The Witch of Staten Island

In the time of 1827, there were two soldiers who just came back from a furious war. They were in the Navy, but they ran away because they did not want to get injured, or worse, killed! They needed to find some shelter because there was a terrible storm going on. They found a little cabin in the country, which was the only shelter in sight.

The two soldiers went into the little cabin to spend the night. When they started to settle in the cabin, they heard something moaning in the kitchen cabinet. The two soldiers walked into the kitchen slowly without making any noise. They opened the kitchen cabinet and just like that –


One of the soldiers was gone!

The soldier who was still there looked in the cabinet, and the only thing that he saw was a dead body in the hands of a creepy doll. He went to look out the window to see if the storm was still going on, but the only thing that he saw in the window was a witch. The soldier locked all the doors and all of the windows, locked himself in one room with a window, found a pitch black blanket, and hid under it.

Everything was quiet. The soldier pulled the covers off of him, and the window swung open. The soldier walked up to the window. He watched what he thought was a horse going into the bushes, but then he saw the creepy old witch go into the bushes! He watched the whole scene. The witch jumped into the bushes, and she came out with horse ribs. She put them on the water, and they floated away.

The soldier carefully put the blanket away, quietly walked out of the tiny haunted cabin, and followed the witch into the distance. When the witch reached her destination, it seemed like she was talking to a black shadow that was shaped like a bull, but it seemed like they got into a fight (it got physical).

The shadow dude started stabbing the creepy witch! The creepy witch pulled the shadow’s tongue out and walked away, but the storm was still going on. At the same place that they were, a tree got struck by lightning! The tree fell down and hit both of them. The witch got up and got really angry, and the witch pulled out the shadow’s heart and lungs and ate it.


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