Video Games

It was seven o’clock, and Tom had just woken up for the weekend. Tom couldn’t wait to play Fortnite with his friends. Just before, he brushed his teeth and ate his breakfast and then got onto his iPad to play Fortnite. Fortnite was really fun for Tom. It was his favorite game, so he played it for two hours. Tom and his friends also won a Fortnite battle which made Tom very happy. While Tom was playing the game, he got a lot of good guns, which meant he was able to kill a lot of people, which was exciting because it meant he was winning. He was also a bush, so no one knew it was him. Tom and his friends also got a lot of chests which also gave him a lot of good guns.

After he had a lot of fun playing Fortnite with his friends, he went outside to play soccer. It was really fun because his dad was playing with him, and it was a high scoring game, and Tom won.

After Tom won the game, he asked, “Can we go to the arcade and play some games?”

His dad said, “No,” but Tom still had a lot of things to do at home.

After 15 minutes, Tom couldn’t wait to go to his friend’s birthday party, but that wasn’t for a long time. It was his friend, Peter, and he was turning nine years old.

Time had passed, and it was finally Peter’s party. His parents drove him to Peter’s birthday party. When Tom got there, there was a lot of action going on. People were playing tag together. Some people were jumping on the bouncy house. Tom chose to jump on the bouncy house instead of playing tag.

Once Tom was on the bouncy house, Tom saw that Peter and his friends were having a lot of fun playing tag on the bouncy house. Tom asked if he could join. Peter and his friends said of course.

After Tom was playing tag with Peter’s friends, Peter was suddenly the tagger. Tom thought Peter was really fast, so Tom wanted to avoid him. Then, Tom realized that Peter was chasing after him. Tom tried to run away, but Peter tagged him. Then, Tom fell down and hurt his leg. He was crying because of the pain.

Peter said sorry, and Tom felt better. Peter meant a lot to Tom because he was Tom’s best friend, so Peter’s apology cured Tom’s pain.

On the other side of the party, Tom saw that there was another conflict. One of Peter’s friends named Bob, who was very athletic but a slow runner, was fighting with another one of Peter’s friends named Jeff, who was very fast and liked playing video games. They were also playing tag, so they were fighting about who was not going to be the tagger. Nobody liked to be the tagger.

Finally, Jeff offered to be the tagger, so the fighting stopped, and they all felt better.

After they played, Tom’s parents said to Tom that it was time to go. Tom was very sad, but he had a lot of fun.

When Tom arrived home, Tom went to his bedroom. He was exhausted, so he went to bed.

After he went to bed, Tom woke up and realized that Peter’s birthday party had been a dream! He realized that Peter was actually having a birthday party today, so Tom couldn’t wait to go to his party.

The End


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