Unknown Worlds

Part I. Snake Attack.

Far away near The Amazon, a scientist was testing an external growth serum on creatures when something went horribly wrong. The creature expanded to fifty feet and dragged him into the depths of the swamp. Gradually, the water turned red, with screams echoing off the branches.


Twenty years later, a 15-year-old boy named Henry took a trip to The Amazon. He had brown hair and a mischievous grin. He wore blue jeans and a leather jacket. He was 5’10”.  He was getting prepared with all the gear and medications in a small Brazilian town when news reached about an enigmatic creature let into the swamp, quickly dragging people into the mud, and the people were mysteriously never seen again. He didn’t tell his parents because he knew he would be forbidden to go after they heard that. He had wanted to go since he was five and he was not wasting his chance to go to the Amazon.

After he was done packing up, he got into his Jeep and they calmly drove over to The Amazon. After two hours passed, they finally reached their destination, a bubbling swamp with croaks echoing and a slithering noise from the branches.

The guide said, “Maybe we should move to another area.”

Henry responded saying, “No. This area’s perfect.”

The guide said, “Sorry. I’m just a little creeped out by snakes.”

Henry thought, There’s something worse up here than snakes. Henry lazily trailed off with the crunches of leaves falling behind him. Henry thought, Wow! This place is beautiful, when he heard something by the swamp. He turned around to look, but nothing was there. He kept on walking and he felt like someone, or something, was watching him.

Henry slowly kept wandering into the forest, losing himself, hearing something calling to him. He kept following the voice, directing him towards an unknown destination. “Come to me, follow the path,” he heard a voice hissing. Gradually, he saw bones of animals devoured by the creature. He saw crocodiles fleeing from the forest. As if in a trance, he ignored all that he saw, and the voice was hissing, and the hisses became clearer. “Come to me to save your family,” it whispered. Quickly it heated up, and he saw more bones littering the floor, and he snapped out of the trance, unaware of what he’d been doing.

And then, slowly, a creature revealed itself from the trees. It was gigantic, a humongous snake with fangs, seven inches long, poison dripping from the teeth. It reared itself into a formation to strike and jutted forward, missing by an inch. It rapidly struck, quickly maneuvering to get a clear shot. And then he remembered, in the article it said it was part-wolf and part-human, so he thought, If I kill that thing, the other snakes will kill me. So he kept dodging and maneuvering to avoid the strikes from the monster. He thought of a plan, and darted behind a tree.

He kept going around the tree while the snake coiled onto it and followed him. He kept continuing the process until the tree cracked and lost its balance, then crashed down on top of the snake. The snake was struggling under the weight of the tree. He went to follow the path, but there wasn’t any, so he followed the first steps he took, and continued in that direction for half an hour.

After he reached his destination, he saw that the Jeep wasn’t there and he saw car tracks rolling into the town. He was trapped in the jungle. Seven years ago, I thought the jungle would be fun, not like this, he thought. He was wandering around trying to find an exit, and then he remembered the snakes. They were slowly coiling up on his feet, dragging him into the swamp. And then he heard his parents calling to him, “Come follow the tracks, you’ll find us at the end of the trail.”

He shook the snakes off and followed the trail for hours and hours. He saw his parents, but they were dead. He started sobbing and thought, It should have been me. They were right near the shore, getting washed up into the bank. He felt a sudden urge to attack that monster and destroy it. He kept following the trail.

On the way he found a small branch and a large rock. He sharpened the ridge of the branch into a sharp blade, and then continued on to find the snake and kill it. But by the time he reached it, he saw a horde of black mambas, cobras, and king snakes. Behind it was the giant cobra. It was staring down at Henry with a giant black hood and red fiery eyes. It formed itself, ready for a strike. It shot forward, striking a tree, and got its fang stuck. When it pulled back, the fang got ripped out of its mouth, and it hissed in agony. It hissed in a foreign language, demanding all the other snakes to attack. And then, Henry hurled his giant stick into the giant cobra’s heart. It toppled over and crushed all of the smaller snakes.

And then, his parents came out from the bushes and said, “You passed the test.”

Henry gasped and said “What the heck? Is this another April Fools’ prank? Because it is the first of April,” he said as he eyed them suspiciously.

He figured out that the snake was an animatronic being, and the coding was to command all the smaller snakes. He also figured out that the story with the scientist and the growth serum was just a rumour they spread after they let the animatronic snake into the jungle. And then his parents said, “You are now ready to take a trip to the other planet called Earth.”

Part II. Trip to Earth.

Henry was really scared. He was going to a new planet, unknown by everyone. It was in a different galaxy, many light years away. But surprisingly, they got there in only weeks. It was very different from his home planet. So moist, so many different creatures and plants. Henry was awed by all that he saw on the new planet. And his parents explained that there were different parts of the planet called continents. They also explained that they might settle on this planet depending on whether their investigation went well. They also told him that they went on a top secret mission when he was younger, onto a different planet that was the home planet he had lived on when Henry was very little. So they were coming back to Earth to settle there again. They had tested him before to see if he had the courage to learn the truth. They told him there were sudden eruptions from a certain volcano that were caused by monsters battling each other and that the eruptions were caused by monsters underneath the crater. They were going to a place called Hawaii to investigate the eruptions and the battles. There were many mountains that spewed molten rock out of craters. They were going inside of one volcano to explore the infrastructure.

It took a few days and hours to get to Hawaii from the United States. By the time they got there, they were trudging up a giant volcano, one near the middle of the island. It was 17,000 feet tall, and it was active during the week. A few days ago, it burned down half of Hawaii. They went to see what caused all this destruction from one of the volcanoes, but many others were burned down by the explosion. There were many different creatures that tried to slow them down. Snakes and lizards kept trying to bite their legs. Henry got bitten once and his leg started aching as he limped up the mountain. By the time they got near the crater, he saw lava bubble beneath him, and it started heating up. He was sweating like mad. And then they attached a rope to the edge of the crater and climbed down.

By the time he got inside lava started spewing up to the height he was at. Henry almost fell off the edge. As he kept trudging around, part of the rope touched the lava and started burning up, incinerating quickly. Henry started to freak out. He thought he was trapped inside again. He stared open mouthed as his parents walked across the edge and got lowered by another rope down to ground floor. The lava bubbled up, and something emerged from it. It was a hideous black form with giant claws. It reminded him of a manticore. It struck its scorpion tail right where Henry was. He asked his parents if this was another test, but it wasn’t. Slowly, a few more rose from the lava. They all struck, and clawed where his parents were. A few more things emerged from the lava. But they weren’t manticores. It was a giant being with a sickle. It swiped above all of their heads, missing by an inch. Then, something larger than all of them emerged. It was a hideous beast, 200 feet long, roaring as it destroyed everything in its path, causing an eruption, destroying a bit of Hawaii.

Henry took a giant piece of molten rock and hurled it straight at the beast. It hit him and scratched him. It roared in pain, but it managed to pick it up and throw it back at Henry. He quickly did a forward roll and the molten rock crashed right where he was. His parents found an odd piece of molten rock shaped like a sword. They hit it against the wall of the volcano, and realized it was a sword. They tossed it to Henry, and he swiped at one of the legs of the beast. It crashed on its knee and hit Henry and caused him to fly backwards and lose consciousness. He saw a fogginess of his parents fighting off the beast, and then lost consciousness.

By the time he regained consciousness, he saw the beast hitting the wall, causing a rockslide. The beast was strong, but idiotic. It hit so hard that a giant piece of rock fell on it and almost crushed it. He picked it up and hurled it over the volcano. Henry thought, Oh god, as the monster picked up some rocks and hurled them at him. He thought that would be his last moment. But then a gorilla with snakes for limbs quickly crashed through the wall of the volcano and knocked the giant beast against the wall.

As Henry starred, the giant gorilla pummeled the huge monster. Henry thought about ways he could use this to his advantage. He found the rope that his parents used to escape while he was unconscious and gradually pulled himself up. By the time the gorilla destroyed the giant beast, Henry was lazily pulling up to get to the crater. When the giant gorilla noticed this, he hit right where Henry’s rope ended, and by the time Henry got to the top they deliberately hurried down, and the giant gorilla hit the inside of the volcano once more, causing a rockslide that destroyed the volcano and everything inside. You could hear the roars of the giant gorilla when it was getting crushed by rocks. By the time they got to their ship, they took off and Henry thought, Some adventure, while they were rocketing back to home.

The End.  

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