Train Lines



One day, the 7th avenue line was getting ready to wake up. All the 1 trains woke up at the 238th yard. “Yaawn,” all the 1 trains yawned. “It’s time to get to work!” said all the 1 trains.

They had to get to work every single day. Only one of all the 1 trains in the yard didn’t want to get up, and that was 1871-1890. The reason that they didn’t want to get up was because it was Car 1872’s last day on duty. It was his last day because he didn’t have any air conditioning. The car replacing him would be 1872A. They didn’t know him yet because he was still getting built. They didn’t want 1872 to leave. He could just get fixed. All of the 1 trains were really sad. He had been all of the 1 trains’ good friends since the year 1984. 1872 had been a good friend. He helped other cars by being a set of five. 1871-1875 were his best friends. 1872 would now be out of service, but he hoped he would still be in the yard. 1872 had hard times on his motors, so he couldn’t move, and the other trains had to pull him.

The drivers got them ready for their day. The drivers didn’t know the trains could talk. The trains kept it a secret, because they didn’t want their drivers to take them out of service. All of the trains talked, so they had to keep their identities a secret. So the second a driver stepped into the car, they couldn’t make a single sound except rrr and beep. All the trains started the day.

Meanwhile, at the Pitkin Yard, the C train was very delighted by 1872 retiring, because he didn’t like 1872 at all. The C train was very jealous that 1872 got all the attention today. “It’s time for me to get the attention!” said the R32 C train.

At the end of the day, the R62 trains — 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, and 7s — made a cake for 1872, and all the trains that were retired but still alive came to the yard too.



At the party, the 2 trains coupled to the 1s coupled to the 3s coupled to the 4s coupled to the 5s coupled to the 6s coupled to the 7s coupled to the old trains. They all went down the line, all the way to South Ferry. They came and turned back, but this time, they went past the yard to Van Cortlandt Park! Well, at least the yard was one stop away. So, they went back and ate the cake. The cake was really good, and after that, all of the trains went back to their yards and went to sleep.

The next morning, 1872A was done. 1872 had to stay in the yard, so they uncoupled him and went away for 1872A. 1872A was very shiny and new. They went to to work. 1872A was pushing the train all the way to South Ferry. He did not want to stop at all. He just wanted to have fun. They got all the way to South Ferry, and they crashed through the wall! 1871 did not get hurt, though he was still crashed in the wall on Track 4. 1872A had to get retired. So they retired 1872A, and they fixed 1872 to be another car. 1872 was part of the same train. 1871-1875 and 1876-1890 were really happy that he was back. So they all went slowly and carefully and stopped at all the stops, and then they went back to the yard. They were right on time.




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