To The Moon

One Saturday calm evening a dog pack was in their house in Dog World, reading about space. In the dog pack is Milo a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog who is brown and white and is the leader, Donald the grey Great Dane dog who is the craziest, Juan the all white Havanese dog with apricot colored ears who is the frightendest, and Albert a Yorkshire Terrier dog who has an Albert Einstein brain.

“Guys. In this book, it says there is a free rocketship shuttle with all the stuff you need to go to the moon for free. You can only go to the moon. Our moon,” said Milo.

“Cool! Can we do it?” asked Donald.

“I certainly would love that and yes,” said Milo.

“Did you know that lots of people die in a rocketship. They could run out of oxygen in the ship and you could get stuck up there,” said Albert.

Juan screamed.

“No worries. They say there is only one ship left and it never runs out of oxygen. Let’s do it,” said Milo.

“Do they send it to you?” asked Juan.

“Yes. We have to call at (123) 4576-7893,” said Milo. Milo grabbed the phone and called that number then put the phone to his ear. “Yes, hi, I would like your last spaceship shuttle please. My address is Thirty-Four North on Berk Street between Fifty Avenue and Samsung Avenue. Thanks, bye,” said Milo. Milo hung up and put the phone back. “It’s on it’s way. We’re going to the moon,” said Milo.

“Great!” said Donald.

“What if we do die?” asked Juan.

“Read the page, Juanito,” said Milo. Milo handed his book to Juan. Juan read the page.

“Alright. I’ll guess I’ll try it. But if we die, God will prove me right,” said Juan.

“God proves everyone right or wrong,” said Milo.

“Did you know Jesus was a real man living on Earth? Although no man will ever see him. Only in heaven,” said Albert. Juan screamed. “We have a long life of living. We’ll be fine,” said Albert. Then, the doorbell rang. Milo opened the door. The spaceship was here. Milo took the spaceship and closed the door.

“Look everybody! It’s the ship!” said Milo.

“Came that quick?” asked Juan.

“It must have legs,” said Donald.

“Quit being ridiculous. Now let’s go to the moon,” said Milo.

“Right now?” asked Juan.

“You have to have a good night’s rest before we go to any moon. If you fall asleep while flying, we will die,” said Albert.

“We’ll be fine, now let’s go to the moon,” said Milo.

“Do you even know how to fly one of these things? You’ll need a lesson from my grandfather. He can fly a spaceship like there is no tomorrow,” said Juan.

“I need no lesson on anything, now let’s go!” said Milo. Everyone got up and went in the spaceship. Everyone closed the doors when they were all in. Milo sat in the driver’s seat. The spaceship is huge! There is even a pet cow. The cow is white with black spots and her name is Emily. Emily is a tired cow who just stands up by a side of the spaceship just eating grass and drinking water out of a bucket.

“Holy Dogbones! A cow!!! I’m gonna make some milk,” said Donald. Donald grabbed a paper cup and went to Emily. Donald put the cup under Emily’s udder, squeezed the udder, and made the milk.

When Donald finished, he drank the milk.

“Are you gonna get this thing on the roll yet?!” asked Juan.

“Alright, how do you turn this thing?” asked Milo.

“Hah, I told you you need a lesson!” said Juan. Then Milo pushed a button. That starts the engine. The engine started and it was huge.

“What the heck was that?!!!” screamed Juan.

“The engine, you moron,” said Donald. Milo put his two front paws on the steering wheel and carefully turned the spaceship around. The tip of the spaceship knocked down their house.

“Way to go, Milo!” said Juan.

“Oh, shut up!” snapped Milo. “Now you have to make this thing go fast,” said Milo. Milo put his back paw on the gasoline pedal and the spaceship went so fast everyone screamed and Juan vomited.

“ISN’T THERE SUPPOSED TO BE SOME INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO FLY THIS THING?!!!” screamed Albert. Finally, they were in the air. Everyone stopped screaming. Everyone took a deep breath.

“Eeew! Someone threw up!” shrieked Donald.

“Calm your nerves, that was me,” said Juan.

“Oh, you’re the one who’s always scared!” snapped Donald. And then, a manual slipped out from nowhere. “Hey, what’s that?” asked Donald. Donald picked up the manual. Donald opened it up. It was a manual on how to fly the spaceship. “Oh my God! This is nuts! Milo!” shrieked Donald.

“What?” asked Milo.

“I just found this manual on how to fly this aircraft!” said Donald.

“Oh, gee, how was I supposed to know that there was a manual?” asked Milo.

“It slipped out from somewhere and common sense. Of course there’d be a manual,” said Donald. Milo sighed in stress. “It says, ‘to turn the ship, you need to use the steering wheel,’” read Donald.

“I know that. This thing is like a car only in air. On the ground it’s harder. This thing is like a car. It feels like a Mercedes-Benz,” said Milo.

“What’s that?” asked Donald and Juan at the same time.

“It’s a car. It is the most comforting car and is the smartest car in the world. My dad used to have one,” said Albert.

“Kay,” said Juan. “‘To keep the ship in air, click the green center control button next to your steering wheel on the right side three times and it will drive just like a car.”

“Bet you didn’t know that,” said Donald. Milo sighed in stress as he pushed that button three times.

“Keep reading more stuff,” said Milo.

“‘If the ship runs out of fuel, call (123) 456-7893. If any other problems, call (123) 456-7893. If you run out of oxygen, call 911,’” read Donald.

“So it can run out of oxygen. We might die,” said Juan. Milo groaned. He was all wrong.

“Don’t stop reading. Continue reading after I react. I’ll let you know. Go,” said Milo.

“‘Please have no children on the ship and keep the windows down. Don’t fly this ship until or unless you know what you’re doing or until you’ve read this manual three or four times,’” read Donald.

“Sucks!” mumbled Milo.

“I was right again!” said Juan.

“Continue on,” said Milo.

“Asteroid!” warned Donald. There really were asteroids in front of them.

“What asteroid?” asked Milo.

“No, in front of you!!!” screamed Donald.

Milo looked in front. Tons of them were there. Milo screamed and steered the spaceship away from the asteroids. When they were out, everyone sighed in relief.

“I’m gonna read about if there’s an asteroid. ‘When there are asteroids in front of you, never steer the ship away from them. Press the red button four times on the left side of your steering wheel and just fly through them. The red button is a shield so your ship doesn’t get dented,’” read Donald.

“I guess Mister I Think I Can Fly A Spaceship can’t fly a spaceship,” said Juan.

“That’s it! I’m out,” said Milo.

“Perfect. I’ll fly the ship,” said Juan.

“You can’t fly this baby, you’re too scared,” said Milo.

“Scared or scary?” asked Juan, proudly.

“Scared,” said Milo.

“Fine. If you want us to die at a young age, go ahead. You’ve done the total opposite of the manual told you to do. I have no more faith in you that you can fly this thing. It’s way beyond your potential,” said Juan.

“If I can drive a car, I can drive this stupid thing,” said Milo.

“A car is thousands times below this thing’s potential,” said Juan.

“Just shut up, I know what I’m doing,” said Milo.

“Yeah, you don’t. ‘Just shut up, I know what I’m doing,’ said Milo,” said Juan.

“How dare you mock me?!!!” growled Milo.

“Ohhhh, someone made the boss mad,” said Donald.

“Thank you, Don,” said Milo. “What happens if a shooting star comes or that little flying thing that looks like rain?” asked Milo.

“You have no idea what a comet is,” said Juan.

“I only forgot the name,” said Milo.

“I’ll give you a break on that one,” said Juan.

“‘When a shooting star comes, no worries. Your ship is made to handle that without a shield or being dented. If a comet comes. Press the red button for the asteroids ten times fast and a major shield will be provided,’” read Donald.

“Can someone get me a glass of milk?” asked Milo. Juan took a cup, put the cup under Emily’s udder, squeezed it, and the milk was made then Juan gave it to Milo.

“Thanks, Doll,” said Milo. Then Juan went back to his seat.

“Keep reading, Donald,” said Milo.

“‘When you reach the moon and it’s perfectly then thousand feet under you, click the button on top of your steering wheel one time quickly and you will safely land on the moon,’” read Donald.

“Please don’t tell me that’s the last page,” said Milo.

Donald flipped back the pages to check. That was the last one. “It is the last one,” said Donald.

“You can’t put that many pages in a spaceship manual. Anything can happen in space, they need to put more information!” said Milo.

“Wait, where’s Albert?” asked Juan.

“God knows where that little punk goes,” said Milo.

“What if he slipped out the ship and went out in space without a spacesuit?!” shrieked Donald.

“He’s only a little man!!! He can’t die now!!!” shouted Juan in major fear.

“I’m right here,” said Albert from behind the refrigerator.

“Lord have mercy, you scared all of us to death,” said Juan.

“Not everyone,” said Milo.

“Quit being such a punk!” said Juan.

“Donald find what else is in the manual,” said Milo. Donald flipped through the manual.

“Aha! Found something! ‘This ship has a backup engine. If this ship breaks down, it won’t really break down because of the backup engine,’” read Donald.

“Great,” said Juan.

“Planes have back up engines, too,” said Albert. Then, a little beeping sound came off.

“What is that? Donald, does it tell you what the beep is in the manual?” asked Milo.

“‘That beep sound is when the moon is under you,’” read Donald. Milo hit the top of the steering wheel button quickly. Like a parachute, the spaceship floated slowly straight down nice and calm. Finally, they landed. Everyone sighed in relief. Milo turned the engine off, and the dog pack put on their spacesuits and went out of the spaceship. They were floating.

“Where’s the flag?” asked Milo.

“What flag?” asked Juan and Donald at the same time.

“To remember you achieved something, you put a flag on top of it to show you’ve made an achievement like climbing the tallest mountain or going to the moon,” said Albert. Milo went in the ship, grabbed the flag, and poked it on top of the moon.

“Our Earth is bigger than this,” said Albert.

“So what do we do now?” asked Juan.

“Go back to Earth I guess,” said Milo. Everyone went back in the spaceship, took of their spacesuits and started back to Earth. Milo sat in the driver’s seat and started the engine. Milo put his back paw on the gasoline pedal and started flying back. When they were in air, Juan took nap.

“Milo, Juan is sleeping,” said Donald. Donald tickled Juan’s stomach. Juan started jiggling and laughing. Finally he woke up.

“We’re almost home, buddy. You’ll take a nap when we get home,” said Donald. Then, that beep came again. Milo quickly hit the top of the steering wheel button and they landed safely on Earth right by their house again. When they exited the spaceship, they saw their house was broken down.

“What happened?” asked Juan.

“Our house is down,” said Donald and Juan at the same time. It’s because of the spaceship.

“No worries, I can fix it,” said Albert. Albert grabbed his tools and repaired their house. They went inside when that was done, and started reading about Africa.

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