Three Long Reasons Why Sahara Should Have a Puppy

Sahara should have a puppy. Deal with it. There are many reasons a dog will be good for her. Dogs are fun, but that’s not the only reason she wants one. Dogs teach maturity and devotion. And your daughter, Sahara, really, really wants one. Sahara deserves a dog because dogs are good for kids. She has a plan to help pay for the dog, and a dog will help her be responsible.

Dogs are awesome because they are good for kids. It is a scientific fact that when you touch a dog, a chemical comes and makes you happy. If you want Sahara to jog, she has to jog with a dog. It’s common rhyming. She will be outside all the time. She will take it to the park every day after school. Sahara will do more swimming with a dog. And she’ll ride her bike with her dog in her mom’s basket. You will not have to do any work because Sahara knows that it is her responsibility. Sahara promises to pay the dog sitter if she is going on vacation. Or if she is going to Virginia or Philadelphia, etc., she will pay to take it with her. She will care for it until it dies.

Even though dogs are expensive, Sahara has a plan to get money. Okay, yes, she knows that puppies are not necessarily cheap. Don’t worry. She has a plan. She already has Xavier paying $20. She has been saving her money for about a month now, so that is about $10. Her mom owes her $30. She is trading her $20 Target gift card with her mom for $20 in cash or on her card. Altogether, that’s $80, and she is trying to raise $20 before her Christmas deadline.

Uncle Carl will give Sahara tips on managing the dog, since he has done so successfully for five years, and he will donate $50 for the upkeep/maintenance of the dog. So now, that is $130, not including the $20 she wants to earn. As you can see, Sahara has a plan for paying for the puppy.

There are daily things she will have to do, and that will help her be more responsible. As soon as she gets home with the puppy, it is going to have a look around, and then she is going to teach it to sit. Over the next few weeks, she is going to potty train it and teach it to come when called. She is also going to have it learn how to walk properly on a leash. She will teach it that when it is alone, it should just play in its playpen and not break anything. Sahara would have to walk Bella/Blue — the name will be Bella if it’s a girl, and Blue if it’s a boy — the maltipoo every day. She would have to feed Bella/Blue every day. She would brush Bella’s/Blue’s teeth every day. And every week, she would have to wash him/her. It would help her do her chores daily. She will have to take care of a dog, and when she’s older, it will help her take care of her children.  

So now you know a few things. One: Sahara has plans for a puppy. Two: a puppy teaches responsibility. And there are many daily jobs to do and lots of things for her to clean. But she will do them everyday.


The reason chores are not always done every day is because they aren’t living things that would make any noise or move on their own. But she also has a plan for that. She is going to make a sign that says, “Do your chores!” and put it somewhere that she will see it every day.


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