Valley Crescent’s Discovery: Book 1

“Hey Laura! What’s up?” asked Valley Crescent.

Laura was Valley’s best friend and the school year was over so they could play as much as they wanted. “Ruff ruff ruff ruff,” barked Valley’s dog, Chico — Chee for short. “Hey Chico!” called Laura.

“Meow meow meow,” went Laura’s cat, Haley.

“Valley! Dinner’s ready! Time to come in!” called Valley’s mom.

“Okay Laura, I gotta go in. It’s dinnertime,” said Valley.

“Okay! See you tomorrow at the kickball field with Cami!” said Laura.

Chapter One

It was dinnertime for Valley and her older sister, Bella, and her younger twin sisters, Lola and Ruby. Lola and Ruby were identical, nobody could ever tell them apart. They didn’t even think of putting name tags on them. Bella was complaining to their mom, “Mom, I’m 16! I want to go to driving lessons!”

Valley’s mom said, “You have to be 16 and a half before you can go to driving lessons. Me and your father talked about that and told you!”

Valley sighed. “A full house is always busy,” Valley muttered to herself.

The twins were five years old. Ruby said, “Can we have dessert yet? We’re done with our dinner.”

“Yeah! Can we have popsicles?” asked Lola.

“Okay. What about you, Valley?” their Mom asked.

“I think I might go upstairs and read and then come down for dessert,” said Valley.

“Mom, I think I’ll have dessert now,” said Bella.

“What would you like for dessert?” asked their Mom.

“Honey, I’m hooome!” yelled their Dad.

“Daddy!” said Lola and Ruby.

“Hi, Dad!” said Bella.

“Hi, Daddy” said Valley.

“Hello, Valley! Hello, everyone! Valley, are you excited for your birthday coming up? It’s almost July 7th.”

“Yeah, Daddy! No kidding!” said Valley. “I was just about to go upstairs and read for a little bit.”

So Valley went upstairs and read until her mom came upstairs and plopped a book on her reading desk and said, “I just went to the library today and this woman came out of nowhere and gave me this book to give to a child that loves to read! It’s a big book, so you should like it!”

“Okay Mom, I’ll make sure I read it,” said Valley.

When Valley opened the book, she saw one word on the first page. It said MAGIC in cursive handwriting. That was all it said. “Ma-gic,” Valley said to herself. All of the sudden, the book picked her up and flung her out of the window. She was caught into a swirl of golden light and was sucked into the clouds. And then, she shrunk.

Chapter Two

“AAHHHH!” screamed Valley, “MOM!! DAD!! HELP ME!!”

But nobody could hear her. Ouf! Valley fell with a thump. Valley looked around and saw a huge, beautiful castle. There were no clouds in the sky. The castle had golden swirls with pink tower tops and the rest was white. She turned her head around and saw that she had wings. The wings were shimmering and pink with gold traces in the middle. “Whoa! I have wings? I didn’t know that. That must mean I can fly!” said Valley.

So she fluttered her wings for the first time and rose up in the air. “Wait a second! I don’t know how to fly! How do I control or steer this?!”

OUCH! She flew straight into a tree. Luckily the tree was as soft as clouds. The tree caught her. OAF! This wasn’t how normal trees felt. “Well, since it’s so soft, I can make a bed out of it,” thought Valley.

“Hey Valley! Can you see me?” called a familiar voice.

Huh? Valley looked around. She recognized the voice, and saw a dark figure running towards her. “Valley! It’s me!” called the voice again.

“LAURA?! You’re here too?” cried Valley.

Then she noticed another dark figure coming from the right. “Valley! It’s me! It’s Cami!”

Valley looked and saw Cami running towards her. Cami had long, dark hair and loved the color yellow. She was wearing a yellow skirt with pink high tops and a green sweater. “Guys! I didn’t know you were here! How’d you get in?” said Valley.

“We were reading a book together, but we only saw one word — MAGIC.”

“Hey! That’s how I got in too!” said Valley.

“Well, now that we’re all together, we can, um…explore this place?” asked Cami.

“Sure, why not?!” said Laura.

“We’re just stuck in this realm until we can get out. At least if we can find a way out! Let’s start with what month it is.”

“It’s July.”

“Now let’s go to the days.”

“It’s the…third, I think.”

Valley gasped. “My birthday! It’s on July seventh. We only have four days to get outta here! Wait a second…I remember from Jack and Annie that when we’re in a magical realm, everytime we leave, time stops. So my younger sisters, Bella, Chico, my Dad and my Mom are all frozen in place until I come back. So that means I won’t miss my birthday! So we have as much time as we want! This is amazing!” said Valley.

“You’re right, Valley,” said Cami.

“But I wanna get outta here! I don’t wanna wait for my birthday,” said Valley, slightly mad.

“Okay, I don’t wanna wait either,” said Laura.

“Wait! Look! A note!” said Cami suddenly.

“It says: You can get out easily, but the quest is hard. Once you finish the quest, the rest of it will be easy. Follow this map on the back, and you will succeed the quest. So, you will go to Metroll hills and follow the golden path with swirls. This is a magic note, so the words will change when you get to Metroll Hills. It’ll keep changing every time you get to a destination. Good luck!” read Cami.

“Then let’s get a move on!” said Laura.

“Well, it’s getting dark, so we should sleep in the tree that I found. It’s as soft as silk fur,” said Cami.

“Wait, you found a tree too?” asked Valley.

“Not exactly — we flew right into the middle of the tree. We went SMACK,” said Laura.

So they followed Cami to the tree made of silk fur. Cami was good at sewing and had brought her pocket sewing kit. So she took some fur from the tree and made everyone blankets. The blankets were as soft as a puppy’s fur. It was like sleeping on a cloud full of puppies.

Chapter Three

“Yawn! Good morning guys! Ready for the walk to Metroll Hills?” asked Valley.

“Okay, but Valley, don’t you think we should eat first? I found a food tree,” said Cami.

They went to the food tree that Cami found. They grabbed some plates from the plate tree, which was to the left of the food tree. They grabbed some forks, spoons and knives from the silverware tree. Then, they put some food from the food tree on their plates. Cami had scrambled eggs with bacon.

Valley had pancakes with syrup. Laura had a bagel with cream cheese. “That was a good breakfast,” said Cami. “Now let’s get a move on!”

They started their walk to Metroll Hills. It was very beautiful, but they also had to go through a creepy, scary, sinister forest filled with monster trees and bats. On the way to the forest, they passed Lunchville. They decided to have lunch since it was almost lunch. The girls all had grilled cheese sandwiches with apple slices for dessert. They started to walk again and had to face the forest. In the forest, there were skeletons and graveyards. The girls were spooked; they thought they saw a ghost. They ran out of the forest and saw a sign that said “METROLL HILLS.” The magic note flew ahead of the girls above their heads and landed in a patch of green grass. The magic note read: You have reached Metroll Hills! Beware the trolls of Metroll Hills! Your quest is to find the magic keys. But first, you have to get past the trolls. Each of you will receive a wand. Every time you complete a mission, you will receive something else. You will have to defeat the meanest, biggest troll to get the key. Laura, you will hold the key since you have the biggest pockets. Don’t ask or write how I know your name or anything about your pockets! Good luck, girls!

“Okay, that was weird!” said Laura.

“Oooohhh! Now I get it! MeTROLL Hills? Wait! Trolls are my sister’s worst fear,” said Valley.

“Hey, look! There are the wands right above us! Let’s jump up and get them!” said Cami.

The girls jumped up, but couldn’t reach the wands at first. They tried three more times before they jumped high enough to grab the wands. The girls’ wands were different colors. Valley’s was golden with pink swirls all over it. “Hey, these are my favorite colors!”

Laura’s wand was blue with white stars all over it. “Hey, stars are my favorite shape! White and blue are my favorite colors!”

Cami’s wand was red with purple polka dots. “Hey, I don’t like polka dots!”

“Well, I want polka dots! Let’s trade,” said Valley.

Valley and Cami quickly traded wands, but the trading went horribly wrong. When Cami and Valley were practicing their spells, the spells kept bouncing off the hills and straight towards them. They had keep ducking and flying to avoid getting hit. “I almost forgot I had wings! We should fly the rest of the way,” Valley said.

“Oh man! This has gone horribly wrong. Let’s trade back,” said Cami.

“Hey! I can change the color and polka dots on your wand,” said Laura.

“Okay. That sounds perfect!” said Cami.

The girls traded back as Laura chanted her spell. “Expecto patronum! Wingardium leviosa! Avada cadavra! Luminos!”

The wand was picked up and swirled around in a cloud gold glitter. The wand was transformed into having red and purple waves. It was now beautiful. “I LOVE it!!” said Cami.

Now everyone loved their wands. They practiced their spells for a few minutes until a troll popped out of a hole in the ground. The troll was huge with an army of little trolls right behind it.

“Welcome, traitors!” said the troll in a deep voice. The troll was old, wrinkly and gray. It had no hair and a shiny bald head. The key was hanging on a necklace around his neck. The key glimmered in the sunshine. “Wingardium Leviosa!” screamed Laura. The troll rose up in the air and was confused. He was grunting and screaming.

“My turn!” said Valley. “Aresto Momentum!”

The troll burst into pieces. The smaller army of trolls screamed and ran into hiding. All that was left was the key. Laura grabbed the key and shoved it in her pocket. “Okay, we got the key, now let’s follow the map to the next destination. What does the magic note say?”

Chapter Four

“‘You have completed your first mission. Laura has the key. Your next mission is to go to Stripeville, where every person has stripes like a tiger. You will have special armor with stripes so you can go undercover. You have to defeat the King of Stripes to get your next key. This time it is a red key that must be held by Cami. Good luck!’” read the note.

“So what do we do?” asked Laura.

“Didn’t you hear it? It said we have to go to a place called Stripeville,” said Valley.

“Well, it’s getting dark again. We should sleep in another fur tree. Got your blankets?” asked Cami.

They found another fur tree, but this time it talked. “Hello, you may sleep in me for the night, but you cannot come back tomorrow,” moaned the tree. “I am very old and I cannot survive that long. My name is Matila. Good night.”

So they slept in the tree and the next morning they left Matila and looked at the magic note again. They followed the map to Stripeville, where the guards stood their ground. “People with no stripes are not allowed,” read a sign. They hid behind the bush and whispered, “How are we going to get in? Our magic undercover armor hasn’t arrived.”

CLANK! The armor fell down from the sky and bonked the girls on the head. “Ugh! Let’s put on our suits and get this over with,” said Laura. She’s always so sensitive.

“Man! Who’s a crankypants today?” whispered Cami to Valley.

Valley giggled and said, “Let’s go to Stripeville and get this over with.”

The girls put on their armor. Each girl’s armor was orange with black stripes and a white belly, just like a tiger. They walked back up to the guards and the guards said, “Who are you?”

“Um, we’re villagers from Stripeville,” said Valley.

“What is your name?” asked the guard.

“Um, my name is Sally? And that’s Sammy and that’s Sara?” replied Valley.

“You may enter,” boomed the guard.

They opened the big wooden gates. Valley, Laura and Cami all walked through the gate to Stripeville. When they made it to the palace of King Stripe, they pulled out their wands and began shouting magic spells. “Wingardium Leviosa,” shouted Valley.

“Avada Cadavra! Expecto Patronum! Lumos!” shouted the girls at once.

King Stripe rose up from his throne and burst into a million pieces. BOOM! BOOM! CRASH! The girls covered their ears as the booms and crashes sounded. Cami picked up the key, which was around King Stripe’s neck, and gently placed it in her pocket. The girls rushed out of Stripeville because if the guards found out that the king was dead, they would arrest the girls. Then the girls would never get back home. The girls found the back gate and snuck out. They found Matila and said goodbye and sat on a green hill. They found more food trees and “grabbed” some lunch.

Chapter Five

“There’s only one key left. That key is very special and is supposed to be given to Valley. Now you must travel to Crayontown.. It’s called Crayontown because everyone and everything is made of crayons. The key is with the one and only, very nice Dr. Crayola Blue. You don’t have to fight him, he will just give you the key. Once you have the key, you will put all the keys in a special link and the portal will open for you to go home. You will be sucked in and fall onto your beds. Good luck!” read the magic note.

“Okaaay, let’s get a move onto Crayontown, whatever that is,” said Laura.

“Laura, you’re so funny,” laughed Valley.

The magic note mentioned that for Crayontown they would get armor that looked like crayons. Each girl got their favorite colors. Laura got sky blue. Cami had scarlet red. Valley had 24 karat gold. The girls took off for “Dr. Crayola Blue.” When they got to Crayontown, the guards stood beside the giant blue crayon gates. They opened the gates and the girls entered the crayon world. “Welcome!” said the guards.

The girls walked up to a house and rang the doorbell. An old purple crayon woman stepped out. “Hello, what are you looking for? Why are you here?” asked the old crayon.

“We were wondering where Dr. Crayola Blue works?” questioned Valley.

“Oh, that’s easy! He lives just down the street on Pencil Crayon Rd,” said the old crayon.

“Okay, thank you, Miss…”

“Call me Emmy.”

“Okay, thank you Miss Emmy!” said all three girls at once.

They headed down to find Pencil Crayon Rd. They asked another crayon what house number Dr. Crayola Blue was. “Well, my name is Henry Crayon and he lives at number 16, I mean 17,” said the magenta crayon man.

“Okay thank you, Mr. Henry!” said all the girls at once.

The girls walked up to 17 Pencil Crayon Rd. and rang the doorbell. “Oh hello!” said Dr. Crayola Blue when opened the door. “I suppose you’re looking for this key?” he said as he held up the key. He handed them the key and invited them inside. “Link the keys together like this, and say the magic words,” instructed Dr. Crayola Blue. The girls put the keys together and chanted, “Let us go home! Let us go home! Let us go home!” over and over again until a gold swirl of light swirled around them. “AHHHH,” they all screamed. They were sucked into the portal and fell out of the cloud onto their beds. OOF!

Chapter Six

Valley opened her eyes. She was happy to be home. “Valley! Dessert time! We’re having ice cream!” shouted Valley’s mom. Valley smiled. She hadn’t missed a thing. She looked down and saw a golden locket around her neck. She opened the necklace and it was filled gold dust. She took a pinch of dust and threw it in the air around her. She closed the locket and shut her eyes. She had wings again, and she didn’t even have to leave her room.




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