Sun or Moon: The Connection Skyway



Daniel Star Palomino sat on the couch in his medium-sized apartment. His mother ran to him shouting “Get dressed, Mister! It’s almost time for school!” Daniel slowly got up from the brown couch and started walking to his bedroom. He looked in his mirror, his black hair looked distraught-like, like every morning, his blue-green eyes looked tired still, and his face expression looked so unhappy. He got dressed into a short blue T-shirt, dark blue short jeans, nice black high-tops, and a L.A. Dodgers baseball hat. He ran out of Coco Road (the street he lived on) and ran to the apartment across from him to walk with his friend Joshua Nilgin. You see, Joshua’s and Daniel’s families were cousins of sort. That was because Daniel’s great-grandpa married Joshua’s great-grandma. But there is technically another reason why. Also, because both Joshua and Daniel’s family were part of the Moon side on the star they call home, and not the Sun side. What I mean by “on the star they call home” is that they live on star called the Farler Star. And there is only one way down to Earth, and that is too risky to risk. But anyway, he ran to number eight (he was number ten) and knocked hard. A tall boy with hazel-gold hair and sparkly green eyes stood there, waiting for him to talk.

“Hey, Joshua,” Daniel finally said.

“Hey, come in.” He made his way into the wood door with Daniel following. “You know about the Open Skyway, right?”

“Yeah, but…” started Daniel.

“The one that leads to Earth. Yes,” he said. “And the Moon King is telling to the Moon people that we are going to have Eclipse War I with the Sun people because Sun people want to keep the skyway open and the Moon people want the connection closed.”

“Why in this world would the sun people want a human to find out about us? If that happened, our world would be in ashes because we can’t even stand more than ten humans in our world!” explained Daniel.

You see, we’re not aliens, we look like normal humans, but humans are so annoying. Daniel was shaking his head. Joshua’s little sister Mary came over to the two boys.

“Joshua, today is Saturday! Why are you up so early!?” she asked in a tired tone. Her green eyes looked like they were going to burst out of her head. She didn’t have the patience to hear Joshua’s answer.

“Never mind. Today we’re going to the Skyway Museum. Do you want to come too, Daniel?” (Mary had a crush on Daniel, even though Daniel was four years older than her).

“Why not,” replied Daniel. A grin spread on his face. “Not like there’s going to be an asteroid falling in the middle of the museum. Am I right?” Nobody laughed at Daniel’s joke. “Well, sorry for trying it to be funny.”

“WEIRDO IN THE HOUSE,” yelled Mary. She giggled. She thought she was the queen of everything.

“SHHHH!” Joshua whispered harshly. “Don’t wake up Mom and Dad. You know they’re sound sleepers.” Joshua sighed. Sometimes for him, having a little sister was the WORST.

“Time to go to school,” said Daniel.

“Oh yeah,” Joshua said and the two boys ran to John Moon Middle School. John Moon was the son of Matthew Moon (who is King Moon) in History of the Moon Kingdom.

Halfway on the trip to John Moon Middle School, Daniel stopped and said, “Joshua, I forgot, it’s Saturday! I’m pretty sure Mary told us that, but I stopped listening to her years ago ”

“Oh, you’re right. Let’s just go to the Ten Street Park,” said Joshua. They walked to the Ten Street Park, which was really on Northwest Avenue.  Jackson Anderson, the bully of the whole Moon Kingdom, was at also at Ten Street Park.

“Hey losers,” said Jackson. “You know Darren Milky Way (the mayor of Moon City which was in the moon side), turns out he’s my great uncle. So now, I might be related to the Moon King, since mayors are usually related to Matthew Moon.” Jackson was such a bragger. Can’t he just shut up?

“That’s not fascinating at all!” explained Joshua. “You see Jackson, maybe something like, a new roller coaster is coming up or there’s no school for the week is interesting.”

Jackson closed up to Joshua. “Are you sassin’ me punk! Because if you are, then it ain’t good.”

Just before Jackson could pound Joshua, Daniel grabbed his arms and ran to 597 East Half Street (it was the border of the Moon kingdom, and Cocoa Road was very close to the border, not to mention Ten Street Park was very close to the border, too).

“What do you think you’re doing?!” asked Daniel in amazement. “You could’ve gotten a black eye or injured yourself!”

“But I didn’t!” said Joshua. Joshua gazed away and saw something that caught his eye. “Look, something shiny.”

He ran over to the spot while Daniel was following him. He found a rockpile and started to pull something shiny out. And then, a jewel made of rubies and emeralds was in the palm of Joshua’s hand. And it on it was a carving of a crescent moon, overlapping with a sun. Daniel also looked inside the rockpile and found a letter. It read:

Dear founders of the jewel,

This my diary of the eclipse. It started like this: I was a regular boy named Salis San Palo. I was looking around when I found a jewel, the same one you found. And it was a dangerous jewel. It was wanted for the eclipse, to destroy or open the skyway. And eventually, it killed me, not to mention my brother, John Jr. Moon. (the son of John Moon). And Katherine Sun (the princess of Sun) also died. So beware this jewel, and beware the——– family.”


“Salis San Palo, that sounds familiar. But anyway, what does he mean by ‘And I’m still alive, but in a different place’? I need to know. And what does this jewel do?” All these things were in Daniel’s head, but the most important one he forget about.

“And which family we need to beware!” said Joshua. “The Sun family probably. And what does this jewel do to destroy most of the Farler Star. Do you think we need to go to the Redren Star?”

The Redren Star was a star planet that lead to the world of Eclipse, also the place where the portal to places unknown was. The Redren Star was a dangerous place, and Daniel wasn’t letting his best friend go there. “Are you crazy! The last person who went to the Redren Star ended up going into the portal unknown, and then nobody knows what happened to him!”

“You forget one thing. The Redren King knows everything, including what the jewel could do,” said Joshua.

Joshua was right, the Redren King did know everything. Daniel didn’t want to face it, but they were going to the Redren Star.



Daniel and Joshua went on a bus to the Redren Connection Way, where they found Emilia South, just sitting there. She had blonde hair, a dark red dress, and seaweed-colored eyes. Then she walked up to Daniel.

“What are you up to today, Dan?” asked Emilia, sounding like she knew everything about Daniel.

“Nothing, Emma,” Daniel replied in a soft tone.

“I want in!” Emilia whispered as harsh as she can. “If you don’t let me in then I’ll take the jewel from you.”

“You’re in!” said Joshua. Nothing or nobody could take something that important. “Sorry, Daniel. And how do you know about the jewel?”

“I was spying on you the whole day,” answered Emilia. “Wasn’t it obvious?” Emilia was such a little diva.

“Here we are, stopping right in front of the Redren Connection Way – get off if this is your stop,” announced the bus driver who seemed to be quite happy at the moment.

So Emilia, Joshua, and Daniel got off the bus and started walking up the Redren Connection Way. It took about five or ten minutes to get to the top. And on the Redren Star, the ground was blue, the grass was a violet, they had no flowers, and everybody who lived there was red, even the Frosties, but all people from the stars wouldn’t think it’s a big deal. Luckily, Daniel knew somebody who could take him to the Redren King, but it wouldn’t be easy. He lives in East County, but they came from the west, and the Frosties live in the East County. The Frosties were known to have ice power. Anyway, they started taking their buses, just Emilia, Daniel, and Joshua were riding on a bus until we got to Middle County, the center of the Redren Star. And the rest was walking. They walked for one day, and began to rest. In the morning, they would see the Frosties boy who knows Daniel.


It was now the crack of dawn, and in front of them was a door that just stood there. There was nothing on the sides or the back of the door. And on the door was a snowflake. So they opened it and found a whole different world. The snow was harsh. Everybody who lived there looked something like little blue elves. They had pointy ears, a very light lime-green eye color, and the men had scars on their faces with aqua colored blood coming out of them. The houses and buildings were the color cobalt blue, amaranth, debian red, eton blue, scarlet, or azure. The reason why the South Country’s houses and buildings were either blue or red was because red and blue were the South Country’s Honorful Colors.

“Guys, were supposed to go to the castle, not the mansion!” Daniel yelled so loud that the whole neighborhood could probably hear him. Emilia and Joshua then started to walk to the castle. Daniel knocked hard on the door.

“Who is it?” asked a man from inside the gates.

“Daniel Star Palomino, friend of Prince Icee” The doors opened for the three kids. “Told you I was friends with a Frostie boy.”

They went inside to this huge corridor made entirely out of crystals. Everything was transparent and beautiful in every way imaginable. Icee was waiting for them. Icee had sky blue hair, dark blue skin, the regular color of Frosties’ eyes.

“Daniel! What do you need?” asked Icee.

“Icee, I need your help to get connection with the Redren King. We have a special item to ask him about.”

“OK! Take a bus to the Middle County. The Redren King will be pleased to meet you,” Prince Icee got up and walked to the desk made out of ice. “Let me write you a note that will get you in the Redren Castle.” Prince Icee wrote a quick note. “Here.” He stuck out a hand to Emilia.

“Thanks,” she took the note from his hand.

Emilia’s blonde hair shined in the white snow. The three kids had to get out of Frostie County, or they would freeze to death.  They took the bus to Donut Woods (where the jello monster lives), which is also the border between Middle County and Frostie County. The bus came in under two minutes and took them straight to Redren Castle. The forest was huge, almost the size of the whole Moon Side. They saw the jello monster chasing them a little while. No one really cared because the jello monster was actually super sensitive, so Joshua yelled at him and he stopped chasing them. When they got to Redren Kingdom, they saw that it was booming. It seemed that more people from New York City and Los Angeles combined were there. The castle was huge, maybe the size of the Shanghai Tower, or bigger. Joshua saw the top: it was a statue of a star. The whole castle was the color rose. The exterior was only rose, except the gate, which was peachish. The gate was big for a gate. It was probably 555 feet, the minimum. The gate was marble, pure marble, like the Washington Monument – actually, they were the same size as the Washington Monument. When they were outside of the gate, they knocked. A voice that sounded like a tiger and a hyena combined asked, “Who’s there?”

“Me, Joshua Nilgin, Emilia South, Daniel Star Palomino, here to see the Redren King.” Joshua slid the note under the thick gate. On the bus, the kids read the note. It said:


Dear Redren King,


I am Prince Icee, prince of the Frostie County. My friends, Joshua Nilgin, Emilia South, and Daniel Star Palomino, have an important discovery to ask you about. These young kids are from the Moon Side of the Farler Star. Hope you can live happily in your big castle.


Love, Prince Icee


The doors creaked open, but it sounded like a million dogs howling. At least if anyone was asleep, they would wake up in ten seconds tops. The floors of the main hallway were made entirely out of bright rubies. When you walked into the main hallway, it would look like you were flying in a red, very red, paradise. There was a huge mural of the Redren King. He was a red-head, which Emilia thinks is cute. They walked around in that grand hallway. In the hallway, they saw runaway (from Earth) green honeycreepers, a type of bird, flying above their heads. Star people sometimes let pretty animals from earth come up into the stars. A tall man with turquoise eyes, straight red hair, and a fancy suit walked in.

“Hello, children! I am Quincy Redren, The Redren King. I am so happy you could come!” said the very cheerful and graceful Redren King. “You said you have an important discovery?”

Joshua got out the letter and the gem. The Redren King took the gem and note. “Be back in a starburst (‘hurry’ in Staranian). Did you know Staranian were ancient star people or ‘aliens’ top language?” The kids yawned to make sure he would stop teaching them. He went and came back in a nanosecond. “I found that the gem dates back to the Skyway Dynasty, where the Sun people and Moon people argued about the skyway for five centuries, five hundred years. The note belonged to Salis San Palo, whose nearest relative today is Logan Star Palomino.”

“That’s my grandpa!” screamed Daniel. “I’m the relative of Salis San Palo and John Moon Jr.”

“Wow! Oh, by the way you want to know which family to beware?” Emilia, Daniel, and Joshua’s eyes lit up like a thousand diamonds sparkling on a full moon. “You need to beware the Redren family, so that is my family!” King Redren made an evil grin. The three kids wondered what was going and if that question was going to be the end of him. “My great great grand daddy actually created the Skyway Dynasty to get the sun people and moon people hate each other. Redrenians hate people from the Farler Star, which used to be one whole star, not divided in half by the sun and moon.”




“Children, I am very evil indeed. You see, girl, I believe your name is Emilia South, you are actually the great great granddaughter of Katherine Sun.” King Redren then put an angry face. He pointed at Joshua. “And you, you’re not Daniel Star Palomino’s cousin, for sure!” Joshua and Daniel looked confused. Emilia was jumping up and down seeing she was Sun royalty. Daniel didn’t care about royalty, but Joshua not being his cousin was huge to him. “My brother, Benjamin Redren, was your real father! Benjy, a real stupid guy. He wanted me to be good!” King Redren made an evil laugh. “So I killed him, like what I’m going to do to you!”

Joshua tried to sound valiant, but he felt like a baby crying because someone took his candy. “None of the things you’re saying are true!” But, Joshua knew some things he said were true, and he knew Benjamin Redren was one of them.

“It doesn’t matter because you don’t have powers, just like me!” shouted Emilia.

“And me!” shouted Daniel.

“And me!’ shouted Joshua.

“That is so, but I have weapons.” King Redren pressed a button and in his gun appeared a Redrenian gun, which has the pressure of ten waterfalls hitting you at the same place. “Say goodbye, Joshua Redren!” The second he said so, he shoot him with the gun. Joshua lay dead on the floor. The room was silent for a minute.

Daniel’s eyes and cheeks became red. He ran and punched King Redren like no tomorrow, because if he didn’t hurt him, there might be no tomorrow. His gun fell on the floor, so he was powerless.

“Emilia, shoot this bozo!” King Redren’s eyes stared at him. Daniel was jumping on his back so he couldn’t move an inch.

“Say goodbye, King Redren!” Emilia mimicked King Redren’s voice. When she shoot him, Daniel jumped off just in time not to be dead. King Redren lay dead on the floor, next to his nephew.

Daniel and Emilia had no choice but to go back home. Though, they told the story to the head guard and made decisions. He went to Joshua and King Redren where he got blood of King Redren mixed with a milk-looking drink and spilled it on Joshua. Joshua rose up. Emilia and Daniel gave him a hug for ten minutes straight, not moving. Since Joshua is technically the nearest relative to King Redren, he took over the Redren Star, and became known as Joshua Redren. The head guard, Quincy, and his wife, Brooke, said they’ll take care of little Joshua. The mayor, Darren Milky Way, was replaced with no one, because once they killed King Redren, the connection skyway and border of the sun and moon sides disappeared. So there was only one more thing to do, and that was to rub being a relative of royalty to Jackson Anderson. One day, Emilia, Joshua, and Daniel met on the border of the Redren Star and the Farler Star. It was a beautiful night. Emilia brought a picnic basket, Daniel brought some Farlanian food, and Joshua brought Redrenian food. You could see Earth, the Moon, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, et cetera. Then they saw something special. It was a special type of shooting star called the Kirby Rainbow Star, which could destroy any planet very quickly, and the three kids saw this one hurtling toward the Redren and Farler Star, which could kill both planets. The Kirby Rainbow Star looked like a falling rainbow.The three kids knew what they had to do, and that was warn everyone about the Kirby Rainbow Star.


The End…..For Now

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