So this time when they heard it they believed it, and they hoped it wasn’t a prank. Spotty and her family were trying to think of ideas of what they could do about what was going to happen. One of the ideas they thought about was they gather all the food they could find and store them in small boxes. They decided that they should start doing that, because collecting as much food as they can would take a while. All four of them spread out in different parts of Animal land; they went to different trees and grabbed the leaves off. Because, Giraffes only ate acacia leaves, they had to find that type of trees to get the right food.

On the way Spotty met a human named Lisa. Lisa was someone that lives in a village near Animal Land. She had always loved animals since she was young. She was 36 years old, and she had straight blonde hair with nice blue eyes. She worked as a zookeeper. She was the first and only nice human that Spotty and her family knew. When Spotty first met Lisa, she was nervous about what she was going to do because she had never seen a human before. But after getting to know her better, Lisa became very nice to all the animals. Lisa did not want Animal Land to be gone, because she knew animals actually helped humans. Lisa went to Animal Land once in a while because she loved to see what the animals are up to. Lisa was the only human that did this. Spotty started to talk with Lisa.

“Humans need us! If they need us, they should let us live. We are also living things! We need our habitats! No other place have the things we need! This is the only place we can be! Can you let us stay?!” Spotty said.

“Maybe. I’ll try my best, but I’ll have to see if I can get everyone else to listen to me and see if they will agree that we need animals,” Lisa replied.

“Okay, but come back as soon as you get an answer.”

“I will,” Lisa said as she walks back to her village.

“I think this is enough leaf picking for today. We can continue tomorrow,” Spotty’s parents said.

“Can we go tell Blacky and his family to also collect all their bamboo?” Spotty suggested.

“Sure!” Hooves agreed. They walked back to Blacky’s house.

“Hey, Blacky! Can we tell you and your family something?” Spotty asked politely.

“Sure!” Blacky answered.

“We wanted to give you an idea that you should collect all the bamboo you can find, and store them somewhere; so that you won’t run out of food when Animal Land ends,” Spotty and Hooves suggested.

“What a great idea!” Blacky and his family agreed. “We should start now if it will take a long time,” Blacky continued. Blacky and his family started on their food hunt.

Spotty and her family went back to their own home and decided to rest. They had gotten tired from collecting all their food. After a while, Lisa came back and told them the news.

“I made a speech and some others started to agree and some still disagreed,” Lisa said.

“Oh! So the speech didn’t convince everybody?!” Spotty exclaimed.

“Sorry, I couldn’t. There were people saying we need that land to be a land with humans!” Lisa said sadly.

“Well, you tried your best, didn’t you?” Spotty asked.

“I did what I could. I told them we need animals! We also need humans, but that’s not the only thing we need!” Lisa replied. Then Lisa’s phone started to ring.


“Hello?” Lisa answered the phone. It was the mayor!

“The humans over here have agreed to save Animal Land,” the mayor said happily. After Lisa hung up she told them that the mayor said Animal Land wouldn’t get destroyed. The mayor also agreed they should keep Animal Land. The mayor was a very handsome gentleman. He was 52 years old and had made great choices for the world.

“REALLY, REALLY? IF SO, WE MUST TELL EVERY OTHER ANIMAL IN ANIMAL LAND!” Spotty exclaimed. “Let’s go, Hooves!” After they told everyone in Animal Land, some humans started to come in. None of the animals knew what was going on. The animals were a little nervous because they thought it would be something bad. Then when all the animals heard the humans talking, the animals realized the humans were here because they really like the animals. After hearing the humans talk they became very happy. Some of the humans didn’t know how beautiful Animal Land was. Humans finally realized animals were useful because animals gave food to humans, and also some dogs could help the humans who were blind. Now that they knew animals were useful, humans were coming and going, in and out of Animal Land.

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