Under the Skin


Part 1

“Jake! Wake up! You have to go to school today,” my mom called from the kitchen.

“I don’t want to go to school. No one is going to want to be friends with me. I’m going to be a social outcast,” I moaned, still in bed.

My mom came into my room and opened up the window shades. I moaned and covered my eyes.

“Close the windows.”

“Honey, I told you that’s not going to happen. I’m absolutely positive that you’re going to make good friends. You are going to be completely okay.”

“Mom, I told you to knock before you come in.”

“Okay. I will be downstairs when you are done getting set.”

I took a quick shower and walked to the closet where I took out my burgundy uniform that had a touch of navy blue on it.

Uh-oh, I need to comb my hair, I thought. My hair was long and spiky at the top with gold color in it, like always. I started to think that the one thing I was happy about, which was that I would not be made fun of for being fat, because I was tall and skinny.

I went downstairs to eat the breakfast that my mom had prepared for me. I took my oatmeal and sat on my orange La-Z-Boy couch in the living room.

“Eww, this oatmeal tastes so bad,” I called to my mom.

“Jake, if you go to school looking that depressed, you’re going to start to look like something that you’re not,” my mom called from the kitchen in a voice so annoying that I couldn’t stop myself from saying what I did.

“Mrs. Fiona, or should I say Miss Fiona, can you please stop nagging? You’re going to drive me crazy. This probably why Chris is not here anymore,” I said in the most official voice that I could muster. Chris is my dad who died in a mysterious accident.

“If you mention that name again, you’ll wish that you could not talk at all.” Mom was absolutely pissed at me.

“Okay. Okay, just don’t hit me.” I was scared because when I had called her that before, she didn’t yell at me like she’s doing now. I knew that I should not have mentioned Dad’s name. She was super emotional when someone said his name in disrespect.

“Well Mom, I’m off to school,” I called, slinging my backpack over my shoulder and leaving in a rush before she could drag me back into the kitchen to scold me.


Woah, this school is massive, and it’s pretty cool-looking too.

I looked up at a castle-looking building. It had two humongous gates with a brilliant red carpet leading to them. It had two towers that looked like places where people sat to defend the the castle. There was an archway of trees lining the red carpet.

I was told that the school was named Excalibur. That was a pretty weird name. There were also pretty weird characters here. The students were bringing unusual looking animals in through the school gates. All of the students were wearing black robes with white stars on them. One of the male students had a animal that looked like a griffin. Others were bringing in animals like owls, parrots, and more animals that should not be there.

That’s when I saw it. A monster that seemed to be made out of a gas surrounding the other students. I saw it quickly change its direction to face towards me. When I saw it notice me, I started to run, knowing that if that horrifying beast were to catch up to me, I would most likely die. I thought that I was running so fast that I mostly looked like a maniac.

When I got inside the school, I was desperately gasping for my breath. What was that thing? It looked like a demon!

That’s was when I first stepped into the Underworld, but I didn’t know it at the time.

I looked around me and saw another monster around the people in the school. I said in a loud voice, “You guys need to get out of here. There are demon-looking monsters everywhere.”

For a moment, people started to evacuate. Though, when they saw nothing outside, they started to come back. It seemed like only I could see the monster.  

Everyone was annoyed that I wasted their time. They started to push me, yell at me, and punch me. I ran to the library to get away and hide while it calmed down outside.

What’s going on with this school? I said to myself. Now, I have to deal with both making so-called ‘friends’ and trying not to die while doing it!!!

As I walked to take a seat in the library, I saw a book in the library called The Demons Of The Real World. The book was pretty dusty, unlike the other ones in the library. It was a book made out of leather that was fading away.

Huh. Well, it seems like it will be interesting enough, I thought.

In the real world, there many unworldly creatures that could not be seen with the regular human eye. The only ones who can see them are the descendents of the original phoenix family. The monsters feed on the souls of mortals. They normally flock to places with groups of humans. The only time that a mortal can see them is when they’re on their deathbed, or when the person who sees them is a noble warrior of the race. These people are the chosen ones, who can slay them. If you see someone with a pentacle on the back of their hand, they are an ally.  

The rest of the book was completely unreadable. It was like someone did not want the reader to know more. Maybe I would be able to read the rest of the pages over time.

I hid the book in my uniform, so I could take it to read it more. I tried to show the book to some of the other students, but they all thought that I was a crazy man. They all said that there was nothing in my hand.


All the lights went out. That was when I saw it again it, but this time it was not after me. It was one by one eating the unsuspecting students. All of a sudden, I felt my body lift up and go out the window…

“AH! Let me go, Let me go,” I said. I was absolutely terrified at that moment.

“Ha, I knew that we didn’t need this little brat. After all, they have me,” said the person who was taking me away.

“Also, I didn’t know that the prince of our family could scream like such a girl,” he said in a deeper voice than before.

End of Part 1

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  1. Very imaginative piece of work.Will be interested in reading the remaining Parts. Interesting work keep it up an author in the making.

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