The War

Chapter One: The War

In a village called Lightling, people were living in peace. They would buy food from the markets, they would get their milk from cows, and they would have their toothbrushes made of horses’ tails. And in this village there was a woman and a man, and the woman was having a baby. But that was bad. Because when she got pregnant a war was starting. And the father was in the war. Luckily, she had the baby. The baby’s name was Spy. Spy was weird and funny. He also wore a ninja suit a lot. Spy was very tall because his father was tall. When Spy grew up, he got to go to the pool. When he was twelve, he went to the pool one day and he saw people leaving the pool and he was thinking something was wrong. But he stayed in. Then he heard a bang! Lightling was under attack! He got out of the pool and dried off and quickly got all his protection and went out. He saw thousands of buildings down and a lot of banging. Then he heard a rumble. It was so loud it cut out all of the sound. Then he saw what it was: it was a tank! And it was coming right for him! He ran as fast as he could. He turned around. But to his surprise the tank did not move. He thought it was a Shadow Spy (one of the most powerful people) and Shadow Spies were on the bad side. But it was not. 

It was his dad!!!

Spy’s mouth dropped. He ran to him so fast that he was out of breath when he got to him. But when he stood up he hugged his dad.

“I brought you something,” his dad said. “Spy, I brought you a navigation system.” 

“Thank you so much!!!” Spy yelled back. “But why will I need this?” said Spy.

“Because if you have to be in the war you can find targets. To see where bases are and roads,” his father explained. 

Then Spy went into the house and when he went to bed he saw something coming toward him. It was small and had big black letters all over it. When it got there it stopped in mid-air. 

“Do you want to join the war???” it said.

Spy was so surprised when he heard that he jumped out of bed. He looked at the plane and said “Yes!”

“Hop aboard!” the driver said. But he remembered to bring the map. When he got it he jumped out of his window and onto the plane. The plane was cozy, and it had beds. He asked where they were going. The driver said they were going to a castle. Then Spy went to lay down. When he woke up he was in a castle. The castle was big, sturdy, and had cannons. He looked around.

Someone came in and said, “Hello new air force commander. Would you like your uniform?”

Spy said yes. So the nice man came back with a uniform. It was nice and soft. He put it on. It was cozy. 

“Would you like a tour?” the man said.

Spy said yes. So the man gave him a tour. He told him where the tanks were and airplanes and other stuff. Then he went to the Great Hall and ate. After he went to his room and he took the map.

Chapter Two: The Person in the Castle

When he went out, he saw something turning a corner. Spy wanted to see what it was, so he followed it. First he was quiet. 

“Who are you?” Spy said. The person turned around.

“I am Dare,” he said. “My dad is in the war too. I am Spy’s brother. He doesn’t know that I’m his brother.”

“But he does,” Spy said angrily.

“How does he?” Dare said. 

 “Because I am a Spy,” Spy said.

Dare looked at Spy and paused. They had some quiet until Dare said “Now you know me.”

“But why did Mom and Dad not tell me?” Spy said, crying.

“Because I was once a Shadow Spy, and if Mom and Dad showed you then you would probably get mad,” Dare answered.

“But still probably I would cool down after that and I would like you,” Spy said. 

“No you would not. I did not like people on your side. Because I made the army of the Shadow Spies. Think. I made the Shadow Spies,” Dare said, emotionless. 

Dare suddenly began to cry. “I’m sorry,” Dare finally said. “Let’s be friends.” Spy hugged Dare. 

All of the sudden Spy heard lights flashing in the castle. 

The castle was under attack!!! He saw what it was. It was boats with Shadow Spies on them and they were shooting the castle! He saw a knife on the ground. He picked it up. He went outside. He dodged nineteen bullets.

He aimed at the leader of the spies. He threw the knife at the bottom of the boat. The boat sank. Just five more boats. He saw Dare shooting down more. He saw a watch-tower. He went in it and started shooting the boats down. He saw more and more coming, but he got those too. And finally they had victory!!! And partied all night long!  

But they didn’t know that the Shadow Spies were getting sleep. The Shadow Spies were ready to get revenge! So when they were asleep they dropped heavy balls and almost knocked them down. Then Spy woke up from sleep and saw even more Shadow Spies. He defeated all of them, working together. And then Dare and Spy traveled back to their parents in Lightling.

Then they had a turkey and mashed potato dinner and were all happy. 

Then they went to bed. His brother tucked him to bed, got him water, got toothpaste on his toothbrush, and he went to bed. The next morning the mom had a surprise for them: french toast, pancakes, and waffles with whipped cream. They even had a chocolate milkshake with hot chocolate!!! They ate the whole thing of pancakes, french toast, and waffles!! After they had to lay down. They laid down so long they fell asleep for an hour!!! After they called the jet that started how they got to the castle. And when Spy and Dare got there they were elected leaders. They told everyone that they can go to their beds and rest. After they told them to get in their planes and go to do tricks and have an air show.

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