Warming Sounds

Chapter 1: Different Types of Poetry


The wonder of light

when you’re lying in darkness

day is coming soon


I run

Away and the

Owls hoot breaking

The silence the darkness


Acrostic poem

Characteristic thinking

Remarkable learning

Obviously focused








Excited inside

Magical silence



Fiction, Fantasy

Mystery, Magic, Biography

Flipping Pages, Sucking me in

Limerick, Cinquain, Acrostic

Rhyme, Rhythm



There was a obese old woman

Who had a very big bosom

a very small tush

give it a big push

and she’ll then have a very big bottom


Please write a poem

It’s an assignment for school

It is for writing

It will be long and funny

Just please bring it in on time


The trees are so bare

The snow is falling thickly

It is very cold

Inside, there’s hot chocolate

But outside, winter is here




Reaches above

And beyond the clouds.

You need oxygen to breathe

The high-altitude air. You need lots

Of layers to keep out the cold. Go to mount

Everest or Mount McKinley. Climb up so very high

To the top of the world. You would be famous and awesome






Trying not to start Crying

I’m Sighing while Flying


The animals at the zoo are locked up tight

They must be let out where they can roam so free

They will be able sleep without the light

They will get hurt and get stung by lots of bees

Make sure they don’t get on any airplane flights

Maybe they will be camouflaged by trees

The wild is where the animals will stay

Just don’t let any one of them become prey


Ice cream is so sweet

So many flavors to choose

All of them are neat


Chapter 2: Obese People Poems


There was on obese old man

Who put his hand in a frying pan

It sizzled his fat

His skin came off just like that

A massage chair worked better than the pan


There was an obese little kid

He sat under the trash can’s lid

People tried to throw him out

But there was no doubt

That he was a heavy little kid


There was a big and obese mom

But every day she was calm

Her kids always cried

Because she was so wide

So she moved all the way to Guam


Chapter 3: Cinquains



I feel so sad

I am going to cry

No one is here to comfort me




Oh so calming

Words appear on the page

Fingers swiftly touching the keys



The Beach

Waves colliding

With the hot silky sand

Digging a huge hole to jump in




Hyper and sweet

Kissing me in the face

Licking my hand with his wet tongue

A dog


Chapter 4: Haikus

Gerbils are awesome

Looking like mice but they’re not

Just let me hold them


School is kind of fun

You learn stuff like math and art

Let us leave some time


Zebras are awesome

I have a cool zebra hat

I’d like to see one


I love the Summer

I can go to camp all day

Beaches are crowded


You write with pencils

Pencils need to be sharpened

Just don’t break their tips!


Books are everywhere

They are on bookshelves and more

They’re there to be read


Chapter 5: Acrostic Poems


Restless night

Each individual character coming to life

All the stories blend together

Dancing through the stories


My mind imagines life in the stories

End the book and my dreams are over


Fancy castles and people

Animals can talk and come alive

In different stories the princesses marry Prince Charming

Remarkable endings

Young ladies can marry at age 15


Tanned ladies are as pretty as princesses

All the characters are very beautiful

Lions never show up

Endings have happily ever afters

Sending text messages is unavailable


Chapter 6: Shape Poems




Spewing hot

lava and destroying

habitats. Mother nature is

angry. Her anger erupts into fury

and her fury erupts in an eruption. In  A.D. 79

Vesuvius  erupted and destroyed the city of Pompeii

Many were killed. Volcanos continue to erupt around Earth.


Chapter 7: My Poems


Hot Chocolate


Sweet and sugary

Chocolate and marshmallows

Hot hand and hot tongue

Hot when you’re cold

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