Trip to Yesterday

Yesterday, I woke up with the sound of squeaks. Then I think that I know what happened. Mommy opened the fridge and Oreo was squeaking, trying to ask for Brussels sprouts. I laugh and run to the table to eat my breakfast. I run to school and see Miss Bramble. She teaches me about worms and other insects. I give her back Oreo, her guinea pig that I had at home for the weekend. I tell her she likes Brussels sprouts and she looks amazed. I remember her lifting her eyebrow and saying, “Oreo likes a lot of things, but I didn’t know that she liked Brussels sprouts!” I leave science class and think about how great my science teacher was.

The next year, I have the same impression about my science teacher. Miss Bramble is not tall but not short either. She always smiles but when someone does something wrong she still talks to them. She is very sweet and likes almost everyone she talks to. She is a friend of Mr. Z, one of the best music teachers ever.

The same year there is a sad event: the little guinea pig with the orange spots on his back from carrots dies. Everyone is very sad. The day Miss Bramble told us that was the first day I ever saw Miss Bramble be sad. Seeing her like that almost made me cry. Still now, when I think about that moment I am very sad.

Then at the end of the year, I learn that Miss Bramble will be leaving to the upper grades. I am disappointed, but then I think I will see her in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. Then it is summer and I have fun with my grandparents and cousins but I still think that I will see Miss Bramble the year after.

Today I know that I was wrong, and I would not have Miss Bramble in 5th grade but I still had fun learning about earth, electricity, and mass and other fun stuff. Meanwhile, Miss Bramble bought gerbils. Well, she didn’t buy them but that is a whole other story.

One thought on “Trip to Yesterday”

  1. Hi, Juliette!

    What an amazing author you are! You did an amazing job painting a picture of Miss Bramble’s personality, so the reader could adore her as much as you do. She even reminded me of a few of my favorite elementary school teachers. I’m sorry to hear that the guinea pig passed, but I’m glad Miss Bramble was able to acquire some gerbils for her class. You said that was a whole other story, and it is one I’d certainly like to hear one day. I hope you continue to write!


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