The Witch Books

Dear whatever I’m supposed to call you,


I can’t believe my parents have been holding this secret from me all my life. I’m a witch!!! Not those fictional ones from the movies or books, but an actual witch. They told me on my sixteenth birthday, but to me I think they should have told me this when I was younger. They gave me this book because they want me to write all my feelings in it, which is stupid because I’m not eleven anymore, I don’t need a diary. Well, my mom is calling for me. I guess she’s going to tell me more things I didn’t know my whole life up until now. I wonder if they are even my actual parents.

Nope, turns out they are my actual parents. They said I need to go to a “witch academy” and learn more about who I am. This day sucks. If only I could go to the froyo store and gets some yogurt with my friends. But my life isn’t normal anymore thanks to my parents. Uh, I guess I’m not a human anymore. I’m a witch, a witch. I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! UGGGHHH! I feel like I’m two years old and my mom’s saying, “Darling you’re gonna be a witch for halloween,” but this is real. Like, I said it about a thousand times already and it still doesn’t feel right. While I’m here in my room reading witch books — roll eyes — my friends are hanging out without me. Could my life get any worse? Yep it can. My “parents’’ are calling me for a family meeting, which usually means, “I talk, you listen, and you better not argue with me young lady.”

“Darling I’m so worried about you,” said my mother. “You shouldn’t be up in your room. Jeez louise, it’s the summer. Go have fun.”

Great, I’m still treated like a baby. Why don’t they put me in a diaper, put a bib around my neck, and get me a play pen? Then I might actually look like one.

“Venesa, you are going to have to stop babying her. She going to study all day, everyday, for this whole summer till she knows everything she needs to know to become an amazing witch. I had to give that up because I married you. I want her not to give up her chance to learn all of this,” my dad says, starting to get emotional. Great, I have a mom who babies me and a dad who is over emotional. What else does life have to bring me? Well no point in having dinner, I lost my appetite already.

As I get in bed I imagine all the fun things my friends are doing without me. THIS LIFE SUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKSSSSSSS (again).


Why should I bother tittling you,


Here is another day of me spending in this house, ugh. My dad keeps on telling me ‘stop your attitude,’ but I really don’t care what anyone says anymore. As I open the book of wisdom, I notice all these amazing spells. One turns you into a duck, and another makes things come alive. As I flip through more pages I come up to one that can make you invisible. Maybe I can turn myself invisible to sneak out the house and have fun with my friends while my parents think I am learning these spells. I’m a genius. I’m totally getting the hang of this witch thingy. If only I knew what potions I need to make this spell.

I go into my parents bedroom to see if there was any potions there. As I was about to leave I noticed a pair of my mom’s high heels, but they didn’t look like any of her regular pair. There seemed to be letters and numbers all around. It was unusual and strange. I come closer to see and investigate more deeply.

As I touch the numbers and letters, I come upon a letter that looked different from the rest and I noticed it had ancient words around it. As I touch the surface of that weird looking number, a door opened out of nowhere. I peer inside and there were tons of witch books and spells, potions, and a pot that you could use to try out the potion. It seems as if someone was in there recently before I came. Maybe mom was in there because when I was walking by after I got a glass of water, I saw her go inside a door that I didn’t see before in their room. I didn’t pay much mind before because I was so mad. Every color you could ever imagine was in bottles that are used to make spells. WOOOOOOOOWWW. I never thought being a witch could be so cool! OMG, why did I just say that? This is getting weird.

As I look at the pair of pumps again, I notice a number that looked very strange. As I touch it, the door automatically shuts and turns into a wall again. I run out of their room just to see my parents outside. “Why were you in our room,” asks Dad.

“I was just looking for a pencil and I couldn’t find one,” I say. Just to tell, I’m a terrible liar, but I think they believed me. Wow, they’re so gullible. I better go before my dad sees me not looking at that stupid book.                    

I may be writing this stuff, but I still don’t like this journal idea.


Uhh you know what I am not even going to bother,


My mind keeps on wondering to that spells and potion room, but I keep telling myself to stop thinking about it. I made up this thing so every time I think about that room I have to pinch myself. You know what, I’m not going to do THAT. Maybe I could just sneak up and get the potions —

NO!!! I can’t do that.

But —


Ugh. It’s just so tempting, soooo tempting, but I know I would get caught. It’s like water. I can’t live without going into that room.

Earlier that day my friend called me saying, “Come over to my house. My mom is not here and I’m throwing an awesome party.”

“I can’t,” I told her, which made her like, mad. So like, she said, “We aren’t, like, friends any more, like, dUUUHHHH!”

She’s there for, like, a good two minutes saying that. I think her “likes” are contagious. I can’t, like, stop saying/using them. I’m probably not popular anymore. Ugh. From one to ten, I used to be a ten and now I’m like a nine. WAAAHHH! I’M A NIIINNNE! Not even a ten, a nine. I might as well just stay in my room foooreeevvveeerrr!

It is not like they’re gonna let me out till school starts anyway.


Fine I’ll title you: Dear Diarrhea,


I have really bad stomach aches all the time. That is why I always need to do it… Ooops wrong story.


Dear Dairy,

You know dairy makes me gassy. That is why in class I am always farting and blaming it on other peop… Whoops, wrong again!


Dear Thingy majiggy I don’t want to use,


Sorry you got the wrong page. If you ever tell anyone I will find you, then kill you. Anyways, now that we are off that subject, I decided that I am like, (Sorry, the ‘likes’ are fading, but by time) gonna go since they’ve been so like, mean. Gosh, why can’t they be like grandma and wake up in the morning, then fall asleep on the couch listening to the radio. So here’s the plan (you better not like, tell my parents): I’m gonna wait till they go to sleep, then I will go into their room quietly, and take the stuff I need to make the invisibility spell, so I can sneak off whenever I like, want. I know, I am brilliant. You can scream it if you would like to now…

Sorry I couldn’t finish it, my mom and dad almost caught me not studying. Good thing I had this book in the spell book. My mom and dad are are asleep now, so I just have wait a few minutes till I hear their loud snores.

I finally heard their snores going through the walls, so I got up and opened the door quietly. I heard a creak (ugh, what a stupid door). I walk down the hallway carefully trying not to make any more noises. As soon as I opened the door I was greeted by my mother. She knew.

“Oh Oh,” I said aloud.

“Don’t worry sweetie, I didn’t tell your father. Hehehe,” she cackled. Then something changed. She looked like Medusa! No it couldn’t be. I blinked again just to make sure I was seeing correctly. She, or this thing, was still there. Suddenly my mom was back to normal.

“Go to sleep darling. We’ll talk about this in the morning.” I walk down the hall still confused, as I lay in my bed. I wonder if my imagination was playing tricks on me as I drift off to sleep.


Hello thingy,


As I slowly drifted back to the real world and out of my dream, I got up from bed. That was a strange dream. Something about my mom being Medusa. The smell of pancakes drifted up my nose. As I sat down with my mom and dad, I told them about my dream. My mom’s grin suddenly widened mysteriously, almost like the way Medusa did. Dad on the other hand looked like I smacked him in the face (which I wouldn’t mind doing) and told me never to speak of that again because Medusa killed his parents. He also told me she was the most powerful witch and she has been searching for him forever. Ugh, why do parents have to be overactive? But if Medusa killed me that would be a reason to cry like, come on. My mom’s grin quickly disappeared as a sorrow look appeared on her face. I was so flabbergasted that I didn’t know what to think. Ugghhh, why can’t my brain just get smarter. Life is just so hard.


Omg Diary,


I just saw my mother change into Medusa! I knew it all along. Of course, now her reaction to me dream this morning makes sense. Wait, she is probably trying to kill me and my dad. NOOO! This can’t possibly happen, then she is gonna be after me. I can’t die I am way too beautiful to die, like, I have to become a ten again and I can’t do that with Medusa on my back. You know what, I am telling my mo- Medusa to leave me alone.

As I walk up to Medusa I tell her, “You should leave, because like, you are way too bad to live here and my dad is gonna freak.”

“Sweetie, it’s ok. Besides, I was hoping that we could unite and have power over everyone. Mwaahaha” My mom- I mean, Medusa says savagely.

“NO, NEVER!” I say loudly, trying to get my dad to hear me.

“Fine, we’ll just have to do it the hard way. Guards!” My mother voice screeched and her snakes hissed. I felt my dad’s arms around me.

“Where should I take her?” He was hypnotized. That’s when I started screaming.


Dear Diary,


I am in a dark room. Wait I see a sliver of light. I touch the doorknob. It’s open! I escape quickly past the guards. I don’t know how.


Dear Diary,


These are my last pages. I want you to know that I am safe. I remember hearing the loud scream of Medusa as she finds me not in that place she locked me in. Wait, I remember the door being locked a few seconds and then when I woke up again it was unlocked. Somehow I knew Medusa didn’t open it. I don’t have anyone, but I am safe, that’s all I can tell. She, Medusa will be after be after me. I just know it.


Dear Diary,


NO! She is here! Medusa is here! I don’t know how she found me. I could feel her breath on my back. I won’t look into her eyes. Only I can defeat her.

I can feel my anger rising inside me. I screamed and light was all around me. I pushed it towards Medusa’s heart. That is when I noticed a wand in my hand. WHAT THE HECK? Is this Harry Potter or something?

I say some words in Latin. Wait, how did I speak Latin? That is why in school I knew all the Italian words and everything! They came so easily in my head.

Medusa vanished as quickly as she came. My dad suddenly came in the room confused. “What happened?” my dad says  dizzily as he sat at the edge of my bed. I quickly tell him.

I see tears emerge from his eyes as he snatched me into a deep hug. “I am so sorry sweetheart.” Ugh he is getting snot on my sweater.

“I won’t stay here for long. I know there are more monsters out their dad.”

“Fine but be safe.”

“I am still gonna finish high school.”


Ugh, why can’t my family just pull itself together?


5 Years Later


Dear last page of my diary,


You know I found you in an old box in my attic? I’ve killed many other monsters:  Dracula, Darth Vader (yeah he is real), and many sirens.

I am in college, but don’t worry, I still fight the monsters.

Dad just died because he got cancer. I wish I spent more time with him instead of just being a teenager.

But I have bigger things to worry about. There’s a new monster in town, but they don’t know what they’re dealing with.

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